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Spier, T., of Blackstone
Smith, J., of Birkenshaw
Stevenson, G., Crosslee Mill
Stevenson, D., merchant, Glasgow
Stewart, Eobert, of Ingleston
Stirling-Maxwell, Sir Wm., Bart.,
of Pollok and Keir
Tennant, J., of St. Rollox
Wakefield, J. C, of Eastwood
"White, J., Abbotsford place
Wilson, J., of Aucheneden
For the time being.
Sheriff of Lanarkshire
Sheriff-Substitutes of Glasgow
Blackburn, P., of Killearn
Bolton, J. C, of Carbrook
Campbell, Sir J., mercht., Glasgow
Campbell, Sir G. Ramsay, of
Succoth, Bart.
Campbell. John, of Inverardoch,
merchant, Glasgow
Cooper, H. R., merchant, Glasgow
Dalglish, B., M.P., merchant,
Dunlop, Alex., of Clober
Ewing, Arch. Orr, M.P., of Balli-
Ewing, Robert
Forrester, W., of Glenmill
Galloway, A., Bath St., Glasgow
JefFray, Aw., Ballindalloch works
Kidston, A. G., mercht., Glasgow
King, John, of Campsie, 17 Blyths-
wood square
King, James, yr., of Campsie
M'Gregor, A., Milngavie
M'Gregor, A. B., of Kernock
Smith, C, merchant, Glasgow
Smith, Wm., of Carbeth-Guthrie
Tennant, Charles, of St. Rollox
Watson, D., of North Bardowie
The Lord Provost, Senior Bailie,
and Dean of Guild of Glasgow,
ex qfficiis
Kerr, James, writer, Stirling, clerk
of the peace for Stirlingshire
Cunningham, John M., writer,
Stirling, depute-clerk
Allan, Thomas
Beale, John Wood
Bell, Thomas
Boyle, John
Brown, John
Campbell, Alex.
Campbell, James
Campbell, John
Cameron, Angus
Chambers, Thos.
Charles, John
Colquhoun, Joseph
Conway, John, sen.
Conway, John, jun.
Crossley, Henry
Cumming, John
Dickson, Adam
Dickson, Adam, sen.
Dickson, Adam, jun,
Ewing, John
Ferguson, Andrew
Ferguson, Daniel
Findlay, H. A.
Forson, Alexander
Gass, Matthew
Gibson, James
Gilmour, William
Graham, Daniel
Grange, Robert
Hall, George
Harvey, George
Innes, William
Jackson, Hugh
Jardine, John
Johnston, Peter
Kane, John
Kay, Archibald
Lang, Robert
M'Bride, Peter
M'Donald, George
M'Donald, John
M'Donald, John
M'Donald, John M.
MTndoe, Robert
M'Intyre, Alexander
M'Kerrachar, Alex.
M'Lachlan, Angus
M'Laren, Alexander
M'Leish, Daniel
BI'Tavish, Donald
Maitland, David
Maitland, Robert-
Miller, James
Morton, John
Morton, Alexander
Muirhead, William
Mulgrew, James
Murray, Lawrence
Nathaniel, David
Neil, D. C.
Ogilvie, John
Patrick, Hugh
Peterson, Peter
Philips, J. M'K
Pursy, John
Riddell, James
Roberton, John
Scanlan, David
Scott, Peter
Shedden, James
Simpson, Alexander
Smith, John
Smith, William
Steel, William
Stewart, Charles
Stirrat, Joseph
Summers, Thomas
Taylor, Edward Kyle
Turnbull, James
Walker, James
Watson, Thomas
Watson, William
Watson, Thomas, jun.
Watson, Wm., jun.
Whyte, James
Whyte, J. L.
Wynne, J, R,
Young, Alexander
Young, David
Bar Officer — James
Established by Royal Charter in 1599.— Ratified by Acts of the Scottish and British Parliaments.
Faculty Hall, 242 St. Vincent Street.
The President, Dr. Wm. Weir, Dr. Lyon, Dr. Scot
Orr, Managers of the Glasgoio Royal Infirmary.
The President, the Visitor, Dr. Ritchie, Dr. J. D.
M'Laren, Dr. John Wilson, Dr. John Pirie, Dr.
Dr. J. G. Fleming, President.
Dr. Harry Rainy, Visitor.
Dr. John Coats, Treasurer.
The President, the Visitor, Dr. Scott Orr, Dr. John
Coats, Dr. Weir, Dr. Eben. Watson, Dr. George
Buchanan, Councillors.
Dr. Dunlop, Vaccinator.
Dr. Morton, Dr. Robert Perry, Dr. R. D. Tanna-
hill, Dr. J. B. Cowan, Dr. Fergus, Dr. George
Buchanan, Dr. Leishman, Dr. Scott Orr, Dr. Lyon,
and Dr. Eben. Watson, Examiners.
The Physicians of the Royal Infirmary, Examiners
in Clinical Medicine.
The Surgeons of the Royal Infirmary, Examiners
in Clinical Surgery.
Dr. Coats and Dr. Steven, Examiners in Arts.
Dr. J. G. Fleming, Representative of the Faculty to
the General Council of Medical Education and
Registration of the United Kingdom.
Samuel J. Moore, Dr. A. Wood Smith, Dr. Robt.
Watson, Dr. Hugh Thomson, Dr. Alex. Paterson.
Dr. J. B. Russell, Representatives of Faculty at
Royal Botanic Institution of Glasgow.
Dr. J. Stewart, Director, Glasgoio Asylum for the
The President, Dr. Howatt, Directors, Glasgow
Lying-in Hospital and Dispensary.
Dr. Howatt, Dr. George Buchanan, Dr. Perry.
Directors of Stirling 's Library.
Dr. A. D. Anderson, Dr. Lyon, Managers of the
Glasgow Royal Lunatic Asylum.
Dr. James Steven, Dr. Eben. Watson, Directors of
Glasgoio Lock Hospital.
Dr. R. Perry, Director of Convalescent Hume.

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