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Instituted 1824.
Rev. W. Leggatt, president; D. Pollock, 143
Main Street, Bridgeton, treasurer; J. Alexander, 113
King's Park Place, Greenhead, secretary; J. Robert-
son, W. Rae Arthur, A. Paterson, A. Waddel, G.
Miller, Rev. J. Edwards, Rev. G. Simpson, Rev. A.
Wilson, Rev. G. .Jeffrey, D.D., J. Thomson, W. Holms,
T. Dunn, and W. Ritchie, extraordinary directors.
The principal object of the Association is the moral
and religious improvement of the population of Bridge-
ton by the circulation of the Scriptures ; the delivery
of lectures; the establishment of Sibbatb. schools;
the support of weeK-day and evening schools ; and
such other measures as appear best calculated to
promote those ends.
Institution Buildings, Bridgeton Public School, 96
Main Street, Bridgeton.
Central Rooms, 182 Trongate.
W. Graham, MP., honorary president; Revs. J.
R. Macduff. D.D., R. Buchanan, D.D., J. Brown,
D.D., J. Paterson, D.D., H. Batchelor, W. Syming-
ton, W. Wilson, The Hon. the Lord Provost, J. A.
Campbell, J. Muir, G. Beith, T. Steven, J Taylor,
jun., M. S. Tait, patrons; H. Clow, president; J.
Burns, R. Paton, vice-presidents ; J. Bruce, treas-
urer; R. Murdoch, librarian; M. T. P. Shedd.-n,
convener of visiting committee; J. Connal, 180
Pollokshaws Road, J. S. Anderson, 29 Normal
Place, secretaries.
This Society was instituted 13th February, 1824,
and has for its object the establishment, maintenance,
and union throughout the city and vicinity, of
associations of young men for religious improvement
by meeting; on Sabbaths and engaging in conversa-
tion on the Word of God and other religious exercises.
James Hamilton, president; David Lambie, vice-
president ; Daniel Macnab, treasurer ; James F. Hay,
secretary; William Macdonald, superintendent;
The Hon. The Lord Provost ; W. Graham, Esq.,
M.P. ; Archibald Orr Ewing, Esq., M.P. ; John
Bums, Esq. ; W. Fife, Esq. ; Dr W. G. Blaikie ;
Colonel W. Holmes; W. Kidston, Esq. ; Rev. Dr.
Macleod; Rev. James Johnston ; Rev. D. M'Ewan,
and Rev. W. Wilson, extraordinary directors ; and
twenty ordinary directors.
Objects of the Association. — To afford facili-
ties for the intellectual, moral, and religious improve-
ment of the young men of Glasgow.
Means Employed. — City Hall lectures, mutual
improvement lectures, sermons, Bible classes in
different districts of the city, literary institute meet-
ings, prayer meetings, singing classes, &c, and
reading-room and reference library open every day
from 9 a.m. to 9.30 p.m.
Rooms of the Association, 280 George Street.
Extra classes held at Assembly Rooms. 138 Bath
Street, and Mechanics' Hall, 46 Canning Street,
Hon. president — His Grace the Duke of Argyll.
Hon. vice-presidents — Rev. Dr. M'Dnff, Rev. J.
Wells, Rev. R. Howie, Rev. J. Riddell, Rev. D.
Pirret, Rev. J. M'Dermid. Rev. J Edgar, Rev. G.
M'Callum, W. Graham, Esq., M.P. ; W. R. Arthur,
Esq., Lord Provost ; J. Burns, Esq., Castle Wemyss;
J. Campbell, Esq., Tillichewan ; W. Miller, Esq.,
Eastwood ; W. Govan, jun., Esq. ; W. Keddie, Esq. ;
W. Crighton, Esq., R.N.
J. Bell, president; W. P. Hunter, vice-president ;
J. S. Anderson, 29 Normal Place, secretary; W.
Martin, jun., 12 Sardinia Terrace, treasurer. A.
MKeith, J. G. Watson, W. Fleming, J. Hart, J.
Coltart, S. Eunson, J. Hunter, W. Miller, P. Barrie,
H. Bell, W. Jarvie, A. B. Smith, A. Adam, directors.
This society was instituted in November, 1865,
and has for its object the religious, educational, and
social elevation of boys employed in foundries and
workshops, and of boys likely to be so employed.
The work of the society is classified under the fol-
lowing four departments :— 1st, Religious; 2nd,
Educational; 3rd, Social Reform; 4th, Provident;
and its operations are at present carried on in the
following places : — North-Western Section — Hall, 7
Kelvin Street, Upper Floor (Boys); Hall, 7 Kelvin
Street, Lower Floor (Girls); Hall, 13 Maitland
Street ; Hall, Anniesland. North-Eastern Section
— Hall, 7 Rae Street; Hall, St. Rollox School,
Garngad Road ; Hall, Thrushgrove School, 105
Garngad Road. Eastern Section — Hali, 20 Hozier
Street; Hall, Charles Street; Hall, Coal hill Street.
South-Eastern Section — Hall. 3 Buchau Street;
Hall, 11 Commercial Road, Upper Floor; Hall, 11
Commercial Road, Lower Floor. South Western
Section — Hall. lo'O Eglinton Street; Hall, Cathcart
Street, Kingston Western Section — Hall, 78 Bishop
Street; Hall, 161 Main Street (Free St. Mark's);
Hall, (Wooden Church) Merkland St., Partick.
Middle Section — City Hall, South Albion Street;
Hall, Wynd Church; Hall, 36 Saltmarket.
Instituted 1859, incorporated by Royal Charter,
1866. The original Magdalene Asylum of Glas-
gow merged in this Institution, 1867. Office and
Reception Home, 125 Renfrew Street.
J. Hannan, president; J. D. Bryce, G. Burns,
M^jor J. T. Geils, G. Martin, and J. Mitchell, vice-
presidents ; J Gray, M.D., physician; D. G. Hoey,
auditor; D. M Lang, 136 Buchanan Street, hon.
treasurer; R. W. Sinclair, secretary; and a com-
mittee of forty-six directors. Subscriptions and
donations in aid of the institution will be received by
the treasurer, secretary, or by any of the directors.
Information as to the objects and operations of the
society may be obtained from the secretary, to whom
all communications relating to the business of the
society should be addressed, at the office of the insti-
Applicants for admission are received at the
Reception Home at all times. The Society's
reformatory and industrial work is prosecuted at
the Home, Lochburn, Maryhill, which affords accom-
modation for 120 inmates.
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