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Crum, Walter, & Co., calico printers, 4 West Re-
gent street.
CRUMLISH, Francis, spirit merchant, 100 New City
road, and 124 Garscube road ; house, 122 do.
Crumlish, Wrn., pawnbroker, 67 Garscube road ;
house, 122 do.
CRUSE & Fils Freres, claret shippers, Bordeaux ;
Robertson & Baxter, 3 Virginia street, agents.
Culckeuch Co., cotton spinners (at George Smith
6 Sons';, 200 Argyle street.
CULLEN, Gavin (of Wise & Cullen), house, 117
Alexandra terrace.
Cullen, James (at G. & R. Mason's), house, 22
Albert drive.
Cullen, John, pastry baker, 417 Gallowgate ; house,
415 do.
Cullen, John , grain, meal, flour, hay, and straw
merchant, 247, 560 Gallowgate; ho. 29 Strainers
Cullen, Robert, pastry baker and spirit merchant, 16
Canning street, Calton ; house, 2 William street.
Cullen, William., contractor, 31 Struthers street ; ho.
29 do.
Cumberland Foundry, 168 Gallowgate ; Moses
M'Culloch & Co.
Cumberland, The, Iron Mining and Smelting Co.
(Limited); John E. Swan & Brothers, 183 Queen
street, agents.
CUMMING, Rev. Alex., of Victoria Free Church ;
house, 40 Elmbank crescent.
Cumming, David (of J. & R. Swan), house, Black-
hill, Springburn.
Cumming, Duncan, family grocer, 149 Elderslie St.
Cumming, James, surgeon-dentist, 80 Bath street. —
See Advertisement in Appendix.
Cumming, James, 86 Sauchiehall street.
Cumming, John, burgh and sheriff officer, and J. P.
constable, City Chambers, 66 Hutcheson street ;
house, 4 Morris place.
Cumming, John (at Russell, Macfarlane, & Co.'s),
house, Gladstone park, Bishopton.
Cumming, John, grocer, 186 West Nile street; ho.
184 do.
Cumming, John W., merchant (letters left at Alex.
Salton & Co.'s), 16 South Frederick street.
Cumming, John, news agent and oil and colourman,
7 Old Dalmarnock road, and 92-1 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 84 Muslin street.
Cumming, John, clothier, 40 Union street ; house,
84 North Hanover street.
Cumming, Robert, manager (at R. F. & J. Alexander
& Co.'s), house, 229 Duke street.
Cumming, Robert, spirit merchant, 63 Stobcross St.
Cumming, Wm., earthen warehouse, 45 Bedford st.
Cumming, Wm. (at Tharsus Sulphur and Copper
Co.), house, 20 Laurence place, Partick.
Cumming, Mrs. R., wine and spirit merchant, 25
Caledonia road ; house, 247 Thistle street.
Cumming, Mrs., provision dealer, 10 Oxford street.
CUMMISKEY, James, musician, 1 Antigua place.
CUNLIFF, James L. (at John Elder's), ho. Clyde-
view, Tartick.
Cunliff, Richard S., British and African Steam Navi-
gation Co., 21 Carlton place.
Cunliff, Miss, 99 South Portland street.
CUNNINGHAM, Alexander, provision dealer, 330
High street ; ho. 9 Kirk street.
Cunningham, Allan (of Cunningham & M'Haffie),
house, Brooms'.ones, near Busby.
Cunningham, Andrew, 195 West George street.; ho.
257 St. Vincent street.
Cunninghame, Andrew, Burgh Sasine Office, City-
Chambers ; house, 125 Bath street.
Cunningham, Archibald, wright and glazier, 28 N.
Frederick street ; ho. 53 Holmhaad street.
Cunningham Brothers, painters and paperhangers,
76 London street ; ho. 17 Young street.
Cunningham, David, 67 St James' street, Kingston.
Cunninghame, David, die sinker, stamp and seal en-
graver, and embossing press manufacturer, sole,
agent for parallel motion endorsing machines,
40 Buchanan street ; ho. 12 Valeview terrace,
Queen's park.
Cunningham, E., messenger, Bank of Scotland,
Laurieston; ho. 11 Nicholson street.
Cunningham, Gavin, provision merchant, 67 Flor-
ence street ; house, 86 Caledonia road.
Cunningham, H. B., Clydesdale Bank ; house, 3
Dundas ten-ace, Crossbill.
Cunningham, James, bootmaker, 46 Gordon St. ; ho.
117 Hill street, Garnethill.
Cunningham, James, janitor, Established Church.
Training College, Dundas vale.
Cunningham, James (at Charles Tennant & Co.'s),
house, 257 St. Vincent street.
Cunningham, Jame3 & Sons, bleachers, Barrhead ;
house of call, Kerr & Richardson's, 89 Queen St.
Cunninghame, James B., die and seal engraver, 4<s
Buchanan street; ho. 7 Grange terrace, Langside
Cunningham, James (of Jas. Cunningham & Sons),
ho. West Arthurlie, Barrhead.
Cunninghame, John, fruiterer, 67 Crown street.
Cunningham, John, hairdresser, 52 Bedford street,
and 47 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 41 Bed-
ford street.
Cunningham, John, flesher, ] 081 Great Hamilton St.,
and 67 Abercromby street ; ho. 63 do.
Cunningham, John R, commission merchant and
agent for the General Life & Fire Assurance Co.,
45 Dunlop st. ; house, 2 Nithsdale place.
Cunningham, John, wright, 10 George street ; house,
194 Duke street.
Cunningham, John, dairyman, 12 Glebe street.
Cunningham, John, stationer, bookbinder, bookseller,
and account book manufacturer, 42 Adelphi streei .
Cunninghame, John (of Merry & Cunninghame), 127
St. Vincent street.
Cunningham & Lawrie, plumbers, 86 Crookston st.
and 8 Plantation buildings, Paisley road.
Cunningham & M'Haffie, Orchard cement manufac-
turers ; works, Orchard ; office, 4 Cook street.
Cunningham, Mark, boot and shoe maker, 60 Caven-
dish street.
Cunningham, Peter G., lieutenant of police, Northern
district; ho. 230 Duke street.
Cunningham, Robert, rag merchant, 9 North Clyde
street, Anderston ; ho. 4 Washington street.
Cunningham, Thomas Stuart, clothier, 1 Bridgegate,
152 Saltmarket ; ho. 160 do.
Cunningham, Thomas, grocer and provision mercht.,
152 Houston street.
Cunningham, Thomas S., book-keeper, 402 Parlia-
mentary road. ;
Cunningham, William, grain weigher, 14 York st.
bouse, 8 GreenhiU street.
Cunningham, William, wine and spirit merchant, 10
Anderston quay; house, 12 do.

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