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Linn, Wm. (of Wm. Linn & Son),
Vermont cottage, Titwood rd
M'Bean, Wm. (of H. M'Bean &
Co.), Aldowrie cot. St. And. rd
M'Coll, Hugh, Auburn cottage, St.
Andrew's rd
M'Cord, Robert, Braehead villa
M'Culloch, David, iron merchant,
St. Andrew's villa
M'Gregor, James, timber measurer,
St. Andrew's rd
M'Intyre, John, builder and brick-
maker, Lilybank rd
M'Kinlay, David, St. Andrew's rd
M'Kinlay, R. W. Broomliill villa
M'Laren, Robt. (of Robt. M'Laren
& Co.), ho. Ardenshaw st. St.
Andrew's rd
M'Lay, Wm. mer. 5 Linden ter
M'Lean, R. (of R. Walker & Co.),
4 Linden ter
M'Lean, Wm. L. E. forgemaster,
Lancefield cottage
M'Morland, James, com. traveller,
2 Keir ter
M'Onie, Andrew, engineer, Wood-
vale cottage, St. Andrew's rd
M'Onie, Wm. engineer, Heath-
bank cottage, St. Andrew's rd
M'Vicar, Archibald, Shields cot.
St. Andrew's rd.
Main, Alexander J. (of Main &
M'Lean), 2 Linden ter
Manwell, David, builder and con-
tractor, Eden cottage St. An-
drew's rd
Marshall, Wm. merchant, Leven
cottage, St. Andrew's rd
Meikle, Thomas, mer. Viewfield
house, Maxwell rd
Miller, Andrew (at Handyside &
Henderson's), 6 Linden ter
Millar, Robert, inspector of light-
ing, 6 Linden ter
Mills, James, 4 Keir terrace
Moffatt, Alex, (at Handyside &
Henderson's), Springhill, Max-
well rd
Morris, John, teller, City of Glas-
gow Bank, 2 Doon ter
Morton, John, 1 Linden ter
Oliphant, Wm. engraver, Rose-
berry villa, Maxwell rd
Orr, Jas. (of Jas. Orr & Co.), ma-
nufacturer), Campview lodge,
Bruce rd
Paton, Walter, 3 Linden ter
Patrick, John Gibson, wine and
spirit merchant, Swiss villa, St.
Andrew's rd
Ramsay, Nathaniel, measurer,
Mosspark house, Albert rd
Ramsay, R. Wm. Mosspark house,
Albert rd
Randolph, Charles, engineer, The
Houff, St. Andrew's rd
Renfrew, M. Haggs cottage
Richardson, James (at Keir &
Richardson's), Maxwell rd
Rigg, Archd. (of Isc. Rigg & Son),
Coniston house, Maxwell rd
Rigg, R. A. merchant, Benvue
house, St. John's rd
Robertson, John, writer (of Quin-
tin, Dick, & Robertson, St. And-
rew's rd
Robertson, L. Geo. Wentworth
cottage, St. Andrew's rd
Robertson, John, 5 Keir ter
Roxburgh, Wm. (of Farquhar &
Roxburgh), Glencairn house
Ruthven, James (of Ruthven &
Grange), Hewan villa, Maxwell
Scanlan, James, portioner, Dargan
villa, St. Andrew's rd
Scott, And.' (of Scott & M'Laren),
2 Keir ter
Scott, Robert, commission merch.
2 Keir ter
Shaw, Andrew, wholesale and fur-
nishing ironmongr. Bruce villa,
Bruce rd
Shaw, Robert (at Wm. M'Geoch
& Co.'s), Valleyfield house
Shaw, Wm. wright, builder, and
property valuator, Valleyfield ho
Smith, Geo. jun. (of Geo. Smith &
Sons), Mountblow, Maxwell rd
Smith, Osborne (of Smith Brots.
& Co.), 4 Keir ter
Smith, Rev. R. C. minister, Knox's
Free Church, Bruce rd
Smith, Mrs. Geo. sen. (of George
Smith & Sons), Mountblow,
Maxwell rd
Smith, Miss, Polder ho. St. An-
drew's rd
Somerville, R. David, Southbank
house, St. Andrew's rd
Somerville, John, com. merchant,
Southbank ho. St. Andrew's rd
Spiers, James Kenneth, ship and
com. agent ; ho. Titwood bank
Spiers, Mrs. Vistabella villa, St.
Andrew's rd
Stevenson, Wm. (of M'Naught &
Stevenson) Myrtle bank, St.
Andrew's rd
Thomson, G. Geo. agent, Faskin
cottage, Maxwell rd
Thomson, James, accountant (G.
& S. W. Rail. Co.), Eldersliecot
Thomson, Mrs. J. Cleghorn villa,
St. Andrew's rd
Thomson, R. M. Wm. machine
maker, Faskin cot. Maxwell rd
Todd, Henry, 2 Doon ter
Watson, And. Ferndean, Bruce rd
Watt, David (at Matthew Muir &
Sons), Dunlea vill. Maxwell rd
Westland, Robert (of Westland,
Laidlaw, & Co.), 2 Linden ter
Wilson, David, 6 Linden ter
Wilson, M. John, manufac. Swiss
cottage, St. Andrew's rd
Wilson, Wm. Swiss cottage, St.
Andrew's rd
Wilson, Wm. (of Wilson & Mathe-
son), West lodge, Maxwell rd
Wingate, Robert (of J. & R. Win-
gate), Forest cot. St. John's rd
Woodrow, J. (of VVoodrow, Wilson,
& Co.), ho. Broomhill villa
Wright, Win. clothier, 4 Linden ter
Wyse, Forbes, com. agent, Cathkiu
villa, Albert rd
Campbell, John, family grocer,
Saracen st
Haddow, Archibald, storekeeper,
Possil Colliery
Jardine, Mrs. dining rooms, Sara-
cen st
Knox, James, Mansion ho. Den-
mark st
Macfarlane, Walter, & Co. iron-
founders, Hawthorn st
Mitchell, Archibald, Saracen st
Murray, John, Possil park quarry,
Closeburn st
Pirret, Rev. David, Keppoch ho.
Balmore st
Saracen Gardens, Denmark st
Shanks, James, Mansion house,
Denmark st
Thomson, Mrs. eatinghouse, Haw-
thorn st
Wilsons & Co. coalmasters, Possil
The names and addresses of resi-
denters in Queen's Park, instead
of being placed under the head
" Strathbnngo & Queen's Park,"
will be found under that of
" Crossbill " in Suburban Direc-
tory ; the various streets, how-
ever, are inserted in the general
Street Directory as formerly.
Samuel Baker, provost ; John
Scouller and William Adams,
bailies; William Davidson, trea-
surer ; George Crawford, town
clerk ; George Gray, depute
town clerk; Jobn Fleming, pro-
curator-fiscal; Donald Murray,
James Wallace, John Thomson,
William Reid, Thomas Jackson,
Robert Cameron, Robert Adair,
James Walker, David Warnock,
Robert Hood, George Don, John
Pinkerton, Duncan Greenhill, &
Daniel Baird, councillors
Brownlie, John, W. Par. Church
M'Neill, John, U. P. Church
Munro, James, Free Church,
Shaw, John, Ro. Catholic Church
Stevenson, W. F. Est. Church

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