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Smith, William Alex. 27 Buck-
ingham ter
Smith, W. H. 4 Portman place,
Glasgow st
Smith, W. R. W. 27 Bucking, ter
Smithells, James, 3 Crown circus
Sommerville, Rev. A. N. 11 South
Park terrace
Speirs, Moses, plumber, 39 Great
Western rd.; ho. 2 Westbankter
Spens, Wm. actuary, 3 Granby ter
Spens, Mrs. 3 Granby ter
Stark, J. M. Training Academy,
25 Buckingham ter
Steel, James, jun. 24 Bucking, ter
Steele, John, 5 Buckingham st
Stenhouse,. Alex, bookseller, sta-
tioner, and librarian, 5 Kelvin ter
Stenhouse, Mrs. James, Hamil-
ton place
Steven, James, 6 Eaton ter
Stevenson, T. Hu. 8 Belmont cres
Stevenson, James S. 59 Hamil-
ton drive
Stevenson, P. M'L. 15 Sardinia ter
Stuart, Jas. Hay, 5 St. James' ter
Stewart, John, 1 1 Bloomfield pi
Stewart, Ninian B. (of Stewart &
M'Donald) 10 Grosvenor ter
Stewart, Robert, Dowanhill gard
Stewart, Robert Buchanan, 14
Sardinia ter
Stewart, Rev. Wm. M.A. 1 St.
James' st
Steven, Alex, jun, 6 S. Park ter
Stiven, James, 6 Eton ter
Stobo, William, builder, 26 Sar-
dinia terrace
Strathern, Mrs. 14 Kew ter
Stronach, Alex, (of City of Glas-
gow Bank), 3 Grosvenor ter
Stronach, R. S. (of City of Glas-
gow Bank), 5 Victoria ter
Struthers, Thomas, 5 Oakfield ter
Sutherland, J. F. teacher, 12
Bothwell ter
Swan, Frederick G. 7 Ashton ter
Swan, John E. 7 Ashton ter
Sword, Robt. Marleybank
Symington, John (of National Bnk.
of Scotland), 6 Hamilton pi
Symington, R. S. 16 Ashton ter
Tait, Benjamin, grocer and wine
merchant, 68 Hamilton place,
Great Western road ; ho. 4 St.
James' st
Tait, Wm. St. James' st
Taylor, Rev. Dr. Oakfield house
Taylor, J. M. writer, 10 Bucking-
ham terrace
Taylor, Rev. Walter Ross, 25
Ashton terrace
Taylor, Mrs. Edward, 8 Hamilton
drive, north
Templeman, Jas. fuel manufac-
turer, 63 Gt. Western rd
Templeman, Mrs. 63 Gt. Wes. rd
Templeton, James (at Archd. Orr
Ewing's), 5 Belmont ter
Thorn, James, 9 Belmont crescent
Thomas, Mrs. 6 Bothwell ter
Thomas, James, 14 Nelson ter
Thomson, Alex. 6 Nelson ter
Thomson, David, 17 Bank st
Thomson, Hugh J. 12 Hillheadpl
Thomson, Hugh, 6 Nelson ter
Thomson, John, 2 Ashton ter
Thomson, Jonath. 3 St. John's ter
Thomson, R. James, 4 Prince's ter
Thomson, Robert, dairyman, 21
Bothwell pi
Thomson, S. Robt. 4 Belmont ere.
Thomson, R. 12 Hillhead pi
Thomson, Mrs. Robert, 12 Hill-
head place
Thomson, Mrs. Hugh, 6 Nelson ter
Turnbull, Alex. 4 Thornville ter
Turner, John, 2 Victoria ter
Turner, Wm. M. 2 Victoria ter.
Waddell, Geo. 12 Bloomfield pi
Walker, John E. cab office, 44
Hamilton pi. Gt. Western rd
Walker, Robert, jun. 6 Crown cir
Wallace, Dr. Wm. analytical che-
mist, F.R.S.E., F.C.S.,8 Gran-
by terrace
Walls, Wm. 2 Belhaven ter
Wands, Charles, 6 Hillhead pi
Warden, James, 4 Oakfield ter
Warden, Miss, 4 Oakfield ter
Watson, Alex. James (of Mitchell
& Watson), 10 Kew ter
Watson, Henry, 6 Buckingham st
Watson, JohnE. 16 Belhaven ter
Watson, Nicol Brown, 1 Victoria
Watson, R. K. 26 St. James st
Watson, Robert, 9 Belhaven ter
Watson, Thomas, 8 Windsor ter-
race, west
Watson, Thomas, 9 Belhaven ter
Weir, William, 10 Prince's ter
Wharrie, Thos. 5 Kew ter
White, George B 2 Belmont cres.
Whyte, James, H.M. Customs, 13
Nelson ter
White, John C. Oakfield cottage
Whyte, William, Oakfield cottage
Williamson, Geo. Bloomfield cot.
Bank street
Wilson, Charles E. 2 Kew ter
Wilson, Dempster H. 10 Glas-
gow st
Wilson, Jas. jun. 2 Belgrave pi
Wilson, Jas. A. (of John Wilson &
Sons), St. James st.
Wilson, John, 6 Nelson ter
Wilson, John (of Wilson, Watt, &
Co.), 20 Bloomfield pi
Wilson, Samuel, 3 Hillhd. gards
Wilson, Samuel, 3 Bothwell ter
Wilson, Wm. 8 Victoria cres.
Wilson, Misses, 26 Ashton ter
Wingate, John Birkmyre (of Black
& Wingate), 9 Windsor ter
Wingate, W. E. (of Hewit & Win-
gate), 26 Hamilton drive
Wingate, Mrs. 14 Hamilton dr. N.
Wollbeim, Leopold, merchant, 5
South Park ter
Wolski, Felician A. 3 S. Park ter
Wright, Brooks I. 6 Belhaven ter
Wright, Thos. 9 Hillhead pi
Wright, Thomas G. 4 Belgrave ter
Wright, Wm. Thornbank
Wulff, S. 9 Westbank ter
Wunsh, Edw. A. (of Leisler, Bock,
& Co.), 36 St. James' st
Wyld, John, 3 Sardinia pi
Wyld, J. P. 3 Sardinia pi
Wyld, Thomas, 23 Hamilton dr
Wylie, John, 7 Crown circus,
Wylie, Mrs Robert, sen. 7 Crown
Young, John, M.D. 13 Hillhead
Young, T. C. writer, 4 Gt. Kelv. ter
Young, T. C. M.A. jun. 4 Great
Kelvin ter
Zinkeiseu, Victor, merchant, 7
Hillhead gardens
Adam, Alexander, teacher, head
master, Langside Academy
Algie, Matthew, 17 St. Enoch sq.;
house, Norwood
Anderson, Jas. Battlefield house
Athya, John, & Co. Kirklinton
Baird, Wm. ; house, Burnstyle
Binning, John, Woodend cottage
Burgess, Wm. ; house, Cathkin
Cochran, Robert, late merchant,
Overdale house
Comrie, Mrs. ; house, Woodvale
Crabb, John (of John Hedderwick
& Co.), Maitland place
Doble, William, Argyle villa
Donaldson, James, valuator and
surveyor, Moray bank
Donaldson, William, manufacturer
and commission merchant,
Moray bank
Downs, Henry, Battlefield
Duncan, D. (of D. & T. Duncan),
Stanley cottage
Dunlop, H. shirt maker, hosier,
and glover, 158 and 162 Tron-
gate ; ho. Rockvale cottage
Fell, John W. Montrose lodge
Findlay, James ; ho. Maryfield
Finlay, M. W. refreshment rooms,
Fleming, T. C. Maria villa
Forrest, Thomas, manufacturer,
Langside road
Fyfe, Thomas, Campside house
Gemmell, George, Nithsdale villa
Gibson, Robert, nursery seedsman
and florist, 28 Glassford st
Gibson, Walter, Svdnam villa.
Gillies, Wm. wine merchant, 112
St. Vincent st. ; ho. Battlefield

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