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Florence Sewing Machine Co. 83
Union st
Gregory, James R. agent, 73b
Sauchiehall st
Grover & Baker Sewing Machine
Co. 101 Sauchiehall st
Henderson, Thos. 52 No. Fred. st.
" Howe" Sewing Machine Co. 83
Union st
Hunter, Miss M. agent, 80 Sau-
chiehall st
Kimball & Morton, 45 Sauchie. st
M'Donald, Dav. 37 M'Pherson st
M'Glashan, Dun. jun. 26 Geo. st
Mackenzie, Jas. M. agent, 19 Ren-
field st
Mackie, Wm. & Co. 45 Gordon st
M'Queen, Robt. & Co. 190 Trong.
Pollock, Schmidt, & Co. Ham-
burg ; agents, F. Caulfield &
Co. 68 Jamaica st
Rogers, Jas. F. 79 Gt. Hamil. st
Simpson, R. E. & Co. 11 Both-
well circus
Singer (The) Manufacturing Co.
65 Buchanan st. and Manufac-
tory, James st. Bridgeton
Telford, Wm. 13 Well st. Calton
Thorns, James H. 22 Argyle st
Toronto Sewing Machine Co. ;
agency, 128 Union st
Weed Sewing Machine Co. 73b
Sauchiehall st
Wheeler & Wilson, 82 Union st
Wilcox & Gibbs, 105 Sauchie. st
Those marked z are also zebra-dress
Anderson, John, S7, 99 Argyle st
Black, D. & Co. 52 Virginia st
Black & Haldane, 119 Virginia pi
Brown, A. & Co. 104 Virginia pi
Brown, Matt. & Co. 20 Ingram st
Campbell, Alex. & Co. 22 Ingram st
Campbell & Balloch, 28 Royal
Exchange sq
Cross, Wm. 95 Argyle st. and 6
Turner's ct
Fraser, Alex. & Co. 16 Prince's sq
z Gilchrist, W. K. 164 St.Vinct.la
Gow, Fisher, & Co. 55 Wilson st
Haldane, Andrew, 6 Hope st
Henry, A. & Co. 14 Garthland st
z Higginbotham, Samuel, Sons, &
Gray, 69 Queen st
Holms, W. & Brothers, 2 Geo. sq
Ingram & Co. 38 Queen st
Kemp, D. & Son, 37 Buchanan st
Kerr, Robt. & Sons, Paisley ; agt.
H. G. Porter, 153 Queen st
z Knox, A. L. & Co. 164 St.Vin. la
z Knox, J. & Kennedy, 73 Bruns. st
Laird & Thompson, 69 Ingram st
M'Donald, Chas. & Co. 60 Ingram
st and 7 John st
M'Kechnie, Aitken, & Co. 19
Montrose st and 9 Cochran st
z Merrylees, J. & Son, 7 Alston st
z Paterson, R. & H. 28 Cochran st
z Sawers, R. B. & Co. 36 Ingram st
Stewart, Alex. & Co. 22 W.Nile st
Vallance & Co. 62 Queen st
Wilson, John, Sons, & Co. 32, 36
Ingram st
Alexander, Fergusson, & Co. 48
M' Alpine st
Locke, Blackett, & Co. 80 Great
Clyde st
M'Adam, W. drain and sewerage,
45 and 73 Hydepark st
M'Farlane, Walter, & Co. rain
pipes, 46 Washington st
Reid, Wm. 59 Kirk st. Calton
Stevenson, Win. & Co. 74, 80
Brown st
Walker, Joseph, Parker, & Co. 110
Cheapside st
Those marked c are also constables,
c Allan, John T. 94 S. Portland st
c Allan, Thomas, 23 Wilson st
Anderson & Morton, 24 Wilson st
Beale & M'Tavish, 49 Virginia st
c Boyle, John, 48 King st. Calton
Buchanan, Js. (at Henry Miller's),
13 Virginia st
Cameron, A. 145 Main st. Ander.
c Campbell, John, & Sons, 81 Wil-
son st. and 198 Crown st
Chambers, Thomas, 18 N. Albion
st. sheriff-officer and justice of
peace constable for Lanarkshire,
and sheriff-officer for the coun-
ties of Renfrew and Dumbarton
c Colquhoun, Joseph, 52 Main st.
c Conway, John, 141 Gallowgate
c Cumming, J. 66 Hutcheson st
c Dickson, Adam, 57 Oswald st
c Ewing, John, 123 W. George st
c Ferguson, Andrew, 273 George st
cFindlay, Henry A. 37 East
Market st
c Forson, Alex. 47 Adelphi st
cFranklin, A. G. County buildings,
Brunswick st
Fruid, Samuel, 20 Charlotte st
c Gibson, Jas. 146 Duke st
c Gilmour, Wm. 147 Hospital st
c Grange, Robt. 198 Buchanan st
c Jackson, H. 156 Main st. Gor.
c Johnston, P. 95 N. Hanover st
Leonard, Andrew, 2^ Nicholson st
c M'Coo, Patrick, 273 George st.
— See Adver. in Appendix.
M'Donald, John, 73 Hutcheson st
M'Donald, John, 23 Renfrew st
M'Indoe, Robert, 16 Sauchiehl. st
cM'Lachlan, ADgus, 40 Bruns, st
M'Laughlan, Bern. 21 Stockw. pi
c M'Laren, Alex. 24 Wilson st
M'Lean, John, 19 Sauchiehall st
c M'Quade, Peter, 18 Jail sq
c Maitland, David, 44 Kent st.a.Cl
c Morton, Alex. 90 Hospital st
Morton, John, 90 Hospital st
c Mulgrew, J. 47 St. Andrew's sq
c Murray, L. 44 Hutcheson st
c Patrick, Hugh, 66 Hutcheson st
c Phillips, John M'Kenzie, 71
Commercial rd
c Pursey. J. 93£ Main st. Anders.
Stirrat, Jos. 246 Argyle st
c Taylor, Edward K. 12 Perth st
Walker, Wm. County buildings
c Watson, Thos. 57 S'teven. st. Cal
c Watson, W. 71 Reid st. Bridgt.
Watson, Wm. jun. 34 Kent st
Watt, Thomas, 31 Miller st
Watters, A. 36 Well st. Partick
c Whyte, James, 27 Union st
c White, John L. 66 Hutcheson st.
and 51 Brunswick st
c Wynne, J. & Son, 17 Brunsw. st
c Wynne, Jas. R. 17 Brunswick st
c Young, Alexander, H4TroDg.
Adam, James, 154 George st
Adam, Robert J. 204 W. Geo. st
Affleck, Robert, 54 Charlotte st
Aikman, Thomson, & Co. 5
Prince's sq
Aitken, Lilburn, & Co. 86 Bu-
chanan st
Alexander, Edward, & Son, 43 W.
Campbell st
Allan, Fran. W. 120 Buchanan st
Alston, John, 184 Buchanan st
Arnott, Archd. C. 124 St. Vin. st
Arnot, W. jun. & Co. 19 How. st
Auld, Alex. W. 22 West Nile st
Auld & Guild, 65 St. Vincent st
Bankier, Leitke, & Co. 25 Gord. st
Barclay, C. & Co. 83 Jamaica st
Barnhill, James, 115 Mains st
Barron, A. & R. 5 Dixon st
Bassett, Wm. 231 Caledonia rd
Bennett, Browne, & Co. 17 Ex-
change sq
Birrell, W. (of Wm. Euing & Co.)
Black, J. & Son, 98 West Nile st
Black, Robert, 51 Bridge st
Black & Robson, 14 Prince's sq
Blackburn, Low, & Co. 135 Bu-
chanan st
Blair, James, 63 John st
Blair, James, 169 W. George st
Boustead & Dunbar, 13 Dixon st
Brown & Co. 51 Buchanan st
Brown, J. 48 Great Hamilton st
Browne, Maxwell, & Co. 21 St.
Vincent pi
Brown, Thos. jun. & Davies, 135
Buchanan st. and 46 Cannon st.
LondoD, E.C.

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