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Instituted 1849.
The Earl of Shaftesbury, patron; W. Graham,
M.P., W. Kidston, J. Campbell, Tillichewan, J.
Hannan, honorary presidents ; J. M'Gavin, P.
Drummond, Stirling, Thomas Murray, Bailie W.
Miller, hon. members ; R. Macintosh, Adam's Court
Lane, president; A. Leckie and T. Grey, vice-
presidents; T. Thomas, Garscube Road, treasurer;
W. Munro, 27 Union Street, and W. Crawford,
secretaries; M. Cullen, A. Stewart, J. Geddes, P.
Brooks, J. Cochrane, A. Robertson, I. Cumming, J.
Weir, S. Southwell, J. Cunningham, J. M'Kechnie,
H. A. Long, R. Munro, J. Tatlock, J. Buchanan,
members of committee ; John Campbell, 17 Tureen
Street, Calton, officer.
The Hon. A. Kinnaird, M.P., president ; the Earl
of Dalhousie, the Earl of Southesk, Lord Cowan, Sir
A. Agnew, Bart, Rev. Sir H. Well wood Moncreiff,
Bart, Sir J. Campbell, Sir W. Johnston, Rev. Prin-
cipal Barclay, Rev. J. Cairns, D.D., Rev. Principal
Candlish, W. H. Crawfurd, J. Cunningham, W. J.
Duncan, A. M. Dunlop, Rev. Principal Fairbairn,
R. Haldane, Rev. N. Macleod, D.D., J. Mitchell,
General Board — A. Jameson, Sheriff of Aberdeen-
shire, chairman.
Western Committee — D. Anderson, Rev. W.
Beckett, Rev. G. S. Burns, D.D., J. Burns, J. A.
Campbell, P. Clouston, T. Coats, Wm. Crichton, D.
Forbes, Rev. A. Gray, Rev. J. Henderson, D.D., W.
Kerr, D. Marshall Lang, Rev. J. M'Dermid, Rev. A.
MacEwen, D.D., G. Martin, J. Ramsay, R. Read-
man, Rev. J. Robson, D.D., Rev. D. Russell, Rev.
A. N. Somerville, Rev. W. Symington, G. L.
Walker, and J. H. Young.
Eastern Committee — D. Ainslie, F. Anderson,
Professor Balfour, J. Blackadder, J. Boyd, Rev. G.
D. Cullen, J. Dalmahoy, P. Dalmahoy, Rev. D. T.
K. Drummond, Dr. Pringle, Sheriff Jameson, J. Ken-
nedy, Rev. J. Marshall Lang, Rev. J. M'Murtrie,
Rev. T. Main, J. Marshall, J. Peddie, H. Rose,
A. Stevenson, D. Stevenson, Rev. A. Thomson, D.D.,
R. C. Williamson, J. Wright, Colonel Young.
Representative Directors — Alloa, Sheriff Clark ;
Aberdeen, Neil Smith, jun., Biggar District, E.
Chancellor ; Broughty Ferry, T. A. Smieton ; Bute,
Rev. P. Maefarlane ; Campbeltown, Rev. J. Boyd,
D.D. ; Dundee, Rev. J. Ewing ; Greenlaw District,
W. J. Bromfield ; Greenock, Rev. J. J. Bonar ;
Hamilton, Rev. R. Black; Helensburgh, T. M'Mick-
ing ; Kelso, J. Tait ; Kilmarnock, J. Stewart ;
Kirkcaldy, Rev. J. Black ; Leith, Ex-Provost Lind-
say ; Mid-Annandale, T. Stewart ; Paisley, Rev.
G. C. Hutton; Partick, T. Frame; Pollokshaws,
J. Grahame ; Stirlingshire, J. Harvey ; Stranraer,
Rev. R. Hogarth ; Vale of Leven, Rev. J. Tully;
Wick, J. Blackie, jun.
Treasurers — M. Honeyman, 67 West Regent St.,
Glasgow : J. M. Baillie, C.A., 4 North St David
St., Edinburgh; auditors, P. White, C.A., D. Scott,
C.A. ; secretaries, W. J. Slowan, 60 Virginia St.,
Glasgow ; Rev. Dr Goold, 5 St Andrew Square,
Edinburgh; depositaries, J. Kennedy, 60 Virginia
St., Glasgow ; T. Dawson, 5 St. Andrew Square,
SCHOOL UNION, 1870-71.
R. Corbet, president; A. Allan and W. Galloway,
vice-presidents; J. Richmond, 107 King's Park Place,
Greenhead, treasurer ; D. Whitelaw, 52 Main Street,
Bridgeton, and J. Cunningham, 301 London Road,
secretaries; Hon. W. R. Arthur, Lord Provost, Bailie
Burt, Councillor J. Moncur, Messrs. John Thomson,
Jas. Thomson, G.Thomson, W. Maefarlane, T. Binnie,
W. Holmes, J. Templetoh, J. Robertson, J. Garroway,
hon. directors; Messrs. J. C. Brown, A. Waddell,
W. Grove, J. Miller, J. C. Erskine, G. Munro, H.
Dallachy, J. Cherry, W. Hood, J. Morrison, acting
Religious Institution Rooms, 75 St. George's Place.
Bailie William Miller, of Eastwood Hill, president ;
David Marshall Lang and George Hunter, vice-
presidents ; John Henderson, 192 Sauchiehall Street,
treasurer; James Richmond, 107 King's Park Place,
Robert W. Sinclair, 28 Renfrew Street, and R. J.
Anderson, 53 Miller Street, secretaries ; William
Taylor, David M'Cowan, Michael Connal, George
Thomson, J. N. Cuthbertson, M. Wotherspoon,
Henry Clow, John MArthur, James White, James
Bell, James C. Brown, James A. Campbell, Thomas
Morrison, James Burr, Joseph King, and James S.
M'Gill, directors.
1. The objects of the Union shall be to encourage,
unite, and increase Sabbath schools in the city of
Glasdow and neighbourhood, and to improve the
methods of conducting them, by circulating infor-
mation, and giving currency to useful suggestions.
2. The Union shall consist of the members of such
Sabbath school societies as annually furnish a report
to the secretaries, and otherwise co-operate for the
above objects, which hold the doctrine of the divine
inspiration of the Holy Scriptures, the deity and
atonement of the Lord Jesus Christ, and the person-
ality and influence of the Holy Spirit
3. The committee, while they communicate with
the various district unions of the city, on the best
means of advancing the above objects, shall not
interfere with the regulations or management of
any of them.
4. The directors shall give their attention chiefly
to measures of a general character affecting Sabbath
schools ; they shall encourage the establishment of
Local Unions where necessary, and shall assist these
in devising and prosecuting their plans.
5. The business of the Union shall be conducted
by a board of directors. This board shall consist of
a president, two vice-presidents, a treasurer, two or
more secretaries, and twelve directors; all of whom
shall be elected at the annual meeting, as also the
secretaries, for the time being, of the district unions,
and representatives from the district unions, in the
proportion of one for every two hundred, or part of
that number, of their teachers. Seven shall consti-
tute a quorum.
6. The board of directors shall meet for business
as often as may be necessary; and the annual
meeting of the Union shall be held early in April,
â– when the annual report shall be read, and other
business transacted.
7. All the meetings of the directors and sub-com-
mittees shall be opened and closed with prayer.

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