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Davidson, John, & Co. 170
Buchanan st
Dougall, Jas. Glasgow and West of
Scotland Commercial Directory,
lb East Howard st
Dunn & Wright, 26 W. Nile st.
and 102 Stirling rd
Evangelical Repository ; publish-
ing office, 8 Bath st
Forrester, Robert, 140 to 144
Stockwell st
Frazer, J. 27 Union st. — See Ad-
vertisement in Appendix.
Fullarton, A. & Co. 45 Union st
Gage, Wm. 66 Nelson st. city
Gilchrist, Wm. 64 Howard st
Glasgow Advertiser and Convey-
ance Guide Office, 27 Union st.
— See Adver. in Appendix.
Glasgow Citizen, 34 St. Enoch sq
Glasgow Mercantile Advertiser <Sf
Shipping Gazette, 82 Mitch, st
Glasgow Sentinel, 32 Ann st
Glasgow Saturday Post, 13 Tur-
ner's court
Glasgow Weekly Mail, 104 Un. st
Glasgow and West of Scotland
Commercial Director y ; office, 75
East Howard st
Glass, Charles, & Co. 14 Max. st
Goldie, A. R. 82 Mitchell st
Good Words, 1 Royal Bank pi
Gray, J. & J. 10 Royal Exchange
Gunn & Cameron, 114 Union st
Hamilton, Wm. 33 Bath st
Henderson, A. C. 22 Dundas st
Kay, James, & Sons, 26 St. Enoch
Kyle, Morison, 108 Queen st
Ladies' 1 Own Journal, 10 Royal
Exchange sq
League Journal, 108 Hope st
Lochhead, T. & J. 249 Argyle st
Mackellar, Geo. D. 90 Mitchell st
Mackenzie, Wm. 47 Howard st
M'Phun, W. R. & Son, 84 Arg. st
M'William, Richd. 59 St. Geo. pi
Malcom, Wm. S. 142 Trongate
Marr, John S. & Sons, 194, 198
Buchanan st
Menzies, J. & Co. 1 Roval Bank pi
Miller, J. D. 104J Argyle st
Morrison, Thos. D. 8 Bath st
Murray, Archd. K. & Co. 243
Parliamentary rd
Murray, T. 16 St. Enoch sq
Murray's Time Tables, 16 St.
Enoch sq
Nisbet, Hay, 164 Trongate
N. B. Daily Mail, 102 to 114
Union st
Orr, F. & Sons, 105, 111 Union st
Outram, Geo. & Co. Herald Office,
67 Buchanan st
Parlane, Walter, 160 Buchanan st
Penny Post Office, 32 Ann st. city
Porteous Bros. 41 W. Nile st
Post Office Tables, A. C. Hender-
son, 22 Dundas st
Practical Mechanic 'sJournal Office,
166 Buchanan st. — See Adv. in
Property Circular and West of
Scotland Advertiser, 59 St.
George's pi
Pryde, John, 215 Sauchiehall st.
— See Advertisement in Appen.
Scottish Standard, 160 Buchan. st
Semple, Jas. 19 Cumberland st. s.s.
Sentinel Office, 32 Ann st
Smith, Thos. & Co. 257 Argyle st
Strahan, Alex. & Co. 1 Roy. Bk. pi
Stewart, R. & Co. Ryl. Exch. bldgs
Sunday Magazine publication, 1
Eoyal Bank pi
Tweed, John, 11 St Enoch sq. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Virtue & Co. 67 Buchanan st
Watson, George, 58 Ingram st
Weekly Journal of Scottish Tem-
perance League, 108 Hope st
Whyte, A. & Son, 16 Bothwell st
"Wilson, David, 14 Maxwell st
Baird & Stevenson, 5 i St. Enoch sq
Blochairn Quarry Co. 182 Hope st
Braidbar Quarry Co. 182 Hope st
Broom & Brown, 182 Hope st
Brown & Broom, 182 Hope st
Brown, F. Williamwood, Cathcart
Brown, John A. 309 Eglinton st
Brownlie, Thos. jun. 97 Union st
Cruickshank, R. & Son, 67 Both-
well st
Faill, A. & J. Craigpark and Mer-
chants' House quarries
Falconer, Wm. 5 Rosehall st
Fell Quarry Co. 83 N. Frederick st
Gibson, J. & W. 112 Barrack st
Leadbetter, Govan, & Co. Hunter's
hill quarry ; office, 13 Gordon st
Neilson, Jas. 16 Whitevale st
Neilson, Jas. & Son3, Nitshill and
Kenmuir quarries
Neilson, W, & D. 340 Townmill rd
Nisbet, Thomas, Westmuir quarry
North Easdale Slate Co. ; agent,
D. Wilson, 124 Renfield st
Priory Quarry Co.27 Napiershallst
Stevenson, Wm. 13 Moray pi
Ure, Robert, 22 Graham st
Yates, Michael, 52 W. Nile st
Young & Rennie, 104 Dumbar. st
Niven, Win. 71, 7l£ Eglinton st
Anderson, William, 10 Carrick st
Anderson, Mrs. Thos. 5 Gt. Doveh.
Brannan, P. 21 Jackson st
Butterworth, Edwin, & Co. St.
Ninian st. Mill, south side
Cunningham, Robert, 9 N. Clyde
st. Anderson
Dixon, Peter, 8 Warroch st
Durnin, John, 6 Well st. Caltou
Fearn, Hugh, 22 Laigh Kirk cl
Fisher, George, 54 Bell st
Foster & Clegg, 5, 15 Broad close,
High st
Foster, John, 22 Blackfriars' st
Gallacher, Bernard, 11 Market
st. city
Gallacher, Thos. 6 New st
Harkins, Mary, 302 High st
Hay, John, 12 North Albion st
Henderson, J. 98 Maxwell st. and
29 Fox st
Hughes, Peter M. 33 Bell st
Jebb, Chas. 41 Cumberland la
Jebb, H. & R. 2£ Market st
M'Bride, J. 5 M'Alpine st.
M'Bride, John, 85 M'Alpine st
M'Farlane, Andw. 25 Steel st
M'Kenzie, Jas. 49, 51 Havannah
M'Kenzie, John, 24, 26 Shut, st
Mackie, Thos. M. 35 Shuttle st
M'Pherson, John, 78 Canon st
Miller, John, & Co. 122 Ingram st
Murphy, James, 5 Bell st. Calton
Murphy, Owen. 83 Bridgegate
Murphy, Thos. 68, 684 Hospital st
Peacock, Thos. 68 Broomielaw
Rogan, John, 7 Spoutmouth
Ryan, John, 279, 281 Parliam. rd
Tennent, John, & Son, 138 Gal-
lowgate and 127 London st
Watson, R. & W. 23, 25 Brown st
Whyte, W. & Co. 120 S. Albion st
Wilson, Robt. 89 Old Vennel and
102 Blackfriars st
Stevens & Son, 500 New City rd
Ashbury Railway Carriage and
Iron Co. (Limited), 67 Bu-
chanan st
Faulds, R. & Co. Glasgow Wag-
gon Works, Parson and Glebe
streets, and Parliamentary rd. ;
office, 61 Parliamentary rd
Gray, John, & Co. 85 Maxwell st.
See Advertisement in Appendix
Lancaster Waggon and Carriage
Building Co. (Limited) ; James
Jenkins, 48 St. Enoch sq. sole
agent for Scotland
Law, Duncan, & Co. Shettleston
Metropolitan Railway Carriage
and Waggon Co. (Limited) ;
Granger Brothers, agents, 3 No.
court, Royal Exchange
Pickering, J. & Son, 12 Dixon st
Calton, 46 Canning st
Glasgow Athenaeum, HOIngra. st
Glasgow Pub. Library, 15 Bath st
Royal Exchange, Queen st
2 E 2

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