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George Square, west end George st. & Cochran st. 1.
George Street (Great), Hillhead.
George Street, from Duke street to George sq. 1.
George Street (West), f. George st. to Blythswood sq.
Do. from George sq. to Buchanan st. 1.
Do. from Buchanan street to Blytheswood aq. 6.
George Street, Mile-end, Calton. 3.
Germiston Street, off the top of Buchanan st. 1.
Gibson's Court, 46 Saltmarket. 5.
Gibson Street, from Gallowgate to Calton entry. 4.
Gibson St., Hillhead, f. Kelvin Bridge to Hillhead st.
Gilbert Street, off Park street. 8.
Gillie's Court, 202 Broomielaw. 5.
Gilmore Hill Hydropathic Establishment, Saugb-
field road, Hillhead.
Gilmour Street, Rutherglen road. 10.
Gladstone Place, Kelvinhaugh street. 8.
Gladstone Place, New City Road.
Gladstone Street, f. St. George's road to Scotia st.
Glasgow Bridge, south end of Jamaica street. 5.
Glasgow St., Hillhead, f. Smith st. to Hillhead st.
Glassford St., from Argyle st. to Ingram st. 1.
Glebe Street, f. Castle st. to Garnk. Rail, depot. 1.
Glen Place, east end of Duke street. 2.
Glenpark, Duke street road, east of Greenvale. 2.
Gloucester Place, Hill street, Garnet hill. 6.
Gloucester Street, Kingston. 9.
Goosedubs St., f. Stockwell st. to foot of Old wy. 5.
Gorbals, south end of Victoria bridge. 10.
Gordon Lane, 9 Gordon street. 6.
Gordon Street, from Buchanan st. to Hope st. G.
Govanhaugh, south-east side of Hutchesontown. 10.
Govan Road, f. Parkhouse toll, Paisley rd. to Govan.
Govan Street, Hutchesontown, f. south end of St.
Ninian street to Commercial road. 10.
Grace Street, west end of Stobcross street. 8.
Gramme Street, from Old Vennel to Barrack wall. 2.
Grafton Place, from Montrose st. to Grafton st. 1.
Grafton Square, head of Grafton street.
Grafton Street, from Grafton square to Stirling rd.
Grafton Terrace, head of North John street. 1.
Graham's Buildings, 62 George street. 1.
Graham's Court, 117 Candleriggs. 1.
Graham's Court, Sister street, Calton. 3.
Graham's Place, Partick.
Graham's Square, 445 Gallowgate. 2.
Graham Street (West), from Cambridge street to St.
George's road. 6.
Graham Street, Dalmarnock road. 3.
Graham Street, Partick.
Grammont Place, Duke street.
Granby Terrace, Hillhead street, Hillhead.
Grant Street, f. Cumberland st. to St. George's rd. 7.
Granville Place, St. George's road. 7.
Granville Street, f. Sauchiehall road to Kent rd. S.
Gray's Court, Dale Street, Tradeston. 9.
Gray Street, off Dumbarton road.
Great Eastern Road, from Camlachie burn eastward.
North side of do., from Camlachie Burn to
eastern boundary of municipality. 2.
South side of do., from Camlachie burn to
eastern boundary of municipality. 3.
Great George Street, Hillhead.
Great Kelvin Terrace, Hillhead.
Great Wellington Street, Paisley road.
G. Western Road, f. New City rd. to Kelvin bridge. 7.
Great Western Road, from Kelvin bridge to Windsor
terrace, west, Hillhead.
Green Bank, Govan road.
Green Lodge Terrace, Greenhead street.
Green Street, Bridgeton, from Main street to John
street lane. 3.
Green Street, Calton, from Great Hamilton street to
Tureen street. 4.
Green Street Lane, W. side of Green st., Bridgeton. 3.
Greendyke Street, from foot of Saltmarket to east
end of London street. 4.
Greenfield Place, Govan.
Greenhaugh Place, Govan.
Greenhaugh Street, Govan.
Greenhead, from William street to Newhall. 3.
Greenhead Buildings, Canning street, Calton. 3.
Greenhill Place, St. Vincent street, from Pitt street
to India street. 8.
Greenhill Street, f. St. Vincent st. to Bishop st. 8.
Greenlaw Place (except 149), Paisley road. 9.
Greenock Place, West street, Tradeston. 9.
Greenside Lane, from Greenside street to Cumber-
land street. 10.
Greenside Street, from Hospital street to Main street,
Gorbals. 10.
Greenvale, from Bluevale to Glenpark. 2.
Greenvale Place, Cumberland street, west.
Greenvale Street, from East Rose street to Thomson's
lane, east. 3.
Greenwell Place, Govan.
Greig's Place, corner of Green street and King street,
Calton. 4.
Greyfriars' Wynd, 147 High street to Canon st. 1.
Grosvenor Terrace, near Botanic gardens, Hillhead.
Grove Street, from Garscube road to Scotia st. 7.
Guildry Court, 137 Bridgegate & 25 E. Clyde st. 5.
Gushet Fauld, Hutchesontown. 10.
Hafton Place, Carnarvon street. 7.
Haghill, Cumbernauld road. 2.
Hallside Street, off Naburn street.
Hamilton Court, 51 Stockwell street. 5.
Hamilton Court, 160 Canning street. 3.
Hamilton Court, 84 Main street, Bridgeton. 3.
Hamilton Crescent, Partick.
Hamilton Drive, off Great Western road.
Hamilton Drive (North), off Great Western road.
Hamilton Park Quadrant, off Great Western road.
Hamilton Park Terrace, off Great Western road.
Hamilton Place, Partick.
Hamilton Place, Great Western road.
Hamilton Street (Little), from High John street to
North Frederick street. 1.
Hamilton Street (Great), from South St. Mungo
street to Canning street, Calton. 4
Hamilton Terrace, Hillhead.
Hampden Terrace, Mount Florida.
Hampton Buildings, west end of Shamrock st. 1.
Hampton Buildings, Shuttle street. 1.
Hampton Court Terrace, Renfrew street. 6.
Hampton Place, Gallowgate. 3.
Handel Place, Upper Crown street. 10.
Hanover Street (North), from George square to Par-
liamentary road. 1.
Hanover Street (So.) f. Ingram st. to George sq. 1.
Harmony Place, Govan.
Harmony Road, Govan.
Hart Street, Westmuir. 2.
Hartfield Place, Parliamentary road, Townhead. 1 ,
Hartfield Street, Parliamentary road, Townhead. 1.

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