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G8 ( J
Binnio, Thos. 68 St. Vincent st
Hum, P, & Go. 9 R. Exchange pi
Olinkskill, James, 124 Douglas st
Cochrane, Alox. 81 London st
Gruiokshank, .las. land and pro-
perty, 67 Bothwell st
Davidson, John, & Co. 42 Aig. at
Donaldson, James, for the city, 70
Bell st
Douglas, Campbell, LA. 2G6 St
Vincent st
Downie, John & Co. 1 R. Bank pi
Dykes, John, 12 Canning st
Edmiaton, J. & R. 21 Gordon st
Eogo, John S. 133 W. George st
Forrester, Robt. 140, 144 Stockw.
Galloway, Alex. 59 Bath st
Gibson, Thomas, 81 Renfield st
Hair, William, 16 Hope st
Hamilton, James, 90 Argyle st
Henderson, And. 408 St. Vine, st
Henry, Francis, 132 Trongate
Heibertson, Geo. 105 S. Portld. st
Hutchison & Dixon, 7 W. Nile st
Ktir, Walter, 80 Maxwell st. and
55 West Howard st
Keith, Duncan, 61 Renfield st
Kennedy, Angus, 99 Bath st
Laing, John, 66 Portland st
Lamb, James, 9 West Regent st
Lightbody, Thos. 42 Sydney st
Lyon, James, 9 Virginia »t,
M'Allister, Robt. 45 Robertson st
M'Guflle, Thos. LA. 101 W.Nile st
M'Leod, John, G3 Renfield st
M'Tear, Robt. 33, 37 Renfield st
Mair, John, 106, 108 Argyle st.
Miller, William, 197 North st
Monteitb, Peter, 38, 42 Gordon st
Morrison, Js. (of J. & J. Morrison)
Morrison, Jn. & Jas.102Renfi.eld st
Nairn, Archd. 24 Cochran st. (of
John Nairn & Son)
Nealus, James, 62 Argyle st
Neilson, James, 104 W. Nile st
Nicol & Halliday, 6 Candleriggs
Paton, John, 39 Hope st
Renfrew, Alex. & Co. 73 John st
Robb, Jas. sen. 122 Saltmarket
Ross, Thos. 218Cumberland st. s.s.
Shaw, William, 44 Wallace st
Smellie, Thos. D. 215 St. Vine, st
Taylor, Robert, 21 Bath st. and
7 Scott st. Port-Dundas
Thomson, Alex. Geo. LA. 194 W.
George st
Wilkie, John, 33 Renfield st
Young, John, 59 Hope st
Yule, John (of John Yule & Co.)
Gardner, A. & Son, 13 Paisley rd
Owen, James, Whitehall Mills
Owen, Thos. do. 36 Whitehall st
Prale, T. A. 103 St. James' rd
Stewart, J. & A. 35 Washington st
Somers, Lawr. 11 W. Russell st
Victoria Patent Saw Mills Co.
103 St. James' rd
Whitehall Saw Mills, 36 White-
ball st. Anderston
M'Lay, Moses, 4 Brunswick lane,
132 Trongate
Smith, T. & F. 20 Gt. Clyde st
Alexander, & Co. and loire gauze,
1 Sliding st. Cowcaddens
Anderston & Monro, wire gauze,
zinc, and Holland, 128 Both, st
Brown, Geo. C. 1 So. Portland st
Brown, J. jun. 39 Surrey st
Brown, Jas. 39 to 45 Surrey st
Bryden, Jn. & Sons, 24 Renfield
st. 16 Frederick st. Edinburgh,
and 7 Prince's st. Perth
Bryden, W. & Son, 7 Royal Bank
pi. and 55 George st. Edin.
Ewing, Thos. B. 1 , 19 Anderston st
Falconer & M'Kinnon, 112 Both-
well st
Gardner, A. & Son, and rolling
wood blinds, 36 Jamaica st
Graham, D. & G, 2 14 Sauchieh. st
Laird, John, 282 Dumbarton rd
M'Farlane, Jas. 301 North Wood-
side rd
M'Kenzie, Alex. & Co. 87, 89
Buchanan st
M'Kerrow, Jas. 8 Renfield st
Martin, Bruce, 4 Charing cro. 345
Sauehiehall st
Riddel], Jas. & Son, 190 Hope st
Wylie & Loehhead, 45 Buchan. st
Bertram, Andrew, 18 Waterloo st
Combe, James&Son, 59 Cathed. st
Gatheral, J. W. 93 Virginia st
Gibson, Joseph, & Co. agents for
M'Kinnel's and other patents, 13
Dundas st
Hay, John, 110 Bothwell st
Pennycook, C. H. & Co. High
John st. ; metallic works, off
Little Hamilton St.; show rooms,
194 Sauehiehall st
Purnell, Henry, 305 Parliam. rd
Watson, Charles, patent; J. W.
Gatheral, agent, 93 Virginia st
Long, Jn. Jex, 449 to 465 Duke st
Anderson, Wm. 43 Cathedral st
Burnet, Robert, M.R.C.V.S. 131
Sydney st
Coekburn, William, M.R.C.V.S.
50 Sauehiehall st. and 19 Elm-
bank lane
Downie, Wm. 14 E. Campbell st
Eiskine, Robert, M.R.C.V.S. 15
Cathedral st. and 32 Kent rd
Finlay, Petor, jun. 69 Hope st
Lindsay, Waller, M.R.C.V.S. 17
Carlton court
M'Call, Jas. professsor, Veterinary
College, 396 Parliamentary rd
Mitchell, Robert, M.R.C.V.S. 26
Carrick st
Mitchell, Robt. 18, 20 Shafts, st
Newlands, J. M.R.C.V.S. 13
Stormont st
Prentice, John P. 116 St. James' rd
Matbieson, A. & Son ; Saracen
Tool Works, 13 E. Campbell st
Aitkenhead, M. 19 Broad street,
Anderson, A. 69 Main st. Gorhals,
and 37 Norfolk Bts
Anderson, David, 407 Gallowgale
Angus, Archd. 10 Pettigrew st
Angus, John, 153 Gallowgate
Auld, John M. 290 High st
Bilsland, Archd. 52 King st. Trad.
Boggie, C. 75 Brown st. Bridgoton
Brown, Alex. 34 West College i
Bryson, John, 128 King st. city
Buchanan, Alex. 27 Brown st
Burns, David, 83 Carrick st
Cameron, James, 397 Gallowgate
Chalmers, John, 70 Pinkston rd.
Christie, Mrs. 18 \ Washington st
Cowan, Fergus, 31 Naburn st
Craig, Robert, 765 Gallowgate
Currie, Walter, 78 W. Scotland st
Darroch, Wm. 45 Burnside st
Davidson, A. Ill N. Dalmarn. rd
Donald, John, 44 Maitland at
Drew, Wm. 149 Saltmarket
Dunlop, David, 88 Main st. Brid.
Dykes, J. J. 128 Garngad rd
Fell, John, 31 Kirk st. Calton
Fraser, Mrs. 80 Finnieston st
Gardner, Robt. 50 Dale st. Bridgt.
Gillies, Jas. 19 W. Campbell st
Gray, John, 39 Clyde at. Anderst.
Halliday, David, 3 Wallace st
Hamilton, David, 102 Gt. Ham st.
Hamilton, Jn. 29 Marlborough st
Hamilton, Mrs. D. 173 Gt. Ham.st
Hay, Wm. 470 Gallowgate
Henderson & Son, 128 Bridgegate
and 77 High st
Horn, George, 57 Bell St. Calton
Hughes, John, 67 Kirk st. Calton
Hunter, Robt. 1 Greenvale st
Hunter, Mrs. 84 Whitevale
Jamieson, T. 29 Geo. st, Mile-end
Jenkins, Janus, 208 Kelvinh. st
Keith, Jas. 94 Dumbarton rd
Kessen, William, 213 High st
King, Wm. 109 Nelson st. Tra.
Lindsay, William, 97 High, st

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