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eight members appointed by the Merchants' House
and the Trades' House. Thomas Muir, officer.
Excise Office, 13 Queen Street.
Extractor's Office, City Chambers.
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons' Lib-
rary, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Faculty of Procurators' Sale Hall, St.
George's Place.
Faculty of Procurators' Library, St.
George's Place.
Glasgow Corporation Gas Works' Office,
42 Virginia Street.
Glasgow Corporation Water Works'
Office, 23 Miller Street.
Govan Poors' Office, 224 Eglinton Street. —
J. D. Kirkwood, inspector of poor.
Govan Parish Poor Rates Office, 5 Dixon
Street. — David Dreghorn, collector.
Government Emigration Office, Custom
House. — Emigration officer, Capt. J. F. C. M'Kenzie,
R.N. ; assistant emigration officer, Neil Thomson ;
medical inspector of emigrants, Dr. M'Call Anderson ;
surveyors of emigrant ships, J. Curie, A. M'Kinlay,
and J. Grier ; C. M 'Donald, clerk.
Harbour Master's Office, 16 Robertson St.
Inland Revenue Office, 13 Queen Street. —
G. M'Callum, collector of inland revenue and dis-
tributor of stamps. — Excise department, 3. Latta,
chief clerk. — Stamp Department, D. Cameron, chief
clerk. — Tax Department, G. H. Gibson, chief clerk.
— Surveying Department of Stamps and Taxes, J.
Martin, inspector for Lanark, Renfrew, and Dum-
barton shires ; R. Walker, J. H. Banks, W. Munro,
J. Holm, and A. Nisbet, surveyors.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for the
lower part of Lanarkshire, County Buildings, 111
Brunswick Street. — George Crawfurd, clerk ; G.
Gray, depute-clerk.
Justice of Peace Clerk's Office for Eastern
district of Dumbartonshire, 83 West Regent Street.
— J. Hutcheson, depute-clerk. Small Debt Court
held at Kirkintilloch first Saturday of each month.
Lanarkshire County Police and Prisons
Assessment Office, 30 John Street, City. — Col-
lector, A. Tennant.
Lands Valuation. — J. H. Banks, assessor for
City and Barony, without municipal boundary; W.
Munro, assessor for Old Monkland, Cambuslang,
Kilbride, and Rutherglen ; J. Holm, assessor for
County of Dumbarton, except parishes of Kirkintil-
loch and Cumbernauld ; A. Nisbet, assessor for
Govan, Cadder, New Monkland, Kirkintilloch, and
Lands Valuation Office for the City of Glas-
gow, 70 Bell Street. — J. Donaldson, assessor.
Merchants' House, 66 Virginia Street. — W.
H. Hill, collector and clerk. D. Doming, officer.
Office of Public Works, 4 South Albion
Place, off South Albion Street. — J. Carrick, master
of Works.
Parochial Board's Office (City Parish),
326 Parliamentary Road. — E. Adamson, inspector.
Police Chambers, Central, 9 South Albion St.
Police Office, Western, 55 Cranston St.
" " Eastern, 15 Tobago St.
" " Southern, 47 S. Portland St.
" " Northern, 19 Maitland St.
" " St. Rollox, Parliamentary Rd.
" " Marine Division, 16 Robertson St.
Police Station, Court House, Jail Square.
" " Bluevale, 420 Duke St.
" " Springvale, Springburn.
Police Surveyor's Office, 70 Bell Street. —
J. Donaldson, surveyor.
Police Collector's Office, Central, 70 Bell
St. — W. Gibb,
" " " Eastern, 13 Tobago
St. — W. Peat,
" " " Southern, 47 South
Portland St.— J.
Henderson, col.
Police Treasurer's Office, 70 Bell Street. —
J. L. Watson, treasurer.
Post-Office, George Square. — E. D. James, post-
master. (For names of clerks, sorting clerks, stampers,
and messengers, see page 1 of Appendix ; and for
letter earners, see Trades' Directory).
Procurator-Fiscal's Office for the Burgh,
Police Chambers. — J. Lang, P.F.
Procurator-Fiscals for the Co., Sheriffs,
Commissary, and Admiralty, County Buildings,
Wilson Street, W. Hart and J. Gemmell.
Procurator-Fiscal for the Justices of
the Peace.— R. D. Douglas, County Buildings, 111
Brunswick Street.
Property and Income-Tax Office for City
of Glasgow, 13 Queen St. — R. Donald, clerk.
Property- and Income-Tax Office for Lower
Ward of Lanarkshire. — 13 Queen St. — J. Pyle,
clerk. J. Mitchell and W. Smith, 75 West Nile
Street, and T. C. Ross, 17 Gordon Street, assessors.
Recruiting District Offices, 84 and 90
Shamiock Stieet.
Registration of Voters' Office for the
City of Glasgow, 70 Bell St. — J. Donaldson,
Religious Institution Rooms, 75 St. George's
Place. — John M'Callum, manager.
Sasine Office for the Burgh of Glasgow.
— Andrew Cunninghame, registrar, City Chambers.
Sasine Office, 25 Bath St. — Thos. Grahame,
W.S., and Thomas Hill, keepers of the Particular
Register of Sasines, &c, for Renfrewshire and Re-
galities of Glasgow and Paisley.
Session Clerk's Office for the City, 184
Buchanan Street. — John Galloway, clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office for the Barony
Parish, 33 Renfield Street. — James Anderson,
Session-Clerk's Office for Gorbals, Hut-
chesontown, tradeston, kingston, little
Govan, and Polmadie, 1 Clyde Terrace. — Thos.
Smith, se>siori-clerk.
Session Clerk's Office for Govan Parish,
53 Efilinton Street, and Elphinstone Street, 16
Whitetield Road, Govan. — Wm. Fulton, A.M., clerk.
Session-Clerk's Office for Calton, Church
Open, Tobago Street, Calton — James Brown, session-
Sheriff's Chambers, County Buildings, Wilson
Street. — Henry Glassford Bell, advocate, sheriff;
William Gillespie Dickson, Ales. Erskine Murray,
James Galbrnith, and Francis William Clark, sub-
stitutes ; John Drysdale, sheriff-clerk; Alexander
Pearson, William Drysdale, George Sellar, and John

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