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Gardner, John, -wine and spirit dealer, 63 Trongate,
195 Broomielaw, and 222 Stobcross street; house,
73 Abbotsford place.
Gardner, John (of J. & W. D. Gardner), house, 14
Whitevale street.
Gardner, John, & Co., lightning conductor manu-
facturers, and fixers and repairers of chimney
stalks and church spires, 140 Hospital street.
Gardner, Rev. John L., curate, South Side Episcopal
Mission, 4 Buchanan court, Eglinton street; house,
6 Abbotsford place.
Gardaer, John, 5 Pembroke street.
Gardner, John, & Co., brick builders and contractors,
283 Crown street.
Gardiner, John, wine and spirit merchant, 183
Crown street, and 247 High street, and Gibson
street, Hillhead ; house, 185 Crown street.
Gardner, Joseph, pastry baker, 78, 80 Gallowgate ;
house, 2 Morris place, Monteith row.
Gardiner, Joseph (of Gardiner & Co.), residence,
Thornville, Hillhead.
Gardner, Michael, dairyman, 10 John Knox street.
Gardner, O. T. B., cashier, Young's Paraffin Light
and Mineral Oil Co. (Limited), 69 St. George's pi.;
house, 3 West Prince's street.
Gardner, Peter, ironmonger, smith, gasfitter, bell-
hanger, and stair-railer, 190, 200 Dumbarton rd.;
house, 133 do.
Gardner, Peter, writer, 153 St. Vincent street; ho.
339 Bath crescent.
Gardner, Robert, victualler, 50 Dale St., Briageton.
Gardner, Robert, provision merchant, 44 Commerce
Gardner, R. Alex , secretary Life Association of
Scotland, 123 St. Vincent st. ; house, Gowanlea,
Castlehead, Paisley.
Gardner, Robert (of Gardner & Stevenson), house,
21 Roselea drive, Dennistoun.
Gardner, Robert (of M'Gregor & Gardner), Lochbrae
cottage, New Kilpatrick.
Gardner, Robert, draper, 76 Crown street; house,
71 Thistle street.
Gardner, Robert, dairyman, 130 Bridgegate.
Gardner & Russell, manufacturers of shirts and um-
brellas, 24 Howard street.
Gardner & Stevenson, engineering, parliamentary,
and general lithographers and colour printers, 2
West Regent street.
Gardner, T. R. (of Gardner & Co.), hu. Lilybank
cottage, Pollokshields.
Gardner, Thomas, 67 Abbotsford place.
Gardner, Walter (at M'Gregor & Gardner's), house,
Lochbrae, New Kilpatrick.
Gardner, Walter, clock and jewel case maker, 15
Hutcheson street.
Gardner, William, West End Park street, Wood-
lands road.
Gardner, William, insurance agent, 149 Kent road.
Gardner, Wm. (of Harvie & M'Gavin), 27 Wash-
ington street.
Gardner, William, baker, 16 Maitland street.
Gardner, W. D. (of J. & W. D. Gardner), house, 22
Gairdner, Dr. W. T., physician, and professor of the
practice of physic in the University ; house, 225
St. Vincent street.
Gardner, Wm. (of Gardner & Russell), house, 10
Spier3 place, Crosshill.
Gardner, William, provision merchant, 41 Prince's st.
Gardner, Wm., smith and ironmonger, 303 Dum-
barton road ; house, 9 Hamilton street, Partick.
Gardner, William, wine and spirit merchant, 524
Gallowgate; house, 41 Great Eastern road.
Gardner, Mrs., lodgings, 327 Sauchiehall street.
Gardner, Mrs. A., grocer, 16 Grace street.
Gardner, Mrs. E., cowfeeder, 40 Stockwell street.
Gardner, Mrs. Matthew, 1 Lendal ter., Paisley rd.
Gardner, Mrs. Dr., 30 Rose street, Garnethill.
Gardner, Miss, lodgings, 51 West Regent street.
Gardner's Free School, 13 Balmanuo street ; Wm.
Findlay, teacher.
GARIE, John, 12 Walworth terrace.
GARMAN, William, hairdresser and perfumer, 138
Buchanan street ; house, 3 Holmhead street.
Garnetbank Establishment for the education of
young gentlemen, 310 Sauchiehall street; J.
Beaumont, head-master.
Garnkirk Fire-Clay Co., fire-brick manufacturers,
243 Buchanan street; depot, St. Rollox, and
Garnkirk works.
Garnkirk (Glasgow, Garnkirk, and Coatbridge)
Railway Co.; John JefFray, secretary, 193 St.
Vincent street.
Garrick Temperance Coffee-house and Commercial
Lodgings, 24 Stockwell street.
GARRIOCH, Jno. (at J. P. Harryton's), 26 Jamaica
street; house, 6 VVestend Park street.
GARROW, Robert (at James Lumsden & Son's),
house, 102 South Portland street.
GARROWAY, Jas., agent, City of Glasgow Bank,
229 Gallowgate; ho. 8 Morris pi., Monteith row.
Garroway, James (of R. & J. Garroway), house,
18 Whitevale street.
Garroway, John (of R. & J. Garroway), house, 30
Monteith row.
Garroway, Robert (of R. & J. Garroway), house,
Rosemount, Cumbernauld road.
Garroway, R. & J., manufacturing chemists, 13
Springfield court, Buchanan St.; works, Nether-
field, 694 Duke street.
Garroway, William (of R. & J. Garroway), house, 8
Oakley terrace, Dennistoun. .
Garroway, Miss, milliner, 54 Canning street, Calton.
Gasscube Cross Branch of Royal Bank of Scot-
land, 185 Garscube road ; Walter Denhara, agent ;
John A. Adam, accountant.
Garscube Weaving Factor, 14 Well road; W.
Hiushaw & Co.
GARSIDE, Wm., tobacconist, 32 Parliamentary rd.
Gartcosh Fire-Clay Works ; office, 69 Bath street;
depot, Glebe street, St. Rollox.
Gartcosh Iron and Steel Company, iron and steel
manufacturers, works, Gartcosh ; office, 129 St.
Vincent street.
GARTH, John, 41 Tureen street.
Garthamlock Colliery Office, 85 Buchanan street ;
James Panton.
GARTLY, George T. (at Walter Paterson's), house,
11 Nelson terrace, Hillhead.
Gartly, James B. (at R. Dalglish, Falconer, &, Co.'s),
house, 19 Buckingham terrace, Great Western rd.
Gartly, John B., commission merchant & waterproof
Cloth manufacturer, 22 Springfield court ; works,
Hope park, St. Rollox ; ho. 49 Carnarvon street.
Gartsherrie Iron Works, Gartsherrie, Coatbridge;
office, 168 West George street.
Gartsherrie Iron and Coal Office, 168 West George

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