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Promoted by Miss Beatrice Clugston, of Glasgow.
Office in Glasgow— 161 Hope Street.
Instituted 14th August, 1869.
This Institution, promoted by Miss Beatrice Clug-
ston, of Glasgow, has been established for the benefit
of the necessitous and deserving of ihe Industrial
Classes of the West of Scotland, for the purpose of
affording to such the restorative influence of residence
at the seaside during illness, and particularly during
the period of convalescence. Honorary treasurer,
J. Low, Cir.y of Glasgow Bank; honorary secretary,
W. Maclean, writer, Glasgow ; directors, G. Craig, J.
Currie, Wm. Douglas, J. Fraser, D. Knox, G, Little,
Win. Maiiland, Jas. Marchbank, P. Mackechnie,
A. M'Pherson, J. Rowe, D. Sharp, H. Thomson, J.
Watson, P. M Donald, J. Mooney, T. MTntosh, A.
Brownlie. Medical officer in Glasgow, R. Perry,
M.D., 252 Buchanan Street; consulting surgeon to
the homes, J. Reid, R.N., Fairy Bank, Dunoon;
secretary and collector, Robt. Hillbouse, at the office
of the "Homes," 161 Hope Street, Glasgow.
Hugh Brown, president ; A. Galbraith, Sir W.
Stirling-Maxwell of Keir, J. G. Flemintr, M.D ., vice-
presidents; Wm. G. Mitchell, 14 Windsor Terrace,
secretary; W M'Ewen, 17 St. Vincent Lane, treasurer;
Dr. R. D. Tannahill, 106 Bath Street, surgeon ; the
Deacon-convener of the Trades' House, the Visitor of
the Incorporation of Maltmen, the Deacon of the
Incorporation of Weavers, honorary members; J.
M'Ewen, J. J. Wright, W. Connal, J. Hannan, J.
Morgan, W. Kerr, T. Frame, J. B. Khtston, D.
M'Cowan. J. B. Murray, D. Wilson, J. Stevenson,
W. W. Watson, G. Thomson, J. Brown, jun., J. M.
Hill. A. Miller, J. S. Miller, A. Neilson, W. Holmes,
A. Hannay, J. Bell, committee; Jas. Fleming,
superintendent of asylum.
4 Hill Street, Garnet Hill.
The "Shelter" was instituted in 185(1 ; its object
being to provide a home for females, on their libera-
tion from prison, who are desirous to reform and to
support themselves by honest industry. Tbe average
number of inmates in the "Shelter" is about forty
They are employed in needlework, the institution
receiving tbe proceeds of their labour, in return for
â– which the inmates are lodged, fed, and clothed.
J Paterson, M.D., president; J. D. Bryce, A. A.
Ferguson, J. Graham, M. Rowan, J. Orr, directors ;
Dr. R. Scott Orr, Albany Place, medical attendant;
Miss Stevenson, 37 Arlington Street, secretary ; J.
Dale, 5 Somerset Place, treasurer; Mrs. Mackay,
Mrs. Fergusson, Mrs. Craig, Mrs. Mathieson, Mrs.
Mirrlees, Miss M'Intosh, Miss Murdoch, Miss doom,
ladies' committee; Mrs. Rintoul, Mrs. Whytelaw,
Mrs. M'Callum, Miss Scouller, Miss Dymock, Miss
Russel, Miss Pollock, Miss Macgrouther, visitors;
Miss Macdonald, matron.
Contributions received by Mr. J. Dale, 5 Somerset
Place, treasurer; Mrs. M'Kay, 90 Buccleuch Street;
or any of the other ladies of committee. Needlework
by Miss Macdonald, matron, at the institution.
Instituted in 1823.
This Society has for its object the relief of its
Members who may he incapable of attending to
business through sickness, &c, and for securing at
death a payment for Funeral Expenses. The
Society has a large capital, securely invested. The
Sick Allowance after one year's probation, is 10s.
weekly for thirteen weeks, 7s. 6d. fir thirteen
weeks, 5s. for thirteen weeks, and 3s. weekly
while the indisposition continues, and Ten Pounds
for Funeral Expenses. The meetings of the Society
are held in the Religious Institution Rooms, on the
second Tuesday of February, May, August, and
November. W. Russell, 17 Gordon Street, president;
N. Sinclair, 29 Hutcheson Street, treasurer; J. Paul,
writer, 6 South Hanover Street, secretary; Mr.
Speirs, actuary ; D. Calderwood, surgeon; D.
Drummond, officer.
Under the " Hamilton's Estate Act, 1866."
Trustees — The Hon. the Lord Provost and the
two Senior Bailies of Glasgow, the Ministers of the
parishes of Govan and Gorbals, the Chairmen of the
Parochial Boards of said parishes of Govan and
Gorbals, all for the time being ; and A. Walker, J.
E. Newman, R. Couper, and J. D. Kirkwood, during
their respective lives ; T. Smith, clerk, 1 Clyde Ter-
race. Under the Act the trustees pay the sum of
£2 per annum, to be given in clothing as a prize to
the successful competitor at the Annual Ploughing
Match in the parish of Cathcart ; and annuities of
£4 each to decayed natives and residenters of forty
years and upwards, in the Barony of Gorbals of
Glasgow, such persons being not under the age of
sixty-five years. Said annuities may, under certain
circumstances, be increased until the same shall
amount to £8.
This society was instituted 1st October, 1827, on
the piinciples laid down in the Highland Society's
Report, and the Report of the House of Commons
with an addition of ten per cent, upon their tables;*
but having found this insufficient to sustain the
society, it was agreed, on 1st July, 1846, that a
reduction of the sick allowance should be made after
nine months' continued aliment, with a further in-
crease of ten per cent, upon contribution tables. It
has two departments, viz — 1st, The sick allowance,
with a stated superannuation allowance, from the
age of 65 to the end of life. 2nd, Allowance at
death; to any of which the members pay in propor-
tion to their ages and the benefits required; and
females are admissible to the latter department, the
two being kept perfectly distinct.
W. Angus, 113 Rottenrow Street, president; W.
Spence, 65 Trongate, treasurer; W. Sutherland,
123 Argyle Street, secretary.
Meet in Religious Institution Rooms, 75 St.
George's Place, on the first Monday of January,
March, May, July, September, and November, at
eight o'clock p.m., to receive contributions, and enter
new members.

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