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Pritchard, James, Flora vale,
Pritty, Francis, engraver, Victoria
cottage, Govan
Pardon, John, farmer, W. Craigton
Eae, M. & J. milliners, straw-hat
and dress makers, 169 Govan
rd. ; ho. 165 Govan rd
Rankine, David H. P. Rifle Brig. ;
ho. Moss Farm Cottage, Dum-
breck road
Rankine, W. J. Macquorn, LL.D.
civil engineer, and professor of
civil engineering and mechanics;
ho. Moss cottage, Dambreck rd
Reid, Alex. & Sons, blue, fancy,
and Turkey red dyers, Govan
Dye Works ; offi. 49 Ingram st
Reid, Alex. & Sons, dyers, Govan
Dye Works
Reid, Alex, (of Alex. Reid & Sons)
ho. Hillock house
Reid, James (of Alex. Reid & Sons),
ho. Hillock house
Reid, James (of Galbraith, Reid, &
Co.) 7 Brighton pi. Govan
Reid, John, Viewfield, Bellahous-
ton, Govan
Reid, Peter, manager, Govan Dye
Works ; ho. Greenfield cottage,
Harmony row
Reid, Robert, spirit mercht. Burns'
cottage, 89 Main st
Reid, Thos. (of Alex. Reid & Sons),
ho. Cessnock bank, Govan rd
Eeid, Rev. Wm. pastor, Govan
Congregational church, E.U.
Govan hal! ; ho. 65 Shields rd
Register Office for births, &c. for
Govan district, 2 Osborne pi. ;
Thomas Steel, registrar
Rennie, Jn. Palmerston villa, Gov.
Richmond, Andrew, Shieldhall cot
Roberton, Mrs. George, 1 Osborne
pi. Govan
Roberton, J. P. Osborne place
Robertson, Adam, Gothic cottage
Robertson, George, 1 Govandale pi
Robin, Robert, West bank, Govan
Robin, Wm. West bank, Govan rd
Robley, Harrington (of Todd &
Robley), ho. Middleton ter
Rose, James, & Sons, screw, bolt,
and rivet manufacturers, Helen
St.; ho. 7 Carmichael st
Ross, George C. coach builder ; ho.
Newstead pi
Rowan, Mrs. Holmfauldhead
Royal Fire & Life Insurance Co.
Bank pi ; D. Fraser, agent
Russell, James, architect, Three-
mile house
Russell, Thomas, Newstead pi
Rutherford, Andrew D. (of Ruther-
ford Brothers) 2 Middleton ter
Scott, Andrew, Belize villa, Govan
Scott, Mrs. Jas. grocer, West- end
Scott, Henry, 5 Osborne pi
Scott, S. F. (of J. & S. Scott), ho.
2 Middleton ter. Paisley rd
Scott, William, contractor ; office,
New Graving Docks, Govan ;
Hampton house, Ibroxholm
Service, Robert, ship owner, 4
Brighton pi. Govan
Sharp, Andrew (of Foote & Sharp),
ho. 2 Whitetield pi
Shaw, James, 1 Ibrox ter
Shaw, Jas. jun. (at John Stewart
& Co.'s), ho. 1 Ibrox ter
Shaw, Mrs. 9 Osborne pi
Sillars, Peter, shipmaster (at P.
Henderson & Co.'s, 15 St. Vin-
cent pi.), ho. Argyle cottage,
Copeland rd
Sim, Alexander, 9 Ibrox ter
Sinclair, John, & Co. dealer in
watches, jewellery, &c. 257J
Govan rd.; ho. 29 Hutchison st
Smillie, Robert, grocer and spirit
merchant, 265 Govan rd.; ho.
275 do.
Simpson, Alex. Rosedale, Ibrox-
Simpson, John, Rosedale, Ibrox-
holm, Govan
Sloane, John F. Woodland villa,
Copeland rd. Govan
Small, Mrs. C. J. Rose villa,
Small, Charles A. Ibroxholm
Small, Geo. R. Ibroxholm
Small, John, plumber, 14 Cope-
land road
Smith, Macfie A. M.D. Ibroxholm
Smith, Duncan, gardener, Loan-
head; ho. 333 Govan rd
Smith, George, dairyman, 326
Govan rd
Smith, Geo. agent for W. & G.
Firmstone, Crookhay Ironworks.
Letter-box, P. Craig's, 60 Ja-
maica St.; ho, 10 Osborne pi
Smith, Henry (at Gibb & Bruce's),
5 Osborne pi
Smith, J. & A. fancy stationery
bazaar, 260 Govan rd ; house,
Smith's place
Smith, J. & Co. sheriff officers,
235 Govan rd
Smith, Robert, Vicarfield
Smith, Robert, plumber and gas-
fitter, 304 Govan rd. ; house,
259 do.
Smith, Sam. chemist and druggist,
Paisley rd. ; ho. Buckingham rd
Smith, Thos. clothier and general
outfitter, 231 Govan rd. ; ho.
235 do.
Smith, Wm. stationer, Govan ; ho.
Smith's pi
Smith, Wm. (of Lowry & Smith,
accountants), house, 1 Osborne
Smith, Miss Jessy, baby linen, 233
Govan rd
Speirs, Gibb, & Young, fire-clay
and coal depot, Railway station,
Govan ; fire-clay works, Paislev
Spence, Wm. jun. 8 Osborne ter.
Govan rd
Steel, Thomas, registrar for Govan
district, 2 Osborne pi
Steele, William, nursery foreman,
Middleton house, Middleton
Stenhouse, Richard, jeweller, 2
Whitefield pi
Stephens, H. H. (of Fowler &
Co.), resid. Middleton house,
Paisley rd
Stephen, John (of Alex. Stephen
& Sons, shipbuilders), house,
Shieldhall, Govan
Steven, Moses, Bellahouston
Stewart, R. dairy, Broomloan
Stirling, Wm. 7 Prince's buildings
Stirrat, James C. artist, 6 Buck-
ingham sq
Stiven, Robert, 10 Brighton pi
Symington, J. A. (of R. B. Syming-
ton & Co. and of Lowndes,
Symington, & Co.), ho. Nyeholm
house, Bellahouston
Tait, John, tinsmith and gasfitter,
Govan rd
Taylor, Henry (of H. Taylor &
Sons), house, 6 Ibrox ter
Taylor, Wm. (of H. Taylor &
Sons), ho. Newstead
Tennant, Alex, (of Tennant &
Philson), Whitetield pi
Thorn's library, Eglinton pi. White-
field pi. Govan; Wm. Fulton,
Thomson, Alex. Fairfield farm
Thomson, Alex, painter and paper-
hanger, 157 Govan rd. ; house,
6 Alma st
Thomson, James & George, engine
and iron shipbuilders, Clyde
Bank Iron Ship-yard
Thomson, James, tea merchant,
211 Murrowpark; house, 5 Os-
borne rd
Thomson, John, 4 Osborne pi
Union Bank of Scotland Branch ;
Thomas Baird, agent
Ure, Mrs. 4 Osborne ter
Urquhart, Miss, Moss house
Wallace, John, brickmaker, &
builder, 117 Eglinton st. Glas-
gow ; work, Drumoyne, Govan
Walker, Jas. measurer, 9 Osborne
pi. Copeland rd
W r alker, John, farm overseer,
Wearistone, Govan
Wardrope, G. Free Church officer ;
house, 105 Main st
Watson, Alex, wine and spirit
merchant, 157, 159 Govan rd. ;
ho. 1 Clifford st. corner of Cecil
st. Paisley rd
Watson, Chas. farmer, West Hen-
derson, Paisley rd

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