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Crawford. Stevenson (of C. Crawford and Sons),
house, 1 Darnley terrace, Shawlands.
Crawford, Thomas (of Sommerville, Crawford, &
Co.), house, 16 Annfiekl place.
Crawford, Thomas, jun. (of Crawford & Easton),
81 Buchanan street.
Crawford, Thomas W., wholesale and retail watch-
maker and jeweller, 296 Argyle street; house,
116 Waterloo street.
Crawford, T., & Co., hoot and shoemakers, 15 Main
street, Gorbals.
Crawford & Topping, sewed muslin manufacturers,
9 Madeira court, 257 Argyle street.
Crawford, William, merchant (of Ewing, Crawford,
& Co.), 23 Royal Exchange square ; residence,
Garelochhead, Dumbartonshire.
Crawford, William, house agent and collector, 3
West Nile street; house, 100 North Frederick st.
Crawford, William (at Alexander Macleod's, jun.),
house, 48 Port-Dundas road.
Crawford, William, fruit merchant and confectioner,
210 New City road.
Crawford, William, china merchant, 122^- Cowcad-
dens street ; house, 2 Stirling street, do.
Crawford, William, plumber and gasfitter, 27 Nichol-
son street ; house, 1 Norfolk court.
Crawford, William (at William Gibson's, 31, 32
East Clyde street), house, 23 Nicholson street.
Crawford, William, teacher of pianoforte, 6 Regent
Park terrace, Strathbungo.
Crawford, William, tinsmith, gasfitter, and plumber,
99 Port-Dundas road ; house, 25 Steven street.
Crawford, William C. (of Crawford, Cree, & Co.),
house, 18 Lansdowne crescent.
Crawford, William (of Crawford, Cree, & Co.),
house, 5 Clairmont gardens.
Crawford, William, commission agent, 135 Buchanan
street ; house. 5G Dundas street, Kingston.
Crawford, Mrs. Mary, Waverley Hotel, Kensington
place, 109a Sauchiehall street.
Crawford, Mrs., fruiterer, 98 Norfolk street.
Crawford, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 1 Richard street.
Crawford, Mrs., proprietor, 103 Main street,
Crawford, Mrs. John, tailor and clothier, 787 Gal-
lowgate ; house, 1 East Neilson street.
Crawford, Mrs. T., spirit dealer, 61 John street.
Crawford, Ellen, waitress, 1 Richard street.
Crawford, Miss, 143, West Campbell street.
CRAWHALL& Campbell, engineers, machinists, and
tool makers, Elliot Works, Finnieston lane, Fin-
nieston quay.
CREE, Alexander, upholsterer and cabinetmaker,
27 Gordon street ; works, 75 Port street, Cranston
hill; house, 30 St. Vincent crescent.
Cree & Cowbrough, paper makers ; works, Shaw-
lands; office, 17 Exchange square.
Cree, James, & Co., powerloom cloth manufacturers,
53 Rose street, Hutchesontown.
Cree, John G., watchmaker and jeweller, 58 Queen
street; house, 255 Sauchiehall street.
Cree, John, jun., & Co., wholesale stationers, 21
Royal Exchange square.
Cree, Renison, & Co., ship and insurance brokers,
48 Gordon street.
Cree, Robert Scott, cotton broker, 17 Exchange sq. ;
house, Westfield, Shawlands.
Cree, Thomas S. (of John Cree, jun., & Co.), house,
305 St. Vincent street.
Cree, William J. (of Crawford, Cree, & Co.), resi-
dence, Tyrefield house, Wilson street, Hillhead.
Cree, Mrs. John, 255 Sauchiehall street.
Cree, Mrs. John, 305 St. Vincent street.
Cree, Misses, 16 Queen's crescent.
CREIGHTON, Andrew, teacher, 83 Dumbarton
road ; house, 44 do.
Creighton, Robert, butter, egg, and poultry mer-
chant, 131 Dumbarton road.
CRERAR, Graham, & Co., bedding manufacturers,
2l£, 22 Clyde ter. ; ho. 22 Albert drive, Crossbill.
Crerar, John, spirit merchant, 34 Sauchiehall street,
and 105, 107Reufield street; ho. 35 Renfrew st.
CREWDSON, Isaac, agent, for W. S. Shuttleworth
& Co., London, 69 Great Clyde street; house, 17
London street, Edinburgh.
CRICHTON, G., spirit dealer, 352 Townmill road.
Crichton, James, furniture warehouse, 55 and 59
Great Hamilton street ; house, 57 do.
Crichton, James, watchmaker and jeweller, 137
Trongate; house, 17 Newhall terrace.
Crichton, James (of Pringle& Crichton), house, 382
St. Vincent Street.
Crichton, John, clerk, 17 Dalhousie place.
Crichton, John (at Burns & Alison's), house, 30
Willowbank street.
Crichton, William, commission agent, 3 St. Enoch
square; house, 25 Kelvinhaugh street.
Crichton, William, tea dealer, 46 Sauchiehall st,
Crichton, William, commander R.N., 17 India st.
Crichton, Mrs. Ann, 148 Cumberland street.
Crichton, Mrs. Robert, 120 South Portland street.
Crichton, Mrs., machinist, 72 Renfrew St.; house,
70 do.
CRITCHLEY, Armstrong, & Co., power loom cloth
manufacturers, 16 South Frederick street.
Critchley, Thomas, beadle to Dr. Morrison, 123
North Dundas street.
CROALL & Coy., slaters, builders, &c. ; store, 13
Meuse lane, off Duke st. — See Advt. in Appendix.
CROCKATT, George (of W. G. & W. Crockatt),
house, 38 Berkeley street.
Crockatt, William, jun. (of W. G. & W. Crockatt),
house, 38 Berkeley street.
Crockatt, W. G. & W., sugar mers., 35 Virginia st.
Crofthbad and Kilmarnock Extension Railway
Co. ; secretary's office, 186 West George street.
CROGGON & Co. felt manufacturers, iron and zinc
merchants, and metal perforators ; David Boyd,
manager, 59 George square.
CROIL, Thomas, & Co. merchants, 124 Hope st.
Croil, Thomas (of Thomas Croil & Co.), house, Bal-
mory, Ascog, Bute.
CEOLEY, Miss, staymaker, 160 West Regent st.
CROLL, James, smith and machine maker, 200,
202 Rottenrow; house, 20 Richmond street.
Croil, John, wool shirting manufacturer, 108 Bruns-
wick street.
Croil, Mrs. George, greengrocer and confectioner,
121 New City road.
CROMAR, David, warehouseman, 87, 89, 91, and
93 Cumberland street; ho. 21 Abbotsford place.
Cromar, Mrs., 21 Abbotsford place.
CROMBIE, Archibald, 5 Buchanan street ; house,
33 Berkeley terrace.
Crombie, Francis, tea merchant and grocer, 28 Stob-
crossst., and 115 Nelson St., Tradeston ; house, 11
Pitt street.
I Crombie, James, bootmaker, 216 Pollokshaws road.

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