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Jeffrey, Mary Ann, 16 Crown st
Kennedy, R. 115 Garscube rd
Kirkpatrick, Wm. 54 New wy
Lean, James, 60 Thistle st
Leckie, Alex. 79 Bell st. and 40
Logan, John, sen. 2 Kent st
Logan, John, jun. 67 Oswald st
Love,\Vm. 60 Brown st. Bridg.
Lundy, Jas. B. 8 E. Clyde st. and
3 Carrick st
Lynch, James, 84 Crown st. and
65 Rutkerglen In
Macadam, George, 6 New Dal-
marnock rd
M'Auley, J. & D. Caslin, 4 Carl-
ton ct
M'Connel, Thos. 139 Gallowgate
M'Gee, James, 153 Rottenrow
M'Guiie, John, 5 Burrell's lane
M'Kay, Archd. 48 Stockwell st
Mac Kay, W. Watson, 99 Cowcad-
dens st
M'Laughlin, P. 77 Abercromby st
M'Lean, Donald, 148 High st
M'Leod, Alex. 5 Norfolk st
Maclurkin, W. G. 142 Trongate
Menzies, George, 12, 14 North st
Miller, John, 154 Stobcross st
Moore, Geo. F. 1 Charlotte pi. off
Bedford st
Murphy, H. 10 Clyde terrace, s.s
Murray, Mrs. Duncan, 116, 124
Green st. Calton
Northern Loan Office, 11 Geo. st
O'Hara, John, 58 Bridge st
O'Hara, John B. 12 Princes st. &
46 Saltmarket
Old Equitable Loan Co. 44 Trong.
Old Exchange Loan Co. 142 Tro.
Pinkerton, Wm. 2 Middleton pi
Queen, Pat. 4 Graham st. Bridget.
Quin, M'Laren, & Buchanan, 24
St. Andrew's sq
Rattra}-, George, 44 Trongate and
13 Orr st
Rice, Thos. 4 Lyon st
Rose Street Loan Office, 89 South
Rose st
Scanlan, John, 83 Cumberland st.
and 114 Rose st
Scouler, W. 2 Green st. Bridgeton
Shannon, C. 4 St. Joseph's pi. Cal.
Sinclair, John, 35 Nelson st. Tra.
Sinclair, John, 23 Glebe st
Small, Jas. 44 St. Andrew's sq
Smith, Atch. 80 Wilson st. South,
2 Well lane, and 46 Orchard
st. Partick
Smith & M'Mutrie, 104 Main st.
Smith, R. & D. 2 Tobago st. and
5 Sword st
Stirling Square Loan Office, No. 10
Taylor, Wm. 139 Saltmarket
Thornton & Mnrty, 6 St. Andw's
st. and 27 King st. City
Tracy, Henry, 76 Gallowgate
Vallance & Co. 77 Green st. Calt. I
Warrington, Wm., 173 Cowcad-
dens and 140 Renfield st
Webster, John, & Co. 91 Rose st.
White, Wm. 17 Herbertson st
Williams, Alfred, 735 Gallowgate
Yuill, Wm. 64 Rose st. south, 112
West st. and 665 Gallowgate
Anderson, John, perfumer § fancy
soap merchant, 97, 99 Argyle
st. 2, 4 Turner's court, and 13
Croy place
Bamber, Jas. 63a Sauchiehall st
Barlas, Geo. 16^ Buchanan st
Bently, W. 1 Oswald st
Brown, John, 8 Glassford st
Dow, Archd. 5 Centre st.
Duff, Charles, 42 Eglinton st
Garman, Wm. 138 Buchanan st
Genin, Leon, 103 Sauchiehall st
Hamilton, Graham, 57 Cowcadns.
Hamilton, John, 47 Renfield st
Kyle, Miss, ladies', 68 George st
Lorimer & Moyes, 15, 16 Arg. ar
M'Gregor, John, 124 Buchanan st
M'Kie, Andw. 9 Port-Dundas rd
Mill, Alexander, manufacturing
perfumer, 202 Buchanan st
Moore, John, 281 Sauchiehall st
O'Neil, Hugh, 15 Sauchiehall st
Bamsay, Wm. 72 Queen st
Stewart & Donald, 20 Argyle arc
Sturrock & Sons, 121 and 123
Buchanan st
Wishart, R. 208 Hope st
Young's, 8 Newton st
Galbraith, R. 118 King street
Lowe, Charles, 46 Bath st. and
86 Renfield st
M'Kellar, Hugh, 73 Argyle st
Pennycook, C. H. & Co. High
John st. and 194 Sauchiehall st
Ramsay, Alex. 22 Waterloo st
Eeid, Henry, 156 Argyle st
Blackwood, Henry, 173 Buchan. st
— See Advertisement in Appen.
Dunbar, Andrew, 229 W. Regt. st
Gardner & Co. 53 Buchanan st
White, James, 78 Union st
Young, John, 222 Gallowgate and
Forth st. Port-Dundas
Alexander Brothers, 88 Renfield st
Anderson, Thos. M 26 Jamaica st
Annan, T. 202 Hope street
Bald, A. H. 202 Hope street
Bell, George, 57 Argyle st
Bowman, Andrew, 74 Jamaica st.
Bowman, James, 65 Jamaica st.
— See Advert, in Appendix.
Boyack, Alexander ; depot, IS W.
Howard st
Burne, J. C. & Son, 184 Saltmkt.
Cramb Brothers, 67 West Nile st
Davis, Ovinius, 52 West Nile st
Dickson, Wm. 16 St. Enoch sq
Douglas, J. & Son, 145 Sauch. st.
Downie, David C. 46 Jamaica st
Easton Brothers, 108 Renfield st
Fyfe, S. H. 127 Paisley road
Hardie, D. 29 Jamaica st
Hogg, W. J. 73 Gt Hamilton st
Hutton, John M. 10 Bridge st
Lawrence Bros. 262 Sauchiehall st
M'Farlane, Hugh, 107 Buchanan st
MacNab, Alex. 98 W. Nile st
Macwilliams, Alex. R. 16 South
Hanover st
Murray, Wm. 74 Broomielaw
Pollock, J. Jail sq
Ralston, Peter, 195^ Argyle st
Ralston & Sons, 73 Sauchiehall st
Ramsay, Colin, 6 Union st. and
172 Argyle st
Robertson, Archd. 37 Glassford st
Robertson, Jas. 126 Sauchieb. st
Ross, Thos. jun. 36 Renfield st
Rutherford Brothers, 152 Welling-
ton street
Simm, Peter, & Son, 56 Jamai. st
Stratton, Thomas, 190 Trongate
Stuart, John, 120 Buchanan st
Stuart, John, 10S W. George st
Taylor & Co. 62 Jamaica st
Turnbull Chas. & Sons, 75 Jam. st
Urie, John, 83 Jamaica st. — See
Advertisement in Appendix.
White, Wm. 98 W. George st
Williamson, Geo. 98 Trongate
Those marked / are fellows of the
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons
of Glasgow.
/Adams, J. M.D. 62 Cambridge st
Allan, George R., M.B.C.M. 12
St. George's road
/Anderson, A. D. M.D. 159 St.
Vincent st
/Anderson, Dr. M'Call, 1 Wood-
side crescent
Anderson, T. M.D. 1 College
Ballantvne, John H. M.D. 23
Hutcheson st
Bankier, James, M.D. 10 Ure pi
Barr, Thos. M.D. 201 Garscube rd
Barrie, John, M.D. 77J Egliu. st.
and 106 S. Cumberland st
Bell, Robert, M.B. L.R.S.C.E. 50
Woodlands road
Black, D. C. M.D.M.R.C.S.E. 467
St. Vincent st
Black, D. 169 Cumberland st

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