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Lancaster, George, drysalter ; ho.
4 Eldon ter
Lang, Wm. wine mercht. ; house,
Cross park
Law, W. wright, Seatston mill rd
Lawrie, J. G. engineer and ship-
builder, Whiteinch
Leask, James (of James Leask &
Co.), ho. Viewfield house
Leek, Henry, accountant ; house,
Woodend, Partick hill
Leckie, Mrs. 19 Elgin ter
Lee, Robert (at Lehmann & Co.'s)
house, 3 Hamilton cres
Leiper, Wm. architect ; house, 6
Annfield terrace
Lennox, Alexander (of M'Kay &
Kirkwood), house, Wellpark,
Lennox, Duncan, writer, "Wellpark,
Leslie, John Adam (of Leslie &
Hall), ho. Elgin villa, Partkhil.
Leslie, John, mason and builder,
Hamilton pi
Leslie, Thos. (of Moffat & Leslie),
house, Annfield ter
Liddle, Matthew, draper, 132
Dumbarton rd
Lilburn, James (of Aitken, Lil-
burn, & Co.), house, Holly bank
Lipscomb, F. W. (of Mather &
Co.), house, Holly bank
Lockhart, Robt. jun. (of Robert
Lockhart, jun. & Co.), house,
Woodlands, Partickhill
M 'Arthur, Colin (Wylie & Loch-
head Paper - staining Factory,
Whiteinch), ho. 5 Maxwell st
M'Arthur, John (at Alex. Daw-
son's), ho. 4 Lawrence place
M'Cann, Dr. James, D.D. incum-
bent of St. Jude's ; house, 9
Elgin ter
M'Clymont, Alex. Viewfield villa
M'Coll, Rev. John, 11 Annfid. ter
M'Craw, Archibald, builder
M'Culloch, Samuel, merchant, 3
Hamilton cres
M'Donald, Mrs. John, spirit mer.
M'Ewing, Alex, merchant ; ho.
M'Ewing & Neilson, builders, 231
Newton pi
M'Farlane, Samuel (of John King
& Son), house, Oswald hill
M'Farlane, Gavin Scott, Sndbk. pi
M'Fee, Daniel, provision mercht.
316 Hamilton pi
M'Gaw, Peter, jun. house painter
and decorator, 294 Dumbarton
rd.; ho. Windsor pi
M'Geoch, Wm. sen.; ho. 4 Ham. cr
M'Gilvray, Hugh (at J. & D.
Paton & Co.'s), ho. 2 Lawrence
M'Intosh, John (at E. Blank's),
house, Sandbank
M'Kay, Dan. watchmkr. Falkrk.pl
M'Kay, Dougal, &] Son, contract.
Bunhouse mills
M'Kay, Lachlan (of M'Kay &
Kirkwood), house, Wellpark,
M'Kay, Wm. (at Tod & M'Gre-
gor's), house, Greenbank
M'Lauchlan, John (at John B.
Dill's), house, 10 Dowanhill st
M'Lauchlan, Rev. Peter (of Free
Church), house, 4 Downie pi
M'Lauren, Miss Mary, & Co. mili-
ners, Stewart ville
M'Lelland, Peter, warehouseman ;
ho. Westfield ter
M'Lennan, Charles G. merchant ;
ho. 2 Meadowbank cres
M'Leod, Rev. Donald, clergyman,
minister of Park Church ; ho.
M'Kellar, Daniel; ho. Inchbank
M'Kinnon, Wm. 1 Hamilton cres
M'Kissock, Peter, mason and
builder, Graham pi
M'Master, Neil, 12 Lawrence pi
M'Meekin, John, florist and con-
tractor, Donaldshill
M'Kirlie, John, general merchant,
23 Smith st. Whiteinch
M'Nair, Duncan (of J. D.M'Nair),
ho. 2 Annfield ter. west
M'Nairn, John (of Houston &
M'Nairn), house, Jordan vale,
M'Nee, John, spirit merchant, 130
Casilebank st
M'Nee, Thomas (of T. M'Nee &
Co.), house, Greenbank
M'Neil, John, corn merchant ; ho.
I Annfield ter. west
M'Whinnie, William T. 25 Elgin
Mansel, Robert, shipbuilder; ho.
II Hamilton st
Manson, Wm. shipping agent ; ho.
7 Elgin terrace
Marshall, James, Wellpark brew-
ery; ho. Sunnyside, Partickhill
Marshall, John, grocer, 144
Mason, Robert, 1 Elgin terrace
Mathews, H. traveller; house, 10
Lawrence place
Mathieson, William, writer ; ho.
Maxwell, John, mason and builder,
1 Maxwell st
Mellis, Daniel, joiner, 83 Dumbar-
ton rd. ; ho. 138 Dumbarton rd
Mellis, Robert, joiner, 83 Dum-
barton rd ; ho. 2 Wallace st
Miller, Alex, (of A. & G. Miller &
Co.), bo. Fairthorn
Miller & Fleming, Kelvin Forge
Miller, James (of Miller & Flem-
ing), ho. 1 Elgin terrace
Miller, Robert, wine merchant, 297
Dumbarton rd
Miller, Mrs. James, 56 Brunswick
st. ; ho. Ashburne villa
Moffat, Dr. A. Cowan, surgeon, G
Bridge st. ; ho. 21 Elgin ter
Moffat, George, 3 Downie pi
Moffat, Miss, staymaker ; ho. 21
Elgin ter
Moore, Alex, (of Moore & Brown),
ho. Ashburne villa
More, David, wright, Hayburn pi.;
ho. Monkland st
Moritz, Hermann, ho. 5 Annfield
Morris, Wm. (of Morris, Munro, &
Co.), ho. Thornlee, Partickhill
Morrison, Ales. 8 Annfield ter
Morrison, John, jun. Laurelbank
Morrison, Roderick, wine mercht.
98 Well st; ho. 40 Hyndland st
Morrison, Thos. Free Church Nor-
mal School; ho. 2 Eldon ter
Morton, Wm. plumber and gasfitter,
318 Hamilton pi
Muir, A. Martin, teacher of music,
singing ; ho. Crawford pi
Murdoch, Jas. writer, Westbourne
terrace, Hyndland rd
Murdoch, Jn. 10 Annfield ter. W.
Murdoch, Wm. writer; ho. 20
Lawrence pi
Muirhead, Wm. sheriff-officer and
constable, Crown pi
Murray, Chas. hop merchant, 8
Hamilton crescent
Murray, D. G. commission merch.;
ho. Hamilton cres
Myles, James, joiner and cabinet-
maker, Peel St.; ho. 6 do
Napier, Jas. (of Jas. A. Napier &
Co.) ho. 2 Hamilton cres
National Bank of Scotland, 246
Dumbarton road
Newman, Edward, M.D. staff sur-
geon, R.N. 12 Annfield ter
Nicol, John, dispensing chemist, 4
Dowanhill pi
Nicolson, Thomas, writer, ho. 4
Nicolson, William, house-factor
and coal agent, 76 Raglan pi
Nimmo, Wm. 8 Dowanhill pi
North British and Mercantile Fire
and Life Insurance Co.; Gavin
Paisley, agent, 314 Dumb, rd
Ormond, Thos. (at John Black &
Co.'s), house, 4 Meadowbank pi
Orr, John, joiner, ho. 2 Dowan-
hill place
Paisley, Gavin, agent, City of
Glasgow Bank, 314 Dumbarton
rd.; ho. 2 Windsor pi
Park, James, accountant, ho. 19
Elgin ter
Park, Wm. C. C; ho. Clydeview
Parker, Alex, grocer and provision
merchant, 10 Dowanhill pi.; ho.
2 do.
Partick Burgh Treasurer and CoL
lector's Office, 314 Dumb, rd

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