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Hector, Wm. (of Hector & Camp-
bell), writer and procurator-
fiscal, 'and sheriff-clerk depute
for the eastern district of Ren-
frewshire ; collector of poors'
assessment, and clerk to the
heritors of Eastwood, 12 Pollok
st. ; ho. Shawlands house
Henderson, Jane, china merchant
and news agent, 24 Pollok st
Henderson, Mrs. Wm. baker, 43
Pollok st
Henry, Arch, spirit merchant, 7
Herriot st
Hill, Samuel, draper and coal agt.
Main st
Hogg, A. sug. mer. 6 Elgin villas
Hogg, Alex. Largo villa
Hosie, John, tailor and clothier,
68 King st
Hosie, Robert, Stag Inn
Howat, Jn. smith, Low Cartcraigs
Howatt, Jn. vet. surg. Cartcraigs
Howie, Thos. Auldhouse farm
Hunter, A. J. baker, 66 Main st
Johnston', Daniel, boot and shoe
maker, and mineral borer, 70
Main st
Kennedy, Hugh, Cromdall villa,
Kennedy, William; ho. Forrest
villa, Pollok rd
Kennedy, Wm. Shawhill
King, John, gardener, 40 Main st
King, Thos. cooper, 3 Cogan st
King, Wm. (of J. Young & Son) ;
house, Herriot st
Kirkwood & M'Lellan, builders,
Coustonhill rd
Kyle, Wm. draper, 3 Main st
Lang, J. R. (at Jas. Young &
Sons), Auldhousefield
Lang, Jn. com. agt. 2 Elgin villa
Law, Mrs. R. grocer, 48 King st
Leckie, R. wright, 3 Factory st
Leishman, Alexander, blacksmith,
8 Pollok st
Lemon, Alex, inspector of poor,
and registrar, for the parish of
Eastwood, and insurance agent ;
office, Herriot st. ; house, do.
Livingstone, Dav. joiner, Wilson st
Livingstone, J. spirit dealer, 1
Maxwell st
Livingston, Agnes, grocer and
spirit dealer, 25 Pollok st
Livingston, Mrs. milliner & dress-
maker, Main st
Lockhart,& Co. earthenware manu-
facturers, Victoria Pottery
Lowndes, Robert, Gillies (of Wm.
Young & Co. and James Young
& Son ; and Lowndes, Syming-
ton, & Co.), Crosslee house,
Lowndes, Symington, & Co. cot.
spins, and power-loom muslin
manufacturers, Auldfield
M'Alister, slater, 57 Main st
M'Bain, Hugh, Victoria Chemical
Works, Factory st
M'Bain & Co. Victoria Chemical
Works, Factory st
M'Callum, D. R. plumber, gasfit-
ter, and tinsmith. 63 Main st. ;
ho. 79 King st
M'Donald, A. 5 Pollok villas
M'Donald, J. S. & Son, Elgin
M'Dougall, J. dairy, 18 Pleasant
M'Farlaue, Andrew, spirit dealer,
Pollok st
M'Farlane, George, Newlaadsfield
M'Innes, Daniel, rope and twine
manufacturer, Cogan st. ; ho.
11 Herriot st
M'Intyre, Archibald, victualler, 86
Main st
M'Kay, George, pawnbroker, 17
Main st
M'Kinnon, Hugh, spirit merchant,
83 Main st
M'Lachlan, Colin, butcher, 5
Main st
M'Lellan, Duncan, master builder,
45 Pollok st
M'Nish, Jas. manager, Auldfield
works, Auldfield house
M'Nicol, Daniel, mason & builder,
9 Elgin villas
M'Niven, John, spirit merchant,
61 King st
M'Niven, John, flesher, 63 King st
M'Niven, Malcolm, spirit mercht.
73 Main st
M'Queen, J. grocer, 6 Pollok st
M'Rae, John, jeweller and clock-
maker, 15 King st
Mair, James, 36 Main st
Manford, Henr}', drill instructor,
4 and 23 R.R. V. ; ho. Cogan st
Martin, Peter, 11 Pollok villas
Martin, Wm. grocer, 44 Pollok st
Mason, Jas. grocer, King st
Mason, John, grocer, 26 Herriot st
Mason, Wm. potato dealer and
pork dealer; Herriot st
Maxwell, Sir William Stirling-,
Pollok house
Meiklejohn, Matthew, watch and
clock maker, Buchanan pi
Menzies, John, surgeon, 29 Pol-
lok street
Menzies, Mrs. F. victualler, 8
Macarthur st
Miller, Andrew, news agent,
Herriot st
Milree, Dav. shoemak. 15 Main st
Morrison, Andrew, blacksmith,
Skinmill yard, off Main st. ; ho.
114 Hospital st. Glasgow
Morrison, J. grocer, 12 Pleas, st
Murray, James, slater, Main st
Murray, Pat. grocer, 8 Herriot st
Nicol, James, draper, 80 Main st
Nicol, P. clothier, 79 Main st
Ogilvie, John, house factor, sheriff-
officer, and constable for the
shires of Lanark and Benfrew ;
office, 35 Pollok st. ; ho. Wood-
bcot villa, Kennishead
Original Secession Church, back
of Cogan st
Paisley, William, grocer and spirit
dealer, Rosendale rd
Paterson, Robert, 4 Pollok villas,
Paterson, Walter, tailor & clothier,
35 Mainst
Peebles, David, wine and spirit
merchant, 1 Lewis st
Penman, Dav. shoem. 63 Main st
Peter, George, paper maker, Glas-
gow Millboard Co. (Limited),
Pollokshaws ; ho. 80 King st
Pollokshaws parish church, King
Reid, Wm. & Co. drapers & cloths,
and ironmongers
Reid, Wm. manager (Wm. Young
& Co. Auldhousefield), Main st
Rhinds, John, tailor and clothier,
Main st
Rigg, Wm. 1 Buchanan pi
Ritchie, Andw. surgeon, 6 King st
Rodger, George Smeaton (of Thos.
H. Slater, jun. & Co.), house, 3
Pollok road, Shawlands
Ross, D. spir. mer. 1 Shawhill st
Ross, Jas. spir. dealer, 54 King st
Russell, John, 18 King st
Russell. Wm. draper, 57 King st
Sewell, Wm. session-clerk and pa-
rochial schoolmaster ; school,
Matilda st. ; ho. Cartcraigs
Shields, Mrs. Matilda st
Simpson, Andrew, gas manager ;
house, Factory st
Sliman, Mrs. Allan, draper, 24
Pollok st
Smith, Charles, Pitcairn cottage,
Pollok rd
Smith, Mrs. milliner, Pitcairn cot.
Pollok rd
Snodgrass, William, accountant &
factor, Herriot st. ; house, 5
Greenbank ter
Snowball, Frank (at James Young
& Son's, Auldhousefield)
Sproul, Wm. grass bleacher, and
family washing and dressing
establishment, Govan hall
Steel, John, surgeon, 6 King st
Steel, Mrs. J. grocer, Pollok st
Stevenson, John, tailor, 71 King st
Steuart, John, writer, town clerk,
clerk to commissioners of police,
justice of peace, clerk depute ;
agent for the North British and
Mercantile Fire and Life Insur-
ance Co. 79 King street ; house,
Shawlands villa
Steuart, John & Walter, agents for
City of Glasgow Bank, 79 King
st. ; Shawlands villa

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