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M'Indoe, Hugh, dairy and pro-
visions, 462 Duke st. ; ho. 3 E.
Crawford st
M'Intyre, A. gardener, Nursery-
vale, 20 E. Crawford st
M'Intyre, James, grocer and pro-
vision dealer, 514 Duke St.;
house, 514 do
M'Leod, John, grocer, 463 Duke
st. ; ho. do
M'Lellan, D. G. manager, Carn-
tyne Chemical Works ; house,
Carntyne pi. G. Eastern rd
M' Murray, John, grocer, 70 Gt.
Eastern rd
M'Neil, A. brickm. and builder,
Netherfield, 668 Duke st
M'Neil, Malcolm, portioner, 171
G. Eastern rd
M'Phee, James, wine and spirit
merchant, 256 Londonrd. ; ho.
158 Cumberland st
M'Pherson, J. (of Kerr, M'Pherson,
& Reid), 51 Springfield rd
M'Quarrie, Robt. wine and spirit
mer. 114 G. Eastern rd
M'Queen, Wm. flesher, 266 Lon-
don rd. ; ho. 270 do
M'VVhirter, John, general grocer,
8 Springfield rd. ; ho. 187 New
Dalmarnock rd
Mack, Wm. mason, 276 Lond. rd
Marr, Thomas (of Morrison, Marr,
& Co.), ho. 195 G. Eastern rd
Martin & Millar, tanners, 527
Duke st
Marshall & Wylie,iron tube manu-
facturers, Glasgow Tube Works,
Swanston st
Martin, Wm. & Sons, needle and
fish-hook manufrs. Springgrove,
Cumbernauld rd. ; ho. Spring-
Mather, James, flesher, 244 Great
Eastern rd
Miller, A. victualler, 221 Great
Eastern rd
Miller, John S. (of Wm. Miller &
Sons), res. Belvedere
Miller, Thos. P. Springfield house,
Miller, Wm. & Sons, turkey-red
dyers and calico printers,!Spring-
field, Dalmarnock
Miller, Wm. P. Springfield house,
Mitchell, John, Prudential Assur-
ance Comp's agt. 29 Preston st
Mitchell, Jas. hosier and stationer,
466 Duke st. ; ho. 464 do
Mitchell, Mrs. D. greengrocer, 259
George st. ; ho. Haghill
Moffat, John, purchaser, Parkhead
and Westmuir Economical So-
ciety, Westmuir st. ; house, 68
New road
Moffat, T. cowfeeder, 18 New rd
Montgomery, Wm. nurseryman,
Haghill Nursery, 558 Duke st
Morrison, Wm. grocer, 424 Duke
st. ; ho. do
Muir, Brown, & Co. turkey-red
dyers and calico prints. Strath -
clyde Works, Dalmarnock
Muir, J. Post-Office, Gt. East, rd
Murdoch, Alex, carpet manufac-
turer, Swanston street, Bridge.
wareh. 41 Brunswick st
Murdoch, Alex. Dalmarnock farm,
Murdoch, Jas. farmer, Carntyne
Murray, J. wine & spirit merchant,
319 Great Eastern road ; house,
3 Ewing pi
Napier, James, & Co. chemical
manufacturers, Vinegar hill,
Napier, James (of James Napier &
Co. Camlachie), ho. 154 Ren. st
Neilson & Davidson, boiler makers
and smiths, 377 Dalmarnock
rd. ; ho. 169 Hill st. Garnethill
Nisbet, Thomas, master quarrier,
Westmuir quarry, Westmuir St.;
ho. 2 East Hamilton st. West
Noble, Thomas, Riddrie Bank cot.
Cumbernauld rd
Oldfield, Hopkinson, & Co. manu-
facturers, 377 Dalmarnock rd
Paterson, Wm. grocer and prov.
merchant, 10 New rd
Paton, John, skinner, Vinegar hill
Parker, William ; house, Riddrie,
Cumbernauld rd
Paul, Alex. & Co. manufacturers,
Fielden st. London rd
Pinker-ton, John, chemist & drug-
gist, 260 Londonrd.; ho. 219
Duke st
Pollock, Arch. 324 Gt. Eastern rd
Pollock, Matthew, wine merchant;
ho. 300 Mauldslie ter
Porteous, Wm. manufact. chemist,
24 Gt. Eastern rd
Porter, Wm. brick maker and
builder, Newlands, London rd. ;
ho. 26 Fielden st
Powrie. Robt. spirit merchant, 263
London rd. ; ho. 296 Mauldslie
ter. London rd
Rae, J. a^ent, Gt. Eastern rd
Rankin, Thomas, victualler, 96
Gt. Eastern rd
Readman, Henry, prov. dealer, 264
London rd
Redpath, Adam, family grocer, 12
& 14 Westmuir st. ; ho. 46
Burgher st
Reid & Baxter, brick builders, 3
Croft st. Gt. Eastern rd
Reid, Dugald (of Reid & Baxter),
ho. 149 do
Reid, Hugh, grocer and house
factor, 29 Westmuir st
Reid, James, wholesale and retail
wine & spirit merch. Mountain-
blue, Gt. Eastern rd
Reid, John, tailor, 287 Great
Eastern rd
Reid, Wm. (at Alex. Paul &
Co.'s), house, 51 Whitevale st
Rigby & Beardmore, manufs. of
plates and forgings, Parkhead
Forge and Rolling Mills
Robb, Andw. veterinary surgeon,
260 Great Eastern rd
Robb, W. carter, Great Eastern rd
Robin & Hutcheson, wine and
spirit merchants, 49 Great
Eastern rd
Robertsons, Chas. superintendent,
Eastern Necropolis ; house, 82
Dalmarnock st
Robertson, Rev. Anselm, manager
of the R.C. Boys Reformatory,
Russell, A. saddler, Camlachie
Shannon, Wm. blacksmith, 229
Shaw, John (at J. & P. Wilson's),
house, 296 Mauldslie terrace,
London rd
Shearer, Jas. metal refiner, Crown-
point st.; ho. 191 Broad street,
Mile- end
Smith, D. Riddrie Bank cottage
Steel, James, manager, British
Legal Life Assurance Co. 236
George st. ; ho. Riddrie vale
Steel, Thos. victualler and grocer,
99 Gt. Eastern rd; ho. 3 Coal-
hill st. Camlachie
Steven, Wm. brickmaker, builder,
and contractor, 481 London rd.;
ho. 483 do.; brickworks, at
Mauldslie, London rd. ; Porter
st. and Society st. Gt. Eastern
rd.; Crosshill, Cathcart rd
Stevenson & Little, glass bottle
manufacturers, Camlachie
Stevenson, A. C. 14 Whitevale st
Stevenson, Hugh, gr-ocer and spirit
dealer, 672 Duke st
Stevenson, W. Newlands farm
Stewart, Alex. 37 East Hope st
Stewart, Jas. F. wadding manuf.
447 Duke st.; ho. 170 Hope st
Stewart, John (of Munro and
Stewart), ho. 300 Mauldslie ter
Stewart, Mrs. Kennyhill, Cumber-
nauld rd
Stout, Andrew, spirit merchant,
202 Gt. Eastern rd.; ho. 281 do
Strafford, Henry (at Rigby &
Beardmore's), 38 Chapel ter
Taylor, Henry J. Springbank,
New London rd
Tennant, John, Netherfield, Duke
The Prioress, Convent of the Good
Shepherd, Dalbeth
The Reformatory School, Dalbeth,
by Parkhead
Thomson, A. & Co. rope manufs.
190 Gt. Eastern rd. ; ho. Long.
Park cot. do

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