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Thomson, Robt. cowfeedSr, Flem-
iugton pi. SpriDgburn rd
Thomson, Wm. blacksmith, loco,
depart. Caled. Ry. St. Rollox ;
ho. 121 Springburn rd
Turnbul], W. farmer, Smithycroft
Ure, J. tobac. 143 Springburn rd
Vaughan, Mrs. S. grocer, Hog-
Wales, James, contractor, 1 Hut-
ton place
Wales, James, contractor, North
British Rail. Sighthill station
Walker, J. farmer, Eastfield
Walker, John, inspector of police,
Springvale Police Station, 29
Cowlairs rd
Wallace, Jas. (agent, West End
Branch, Union Bk. of Scotland),
ho. 4 Towerhill ter
Wallace, James F. wine and spirit
merchant, Hogganfield
Watterson, Mrs.James, spirit mer-
chant, 425 Springburn rd. ; ho.
Springvale house
Watt, John (of Wright, Watt, &
Wilson, 12 Townmill rd), ho.
226 Mathers buildings, Spring-
burn rd
Weir, W. farmer, Barmulloch
Weldon, Sophia E. matron, Barn-
hill Poor House, Barnhill
Wheatley, Thos. locom. engineer,
North British Railway Compy.
Cowlairs works ; house, Hope
villa, Lenzie junction
Wheatley, Wm. carriage and wag-
gon superintendent, N. B. Rail.
Co. Cowlairs works ; house,
Fairfield cottage
Wilson, Alex, (at Hydepark Lo-
comotive Works), ho. 2 Hyde-
park pi. Springburn rd
Wilson, John (of Watt & Wilson),
house, 226 Mathers buildings,
Springburn rd
Wilson, John, manager (Neilson
& Co.'s Locomotive Works), ho.
415 Springburn rd
Wilson, Thos. dairyman, 19 New
Keppochhill rd
Wotherspoon, John, Frankfield
house, Millerston
Wotherspoon, Mrs. John, Frank-
field house, Millerston
Wordie, Peter, brewer, City of
Glasgow Brewery, Petershill ;
(House of Call, 103 W. Geo. st.)
ho. Balgray cot. Springburn
Wright, A. P. grain clerk, N. B.
Railway, Sighthill station; ho.
41 Albert st
Young, David, quarrier, Keppoch
and Balgray quarries, Smaller
Balgray cottage
Young, David (of Young & Ren-
nie), ho. Smaller Balgray cot
Young, David,sen. carter and cow-
feeder, 9 Centre st
Young, Wm. farmer, Blochairn
Young & Rennie, quarriers, Kep-
poch and Balgray quarries
Young, Isabella, teacher, Barnhill
Poor House; residence, Barnhl.
Allan, Peter, butcher, 1 Elgin pi
Austin & M'Auslin, nursery and
seedsmen ; nursery-, Coplawhill
Austin, W.(of Austin & MAuslin),
2 Regent Park sq
Baird, David, 36 Regent Park sq
Barr, John, 20 Regent Park sq
Barr, Wm. T. 20 Regent Park sq
Baxter, John Wm. wine mercht.
21 Queen sq
Birkmyre, Rev. A. B. (of Kinning
Park Free Church), 19 Queen sq
Black, John (of Black & Haldane),
12 Regent Park ter
Bogle, J. & \V. 4 Regent Park ter
Brock, John, 11 Regent Park ter
Brodie, L. A. 13 Queen sq
Brown, Geo. 7 Regent Park ter
Brown, Hugh, 9 Regent Park ter
Brown, John, designer, 5 Elgin pi
Brown, AVm. mason and builder,
6 Regent Park ter
Buchanan, J. 13 Regent Park sq
Burton, Andrew H. 43 Regent
Park sq
Cain, Michael, 15 Regent Park ter
Calderwood, David, schoolmaster,
Thornliebank School; house, 9
Regent Park ter
Calderwood, Robert, agent, City
of Glasgow Bank), 9 Regent
Park ter
Cameron, Daniel (at J. & W.
Campbell's), house, 5 Regent
Park ter
Christie, D. R. commission agent,
14 Regent Park ter
Clarkson, Jas. engineer, 11 Regent
Fark ter
Clarke, G. E. straw hat manu-
facturer, 7 Regent Park ter
Coats, Jervis, 4 Regent Park sq
Crawford, James P. 6 Regent
Park ter
Crawford, M. L. wright, Moray rd.
ho. 3 Elcho pi
Crawford, Thos. spirit merchant,
2 Elcho pi; ho. 5 Elgin pi
Crawford, Wm. teacher of piano-
forte, 6 Regent Park ter
Davidson, Alex, (at Anderson &
Co.), 1 5 Regent Park ter
Dawson, John M. 18 Regent Pk. sq
Dickson, William, 12 Regent
Park ter
Dow, Jas. flesher, Queen's Pk. pi
Duncan, Thomas, wine and spirit
merchant ; ho. 5 Hope ter
Dunlop, Mrs. G. 2 Matilda pi
Eglinton, Edward C. mercantile
clerk, 12 Regent Park ter
Espener, Alfred W. 2 Elgin pi
Ewing, Joseph, 21 Regent Pk. sq
Farquhar, Hugh, tailor & clothier
10 Regent Park ter
Fairservice, John, detective officer
for county of Renfrew, Elcho pi
Fenwick, John, chemist and drug-
gist, 6 Elgin pi
Fenwick, William, M.D. 5 Regent
Park ter
Ferguson, John, commission agent,
25 Regent Park sq
Ferguson, John A. 6 Moray pi
Finlayson, Joseph (of Finlayson &
M'Coll), 6 Regent Park ter
Fisher, David, house carpenter and
joiner, 329 Pollokshaw rd
Fleming, Daniel, 8 Regent Pk. ter
Frame, Thomas (Sprunt & Co.)
' Boyd's house
Frazer, Rev. H. E., M.A. (Lang-
side Road U.P. Church), 12
Moray pi.
Frazer, J. printer &book publisher,
4 Moray pi
Frew, Root, mining engineer, 10
Regent Park sq
Fyfe, James, 16 Regent Park sq
Fyfe, Wm. & Co. 13 Regent
Park ter
Galloway, Jn. artist, 16 Queen sq
Gait, Robert (of Wm. Gait & Co.),
1 6 Regent Park ter
Gait, Robert, sen. (of Robert Gait
& Son), 38 Regent Park ter
Geddes, Robert, jun. (of R. Geddes
6 Son), 3 Queen sq
Gemmell, Robert T. joiner and
horticultural builder, Muirhous.
Gibb, James Shirra, corn factor,
24 Queen sq
Glen, John, 20 Queen sq
Glover, Robert (of Anderson &
Glover), 23 Regent Park sq
Gordon, Thos. 5 Regent Park ter
Govan, Colin, 2 Elgin pi
Gowans, Adam, bookbinder, 9
Regent Park ter
Guthrie, Jn. B. 29 Regent Pk. sq
Granger, John, 19 Regent Pk. sq
Grenville, Rev. Palmer Gammon,
LL.B. (No. Hanover St. CoDg.
Church), 8 Queen sq
Hall, James, 26 Regent Park sq
Hamilton, J. Struthers, manager,
Adelphi Cotton Works, 8 Re-
gent Park sq
Hardie, James (at Watson and
Smith's), 2 Elgin pi
Hector, R. L. 5 Elgin pi
Henderson, George, 30 Regent
Park sq
Henderson, Wm. T. 9 Moray pi
Henderson, William (at E. & S.
Scott's), 3 Elcho pi
Henderson, Mrs. John, 9 Moray pi
Hillcoat, Robert, wine and spirit
merchant, 7 Elgin pi
Hoffman (of Leggat & Hoffman),
7 Regent Park ter

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