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Brown, David, shuttle and shuttle mounting weav-
ing utensil maker and turner, 18 Thomson's lane,
Calton ; house, 2 Broomward place.
Brown, David, Royal Music Hall, and wine and
spirit merchant, 19, 21, 23 Dunlop street ; house,
6 Canning place.
Brown, Downes, & Co., wholesale grocers, importers,
and tea merchants, 24 Dunlop street.
Brown, Dugald, church officer, St. Columba church ;
house, 166 Holm street.
Brown, Duncan, merchant, 48 Windsor terrace.
Brown, Duncan, City Hall keeper; ho. 92 Candler.
Brown, Duncan, grocer and tea merchant, 235 Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 239 do.
Brown & Dunlop, writers, 87 West Regent street.
Brown, Eben., wholesale and export bottling stores,
93 West Campbell st. ; ho. 147 West Regent st.
Brown, Francis, quarrier, Williamwood quarry, Cath-
cart; residence, Stamperland villa, do.
Brown, Captain Francis, 15 Derby street.
Brown, George, & Co. (and Brown & Co., Havana),
West India merchants, 172 West George street.
Brown, George (of George Brown & Co.), 172 West
George street; residence, Burnside, Irvine.
Brown, George (of Brown and Watson), house, Hope
villa, Crossbill.
Brown, George, & Co., manufacturers, 40 Miller st.
Brown, George C, cabinet, upholstery, and Venetian
blind works, 1 South Portland street ; house, lij,
do. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Brown, George M., agent for Robert Thatcher,
cotton spinner, Brookmills, Oldham, 22 Ingram
st. ; house, 21 Roseland terrace.
Brown, George (of James Howdeu & Co.'s), house,
12 Park Terrace.
Brown, George (at Alexander Orr's), house, 246
Bath street.
Brown, Hamilton (of Brown & Rennie), residence,
Brown, Halliday, City of Glasgow Bank ; house, 15
Birnam terrace, Albert drive.
Brown, Hugh, jun. (of Hugh Brown & Co.), house,
17 Woodlands terrace.
Brown, Hugh, sawmaker, ironmonger, cutler, plane,
edge tool, gun, and mathematical instrument
maker, 213 Argyle st. ; ho. 9 Regent Park ter.
Brown, Hugh, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers,
104 Virginia place.
Brown, Hugh, spirit merchant, 25 Bridgegate ; house,
4 Ad el phi place.
Brown, Hugh (of John Houston & Co.), house, 5 St.
John's terrace.
Brown, Hugh (of Hugh Brown & Co.), house, 12
Park terrace.
Brown, Hugh, & Son, grocers and Italian ware-
housemen, 23 Eglinton st. and 67 Norfolk street.
Brown, J. & C, & Co., sewed muslin manufacturers,
92 St. Vincent street.
Brown, James, stencil plate cutter, 2 William street,
Brown, Jas. & Thos., & Co., wholesale tea and coffee
dealers and importers of fruit, 21 St. Enoch sq.
Brown, James (of James & Thomas Brown & Co.),
house, Govan park, Govan road.
Brown, James, merchant, 73 Alston street ; house,
Brownhill, Helensburgh. '
Brown, James, jun., Venetian blind manufacturer,
39 Surrey street; house, 185 Crown street.
Brown, James, Clydesdale Bank; ho. 8 Radnor ter.
Brown, James, bootmaker, 312 Argyle street; ho.
16 Adelpbi street, Hutchesontown.
Brown, James (at Alexander & Taylor's), house, 57
Albert street
Brown, James, shipowner, 11 Somerset place.
Brown, James, draper and clothier, 95 Hutcheson
street ; house, 35 Paterson street.
Brown, James, butcher, 32 Canning street, Calton ;
house, 8 Craignestock place.
Brown, James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and Vene-
tian blind maker, 39 to 45 Surrey street; resid.
Cremona house, Sandbank.
Brown, James, letter-carrier, Post-office ; house, 189
Hunter street.
Brown, James, agent, 12 Charlotte street.
Brown, James, teacher of English, geography, &c,
280 George street; ho. 10 South Portland street.
Brown, James (of Baird & Brown), house, 1 Mel-
rose street. ,
Brown, James, council officer, City Chambers; 50
Wilson street ; house, 93 Pitt street.
Brown, James, bookseller, stationer, and printer, 5
Garscube road; ho. 113 West Graham street.
Brown, James, session clerk, Calton parish, Church
open, Tobago street, Calton ; ho. 9 Silvergrove st.
Brown, James, family grocer and wine merchant, 243
Saucliiehall street ; ho. 41 Rose street, Garnethill.
Brown, James, ironmonger, 56 West Howard street ;
house, Shawfield, Rutherglen.
Brown, James, teacher of arithmetic and mathe-
matics, Glasgow Academy; house, 3 Walworth
terrace, Kent road.
Brown, James (at Joshua Buchanan & Sons'), ho.
23 George street.
Brown, James F. (of John Brown & Son), 145
Ingram street.
Brown, James K. (of Watson & Co.), 16 St. Vincent
place; house, 2 Park terrace, east.
Browne, James P., watchmaker and jeweller, 2
Carlton court, Bridge street.
Brown, James, Corporation Water Works, Secretary's
Department, 23 Miller street.
Brown, Jas., & Sod, booksellers, stationers, account
book manufacturers, and artists' colourmen, 23
Bridge street.
Brown, James, grocer and provision merchant, 21,
23 Catbcart street ; house, 197 Caledonia road.
Brown, James, lathsplitter, 106 Nelson street, Trades-
ton ; house, 57 West street.
Brown, James (of James Brown & Son), house, 10
South Portland street.
Brown, James, slater, 125 Barrack street; house, 4
St. Ann's place, Duke street.
Brown, James, furnishings, 202 Kelvinhaugh street.
Brown, Jas., boot and shoe merchant, 313 Argyle st.
Brown, J. D. (at Gibson Brothers & Co.'s), house,
345 Bath crescent.
Brown, J. G. (of Howat, Brown, & Co.), 69 Queen st.
Brown, J. M , boot and shoemaker, 399 Argyle st. ;
house, 9 Walworth terrace.
Brown, J. M., jun., boot and shoe merchant, 113
Trongate ; house, 9 Walworth terrace.
Brown, J.& J., hosiers and glovers, 116 Trongate;
house, 73 Abbotsford place.
Brown, John, lithographic writer, artist, and en-
. graver, 48 Gordon street.
Brown, John (of Robert Brown & Son), house,
Shortroods, Paisley.
Brown, John, jun., steam printer, 19 Croy place.

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