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Finlay, William J., grocer, 112 Main st., Bridgeton;
house, 11 Stobcross strtet.
Finlay, W. N. (of Finlay Brothers & Co.), house,
Rockbank, Helensburgh.
Findlay, W. R., & Co., warehousemen and manu-
facturers, 62 and 68 Queen street.
Finlay, William, jun., grey cloth agent, 16 South
Frederick street.
Findlay, W. R. (of W. R. Findlay & Co.), house, 19
India street.
Findlay, W. R., jun. (at W. R. Findlay & Co.'s),
house, 15 Granville street.
Findlay, W. , cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 21
George st.; house, 23 do.
Findlay, Wm., teacher, Gardner's Free School, 13
Buchanan St. ; house, 6 Maxwelton place.
Findlay, William, letter carrier, P.O.; house, 119
George street, east.
Findlay, William M. (at Lockhart & Watson's), ho.
9 Claremont street, north.
Finlay, Wm., provision merchant, 95 South Wel-
lington street ; house, 93 do.
Findlay, Wm. (of M'Micking & Co.), house, 148
Hill street, Garnethill.
Finlay, Wm. C. (at Johnston & Farie's), 62 Wilson
street; house, 11 Granby terrace.
Findlay, Mrs. George, grocer, 13 Elderslie street.
Findlay, Mrs. James, 15 Holyrood crescent.
Findlay, Mrs. Joseph, 26 Lynedoch street.
Findlay, Mrs. Joseph, 71 Cumberland street, west.
Finlay, Ann, tobacconist, 431 Argyle street ; house,
11 Stobcross street.
FINDLER, Thomas, agent for United Kingdom
Provident Institution and London and Southwark
Fire and Life Corporation ; house, 1 Ingram st.
FINGLAND, Mrs. Tbos., 180 West Regent street.
FINLAYSON, A., & Co., tea merchants, 1 Carlton
court; house, 9 Oxford street.
Finlayson, Barr, & Co., merchants and manufac-
turers, 1 Royal Bank place.
Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co., flax-spin., linen and
shoe thread manufacturers, 14 George's square ;
mills, Johnstone.
Finlayson Brothers, pianoforte and musicsellers, 218
and 220 Sauchiehall street ; house, 34 Hill street,
Finlayson, Daniel, grocer and provision merchant,
79 High street ; house, 58 Aytoun place.
Finlayson, F. F., professor of music, 218 and 220
Sauchiehall st. ; house, 34 Hill street.
Finlayson, Jas. & John, writers, 133 West George st.
Finlayson, James (of Jas. & John Finlayson, writers,
133 West George St.), ho. Hillside house, Partick.
Finlayson, James (of Finlayson, Bousfield, & Co ),
residence, Merchiston, Johnstone.
Finlayson, John, insurance agent for Fire, Life, &
Plate Glass, 56 North Dundas street.
Finlayson, John, japanner and glass gilder, 73 Max-
well street ; house, 23 South Portland street.
Finlayson, John, writer (of James & John Finlay-
son), house, 63 West Cumberland street.
Finlayson, Joseph (of Finlayson & M'Coll), house,
6 Regent Park terrace, Strathbungo.
Finlayson & M'Coll, clothiers, 35 Union street.
Finlayson & MoncriefF, accountants, agents for the
Scottish Union Insurance Co., 133 West George
street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Finlayson, William, cotton yarn merchant, 4 Mon-
trose street ; house, 1 Newball terrace.
Finlayson, AVilliam (of Finlayson & Moncrieff),
secretary to Glasgow Board of Scottish Union
Insurance Co., 133 West George street ; house,
2 Annfield terrace, Partick.
Finlayson, Mrs., furnishings, 87 North street.
Finlayson, Miss, confectioner, 267 George street,
FINNIE, James (at J. & R. Williamson's), house,
60 Dunchattan terrace.
Finnie, William (at R. Wotherspoon & Co.'s),
house, 108 Pollok street.
Finnieston Engine Works, John & James Thom-
son, 36 Finnieston street.
Finnieston Free Church ; Rev. Andrew A. Bonnar,
Finnieston Free Church School, 15 Grace street ;
Robert Dunlop, teacher.
Finnieston Steam Ship Works Co., engineers and
boiler makers, 27 Lancefield quay.
Fire Engine Department, Northern District, 25
Maitland street.
FISCHER, Edmund, merchant, 85 Maxwell street ;
house, 83 St. George's road.
FISHER, Alexander, wine merchant and grocer,
32 Woodlands road ; house, 142 Renfrew street.
Fisher, Archibald, & Co., wood merchants, 45b
Paisley road.
Fisher, Archd., sen., wood mercht., 154 Paisley rd.
Fisher, Archd., jun., wood mercht, 80 Paisley rd.
Fisher, C. M., bellhanger, smith, tin-plate and zinc
worker, and gasfitter, 119, Cambridge st. ;
house, 129 do.
Fisher, Daniel, commission agent (at J. M'Leod's),
63 Renfield street.
Fisher, Daniel (of Wm. M'Farlane & Co.), house,
144 West Campbell street.
Fisher, Daniel (of C. T. Bowie & Co.), house, 32
India street.
Fisher, Donald (of Fisher & Watt;, house, 35
Berkley terrace.
Fisher, Duncan, confectioner, 135 Trongate ; house,
48 Abbotsford place.
Fisher, F. C, artist and musician, 107 Dundas st.
Fisher, George, & Co., com. mers., 17 St. Enoch sq.
Fisher, George (of G. Fisher & Co.), house, 2
Buckingham street.
Fisher, George, rag and cotton waste merchant, 54
Bell street ; house, 12 Monteith row.
Fisher, George D. (of Gow, Fisher, & Co.), house,
3 Mansfield place.
Fisher, George W., funeral undertaker, 121 London
street; house, 133 do.
Fisher, Henry A. (at Theodore Hertz's), 149 West
George street; house, 93 North Frederick street.
Fisher & Jack, grain merchants, 13, 19 Stockwell pi.
Fisher, James, English Table Salt Co., 106 Gallow-
gate ; 7 Granville street.
Fisher, James, spirit merchant, 12 and 14 South
Coburg street ; house, 10 do.
Fisher, James, & Co., paper merchants, 24 Lanark
street, east.
Fisher, John, carver, gilder, and printseller, 5 West
Nile street ; workshop, 60 Wellington st. ; house,
357 Argyle street.
Fisher, John, engraver and lithographer, and manu-
facturer of gingerbread worm cakes, 95 George st.
Fisher, John (at Auld & Guild's), house, 23 Florence
place, Stanley street.
Fisher, John, designer and pattern drawer, 55 Grove

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