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EEKHOUT, B. (of Eekhout & Co.), house, 45
Hamilton drive, Hillhead.
Eekhout & Co., merchants, 153 Queen street.
EGLIN Brothers & Co., curriers, leather merchants,
6, 8 Stirling square.
Eglin, John (of Eglin Brothers & Co.), house, 36
Dalhousie street.
EgliD, William (of Eglin Brothers & Co.), house,
157 West Campbell street.
EGLINTON, Edward G., 142 St. Vincent street ;
house, 12 Regent Park terrace.
Eglinton, G., tea merchant, 21 College street; agent
for R. Letchford & Co., London.
Eglinton, John, grocer and provision merchant, 7 &
47 Maxwell street ; house, 57 North Hanover st.
Eglinton, Thomas, wholesale stationer, 29 Bruns-
wick street.
Eglinton, William, coffee and spice merchant, 25
St. Andrew's street.
Eglinton Iron Works, Kilwinning; office, 168
West George Street.
Eglinton Iron Co., coal and iron masters, Eglinton,
Blair, Lugar, Muirkirk, and Portland Works ;
office, 168 West George street.
EGURROLA, Justo de, ship store merchant, 24 Dale
street, south; house, 95 King street, south.
EISENMANN, R., distiller, Berlin; agent, Robert
Thomson, 45 Hope street.
Egyptian Steam Packet Office, Handyside & Hen-
derson, agents, 51 Union street.
ELCE, John, & Co. (Limited), makers of all kinds
of cotton, jute, and flax spinning machinery,
Phoenix Works, Manchester, and 66 Wilson st.,
ELDER, David W., English, commercial, mathema-
tical, and classical teacher, Clydesdale Academy,
. 1 Nithsdale pi., Paisley rd.; ho. 3 Tulliallan place.
Elder, David, portioner, 244 St. George's road.
Elder, James F. (at D. & J. Anderson's, 84 St.
Vincent street).
Elder, James, commission agent, 17 St. Enoch sq. ;
house, 8 Albert drive. Queen's park.
Elder, James, wright, 36 Abercorn street.
Elder, J., tobacconist and cigar merchant, 56 St.
Enoch square.
Elder, James, civil engineer, office of public works,
3 South Apsley place.
Elder, John, millwright, engineer, founder, and ship-
builder, 12 Centre st., and 82 Dale St., Tradeston,
and Fairfield building yard, Govan.
Elder, John Hill, A.I.A., district secretary, Edin-
burgh Life Assurance Office, 63 and 65 St. Vin-
cent street ; ho. 2 Ashton place, Dowanhill.
Elder, John (of Anderson & Elder), ho. 38 Pollok st.
Elder & M'Neil, St. Andrew's public bath and steam
washing house, 59 Greendyke street. — See Adver-
tisement in Appendix.
Elder, Thomas, wine and spirit merchant, 94 East
John street and 125 Duke street; house, 129 do.
Elder, Mrs., 6 Claremont terrace.
Elders Church, 46 Havannah; Rev. W. Robert-
son, minister.
Elders' Wives and Daughters Association, 10 Rich-
mond street.
ELECTRO-Platers, West of Scotland establishment,
15 St. Enoch square.
Elgin Place Congregational Church, Pitt street, off
Sauchiehall street ; Rev. Henry Batchelor, pastor.
Elgin Pottery, 32 David street; Thomas Purvis.
ELKINGTON & Co., electro-plate manufacturers,
Birmingham ; Christie Brothers, agents, 133 St.
Vincent street.
ELLIOT, James, 33 Gladstone street.
Elliot, John, beadle of St. Jude's, 94 Thistle street,
off Shamrock street.
Elliot, John G. (William Teacher & Sons), ho. 197
North street.
Elliot, Ralph, carter & contractor, 103 St. James rd.
Elliot, Robert, restaurant, 159 Eglinton st.; ho. 157 do.
Elliot, White, & Co., soap, oil, and candle merchants,
43 East Howard street.
Elliot, Wm., sergeant, Queen's Own Y.C., South
Prison, 45 Market street.
Elliot, Wm., -wine and spirit merchant, 2 Cam-
bridge street.
Elliott's Patent Sheathing and Metal Co. (Limited);
agents, Neilson & Maxwell, 78, 80 James Watt st.
Elliptic Sewing machine Co., 19a Renfield street.
ELLIS, David C. (of Walrond, Ellis, & Co.) 33 St.
Vincent place.
Elliss, Edward, restaurant, 25 London St.; ho. 23 do.
Ellis, James, City of Glasgow Bank ; house, 5 Rad-
nor terrace, Dumbarton road.
Ellis, John, commission agent, and agent for Im-
perial Fire and Life Insurance Co., and Economic
Life Assurance Society, 45 Union street ; house,
5 Radnor terrace, Dumbarton road.
Ellis, John, spirit dealer, 18 Broomielaw; ho. 16 do.
Ellis, Wm., stationer and newsagent, 7 Canon street ;
house, 9 do.
Ellis, Mrs., 5 Radnor terrace, Dumbarton road.
ELLISON, Robert (of Wm. M'Gown & Co.), 25
North Albion street.
Ellison, William T., inspector of cleansing, 23 St.
Enoch square ; ho. 50 Holmhead street.
Elmbank Foundry and Sawmillfield Ironworks, 40
Wigton street, Port Dundas, J. Allen, sen., pro-
prietor; house, 1 Grosvenor terrace.
ELMORE, T., cabinetmaker, 50 Centre street; ho.
25 do.
ELPHICK, George, cigar and wine importer, bil-
liard table proprietor, agent for Cox & Yeman's
billiard tables, and Burroughs & Watt, 36 West
George lane, and 35 Renfield street; house, 7
Walworth terrace.
ELSDEN, W. B., commission agent, 97 Buchanan
street; house, 33 Elmbank place.
ELSWORTH, Ernest, 158 Argyle street; house,
Lenzie junction.
Elsworth, J., plane,' saw, and edge-tool maker, iron-
monger, and cutler, 158 Argyle street; works,
Union court; house, Lenzie junction.
ELWOOD, Joseph, rope and twine manufacturer,
20 Dunu street, Bridgeton; house, 211 New
Dalmarnock road.
Employment Office, Mrs. William M'Donald, 118
Union street.
ENGERT & Rolfe, felt and asphalte roofing manu-
facturers, 175 Buchanan street.
Engine and Boiler W'orks, South Kinning place,
Paisley road; William King & Co., proprietors.
Engineers in Scotland, Institution of, Corporation
Buildings, 212 Sauchiehall street.
English Baking Co., 15, 17, 19 South Portlandst.
English Baking Factory, 18 Cathedral street and
105 Dundas street.
English Provident Assurance Co. (limited), 103
West Regent street ; Andrew A. Fyfe, secretary.

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