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Bruce, John W., grocer, 45 Kent street ; house, 28
Buccleuch street.
Bruce, John, & Co., engineers and brassfounders, 42
London street.
Bruce, John (of John Bruce & Co.), house, 43 Lan-
ark street, East.
Bruce, John, clothier, 45 Renfield street; house, St.
George's road.
Bruce & Martin, letterpress printers, 14 Dunlop st.
Bruce, Peter (of Bruce & Martin), house, 21 Clare-
mont street.
Bruce, Robert, 28 Buccleuch street.
Bruce, Robert, papermaker, Woodside Paper Mills,
South Woodside road ; house, 39 Hamilton drive.
Bruce, Robert, builder, 82 Hill street, Garnethill.
Bruce, Root, & Keir, builders, 82 Hill st., Garnethill.
Bruce, R., wholesale and retail grocer, 70 Gallowgate.
Bruce, S., fruiterer and florist, 29 Sauchiehall street ;
house, 432 Parliamentary road.
Bruce, William (of Bruce, Jarvis, & Co.), residence,
Hogganrield House, Hogganfield.
Bruce, Mrs. Andrew, provision dealer, 25 Marl-
borough street.
Bruce, Mrs. A. W., 32 Grafton square.
Bruce, Mrs. James, ladies' nurse, 7 Richard street.
Bruce, Mrs., furnishings and stationer, 125 George st.
Bruce, Mrs. Robert, milliner and stay maker, 35
Nelson street, city ; house, 1 Antigua court, do.
BRUNNER Brothers, commission agents, 72 Vir-
ginia street ; house, 120 South Portland street.
BRUNSDON, Richard (of J. & C. Brown & Co.),
house, 149 Hill street, Garnethill.
BRUNNSCHWEILER, K. A. (at J. G. Wirth-
Wiget'a) 1 1 West Nile Street.
BRUNTON, Rev. Alex., Blackfriars Street U.P.
Church; house, 131 Ann field street, off Duke st.
Brunton, James, tailor and clothier, 246 Argyle st.
Brunton, Thomas, tailor and clothier, 1 Ingram st.
Brunton, Thomas, solicitor, G. & S.-W. Ry. Co., 16
Bridge street.
BRYAN, James, slater, 4 Hospital street ; house, 36
Warwick street.
Bryan, John, church officer, Lansdowne Church ;
house, 228 Great Western road.
BRYCE, Alex., & Co., wine and spirit merchants,
40, 42 St. Andrew's street,
Bryce, Alex., wine and spirit merchant, 27 Clyde
street, Port-Dundas; house, 31 do.
Bryce, Alex., merchant, 111 South Cumberland st.
Bryce, Andrew C, wine and spirit merchant, 46
Adelphi street ; house, 45 do.
Bryce, A. S., oil merchant and drysalter ; chemical
works, Calton entrj' ; house, 3 Armadale street.
Bryce, Charles C, secretary, Oakbank Oil Co.
(Limited), 54 Miller street ; house, 14 Derby ter.
Bryce, David, & Son, booksellers and stationers, and
reading-club, 129 Buchanan street.
Bryce, David, jun. (of D. Bryce & Sjn), house, 14
Derby terrace.
Bryce, David, plumber and gasfitter, 157 North st.;
house, 32 Steven street.
Bryce, James, slater and plasterer, 19 Clyde terrace ;
house, 102 Eglinton street.
Br} T ce, James, spirit merchant, 1 Broomhill street,
Port-Dundas ; house, 3 do.
Bryce, Jame?, LL.D., master of the mathematical and
commercial department, High School ; residence,
Bowes-hill, Blantyre.
Bryce, John, 34 Claremont street.
Bryce, J. D. (of Playfair, Bryce, & Co.'s), house, 13
Buckingham terrace.
Brj-ce, John, smith, farrier, and cartwright, 177
New Dalmarnock road; house, 183 do.
Bryce, Juhn (of John Bryce & Son), house. 34 Cale-
donia road.
Bryce, John, plumber and gasfitter, 82 Oswald st.;
house, 12 Norfolk 3treet.
Bryce, John, spirit merchant, 6 Bank street, and 61
Clyde street, Port-Dundas.
Bryce, John, grocer and provision merchant, 15
Washington street.
Bryce, John, & Son, hatters and cap-makers, 66
Jamaica street.
Bryce, JohnG., remnant warehouses, 39 Caledonia rd.
Bryce, Morrison, upholsterer and cabinetmaker, 166
Hope street ; house, 17G J do.
Bryce, Peter B., traveller, 22 Howard street ; house,
644 Gallowgate.
Bryce, Robert, watchmaker, 523 Gallowgate ; house,
521 do.
Bryce, William, & Co., commission merchants and
agents, 17 St. Enoch square, and 59 Mark Lane,
London, E.C.
Bryce, Wm., & Co., seed merchants, 17 St. Enoch
square; stores, 11 Wood lane, Broomielaw.
Bryce, William (of Wm. Biyce & Co.), house, 11
Woodlands terrace.
Bryce, William, spirit merchant, 148 Rutherglen
road; house, 146 do.
Bryee, William, surgeon, 5 Cathedral street ; house,
94 North Frederick street.
Bryce, William, manufacturing chemist, Parkhead
Chemical Works ; house, 1 West Prince's street.
Bryce, William C. (at Blair & Gray's), house, 14
Derby terrace.
Bryce, Mrs. Alexander, 1-West Prince's street.
Bryce, Mrs., 8 Shaftesbury terrace.
BRYCELAND, Robert, hat and cap manufacturer,
24 Crown street; house, 192 Cumberland street.
BRYDALL, Robert, artist, Government School of
Art, Sauchiehall street ; house, 15 Rose street,
BRYDON & Breen, merchants and brokers, Bank
of Scotland Buildings, 18 George square.
Bryden, James, painter and paperhanger, 188 Bu-
chanan street, and 143, 254 Govan road; house,
4 West Ibrox terrace, Govan.
Brydon, James, 11 Houldsworth street.
Brydon, John, & Co., com. merchants, 5 Dixon st.
Bryden, John, & Sons, bell hangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, and locksmiths, Venetian, wire-gauze,
and holland window-blind makers, 24 Renfield
street, Glasgow; 16 Frederick street, Edinburgh,
and 7 Prince's street, Perth.
Bryden, Robert A., LA. (of Clarke & Bell, archi-
tects), house, 34 Abbotsford place.
Bryden, Thomas G. (of John Frew & Co,, Port-
Dundas), house, 34 Forth street.
Brydon, W. J. (of Brydon & Breen), 18 George sq.
Bryden, William, & Son, bell-hangers, brassfounders,
gasfitters, smiths, Venetian and roller-blind manu-
facturers, 7 Royal Bank place, Glasgow, and 55
George street, Edinburgh.
Brydon, Mrs. John, 37 Garnethill street.
Brvden, Mrs. J., 39 South Apsley place.
BRYDSON, William, 15 Eglinton street.
BRYMNER, Mrs., 63 Cumberland street, west
BRYSON, Alex., spirit merchant, 24 St. Ninian st

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