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Thomson, James, mason, 487 Lon-
don rd. ; ho. 24 Millroad st
Todd, George, of Haghill
Troup, Charles, teacher, 346 Gt.
Eastern rd
Ure, Win. iron & malleable cast-
iron founder, Crownpoint Foun.
153 Crownpt. St. Mile-end; ho.
20 Whitevale st
Van, Mrs. Christina, clothier and
draper, 30 Duke st. ; ho. Vane st
Waddell, Jas. comb manufact. 35
Trongate ; ho. 15 Mestmuir st
Wagget, J. pawnbroker, 222 Gt.
Eastern rd
Walker, A. & Son, millwrights &
engineers, 24 Cumbernauld rd. ;
ho. 51 Whitevale st
"Walker, Mrs. spirit dealer, Spring-
bank, London rd
Wallace, Jas. (of Wm. Wallace &
Son), Burnbank, east
Wallace, Wm. & Son, bleachers
and finishers, Burnbank, east.
Letters and orders left at Mr.
Fisher's, 5 West Nile st
Watson, G. baker, Gt. Eastern rd
Watson, R. grocer, 11 Westmuir;
house, 4 Gray's lane
Wellwood, S. wine & spirit mer-
chant, 81, 83 Gt. Eastern rd. ;
ho. 4 Broad st
Wilson, Charles, 296 Mauldslie
ter. London rd
Wilson, W. spirit merchant, 155
Westmuir st
Wilson, W. grocer, 143 West-
muir st
Willox, Wm. wine and spirit mer.
68 Gt. Eastern rd. ; house, 74
Whitevale st
Winning, Thomas, grocer, 50 Gt.
Eastern rd
Winning, Thos. mineral borer, 16
Winning's row, Westmuir
Wood, John, gardener, New Bank
gardens ; ho. New Bank
Wyper, John, family grocer, 265
London rd
Young, David, chemist & druggist,
70 Gt. Eastern rd
Young, James, spirit dealer, 127
Great Eastern rd. ; house, 3
East Union st
Young, W. surgeon, 274 Great
Eastern rd
Robert Hunter, senior magistrate ;
John Morrison, jun. and George
Thomson, junior magistrates ;
John White, Alex. C. Shanks,
Robert Carrick, John Anderson,
Andrew Hosie, Daniel Macfie,
John Ferguson, Peter M'Kissock,
and Alex. Storrie, commissioners;
Matthew Walker, burgh clerk;
Gavin Paisley, treasurer and
collector; James Paterson, M.D.
medical officer; And. Edwards,
superintendent of police and
Adam, George, smith, 29 Orchard
st. ; ho. 8 Dowanhill pi
Adam, Jas. contractor, Whiteinch
Addie, Peter, mercht. Turnerfield
Aikman, Thomson (of Thomson
Aikman & Co.), ho. Middlefield,
Aitken & Mansel, shipbuilders,
Alexander, William (of William
Alexander & Son), ho. Apsley
Allan, John, Laurel bank
Allan, Peter, bookseller and sta-
tioner, 134 Dumbarton rd. ; ho.
4 Dowanhill st
Allan, William, spirit merchant,
Anderson, Arch, plain and decora-
tive painter, 8 Peel st. ; house,
Prince's pi
Anderson & Co. ironfounders, Par-
tick ; house, Meadow vale
Anderson, Rev. Henry ; house,
Rose vale
Anderson, H. L. painter; ho. Hill-
side, Partickhill
Anderson, James (of Geo. Ander-
son), house, Clydeview
AndersoD, James, manufacturer ;
house, 19 Elgin ter
Anderson, John, warehouseman ;
house, Pekin cottage
Anderson, Robert, 19 Elgin ter
Anderson, William, merchant, 19
Elgin ter
Arkley, Thomas, agent, National
Bank branch ; ho. 3 Maule ter
Armour, Andrew, agent ; house,
18 Lawrence pi
Arthur, Allan (of Henry Monteith
& Co.), Laurel bank
Arthur, John M. (of Henry Mon-
teith & Co.), ho. Laurel bank
Baillie, Wm. (of Halket & Baillie),
house, Hamilton st
Barbour, Graham, plumber and
gasfitter, Crown place ; house,
Turnerfield grove
Barbour, Thos. flesher, Windsor pi
Barclay, Curie, & Co. shipbuilders,
Barclay, Robert, smith and cart-
wright, Douglas st
Barclay, D. S. & Sons, funeral
undertakers, 113 Dumbarton rd
Barker, Jn. (of Barker & Rennie),
house, 3 Meadowbank crescent
Barrow, F. A. commis. agent and
drysalter ; ho. Viewpark villa
Bertram, Peter,wholesale stationer;
house, Freeland bank
Binnie, James, assistant to H.M.
inspector of schools ; house,
Stewartville pi
Binnie, Miss M. hardware merch -
and post office, Hamilton pi
Birrell, Dawson (of Chamberlain
& Birrell), ho. Lawrence pi
Birrell, Walter (of Wingate, Birrell,
& Co.), house, Middlefield, Par-
Bisset, William, teacher ; ho. 23
Elgin ter
Black, Thomas, slater, 324 Ham-
ilton place
Black, T. plasterer, Hamilton pi
Boag, Wm. spirit merchant, 465
Dumbarton road; ho. 2 Craw-
ford place
Borthwick, J. B. (of A. Borthwick
& Son), ho. Clyde view
Boyack, Alex, photographer; ho.
Freeland bank
Brock, James, English master,
Partick Academy ; ho. Inch bnk
Brown, James, baker, 339 Dum-
barton road
Brown, John, corn broker ; ho.
Jordan bank
Bruuton, And. chemist and drug-
gist, Stewartville pi. ; ho. do.
Bryce, J. S. writer ; ho. Maxwell
st. Partick
Burgess, Jas. glazier and painter,
320 Hamilton place
Calder, Rev. John, Partick manse
Cameron, Dun. Inland Revenue -,
ho. Sandbank place
Cameron, Ewing, Clyde view
Cameron, A. M'Crae, surgeon,
Smith st. Whiteinch ; house, 2
Turnerfield grove
Cameron, Mrs. D. A. ; house,
Clyde view
Campbell, Alex, grocer and wine
merchant, 122 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, John, teller, N. S. Sav-
ings Bank ; ho. Maxwell st
Campbell, Dun. grocer and wine
merchant, 364 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, Thomas, church officer ;
ho. Lincoln place
Campbell, W. Lawrence, 2 Law-
rence place
Campbell, Mrs. 2 Lawrence pi
Carmichael, Robert, wright, 12
Kelvin st. ; ho. 10 Dowanhill st
City of Clasgow Branch Bank;
Gavin Paisley, agt. 314 Dum-
barton road
Clark, John, gardener, Clayslaps,
372 Dumbarton rd
Clark, John, pawnbroker; ho. G
Meadowbank crescent
Cassils, Charles, 2 Hamilton cres
Cassils, Mrs. 4 Annfield ter. west
Carrick, Eobt. merchant, 1 Castle-
bank st. ; ho. Lincoln pi
Cleland, W. & A. provision mer-
chants, 29 Smith st. Whiteinch
Cochrane, Mrs. Wm. 6 Ham. cres
Cook, John, grocer and wine mer-
chant, 32 Orchard st

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