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Antigua Place, Nelson street. 1.
Apsley Place, head of Warwick street.
East side of do. 10; West side of do. 9.
Apsley Place, Great Western road. 7.
Ardgowan Place, Cumberland street. 10.
Ardgowan Street, off Crookston street. 9.
Argyle Arcade, 100 Argyle St. & 30 Buchanan st. 1.
Argyle Buildings, corner of M'Alpine street. 5.
Argyle Court, 90 Argyle street. 1.
Argyle Place, 315 Argyle street. 5.
Argyle Street, from Stockwell st. to Anderston. 8.
S. side of do. fr. Stockwell st. to M'Alpine st. 5.
Argyle Street, south side of do. from M'Alpine street
to Main street, Anderston. 8.
N. side of do. fr. Main St., Anderston, to Pitt st. 8.
North side of do. fr. Pitt st. to Buchanan st. 8.
N. side of do. fr. Buchanan st. to Glassford st. 1.
Argyle Street, Maryhill.
Argyle Terrace, Albert road, Crossbill, Crossmyloof.
Ark Close, 46 St. Enoch Wynd. 5.
Ark Lane, Duke street, north side. 2.
Arlington Place, Woodlands road.
Arlington Street, off Woodlands road.
Armadale Street, Dennistoun.
Armour Street, from Barrack street to Moore st. 2.
Arthur Place, Govan.
Ashburton Place, Renfrew Street. 6.
Ashfield Street, f. Allander st. to Helensburgh raily.
Ashlow Place, Byars' road, Hillhead.
Ashton Terrace, Hillhead, Parkville road, Dowanhill.
Ashton Vale, west end of Buccleuch street. 6.
Athole Place, Bath street. 6.
Athole Terrace, Queen's park.
Avenue Street, fr. Fordueuk st. to Crown Point st.
Avon Street, from Houston street to Shields road. 9.
Avonbank Terrace, Scotland street, Kingston.
Avondale Place, Paisley road, Govan.
Ayr Place, Carnarvon street. 7.
Ayton Court, 62 Old Vennel. 2.
Ayton Place, 52 Old Vennel. 2.
Ayton Street, off Blackfriars street.
Back Causeway, Westmuir. 2.
Back Wynd, 109 Trongate to Bridgegate. 5.
Bain's Court, Anne street, Port-Dundas. 7.
Bain's Court, 46 Clyde street, Anderston. 8.
Bain's Place, 151 West Nile street. 6.
Baird Street, off Glebe street.
Baird Street, Westmuir. 2.
Balmanno Place, from George st. to Shuttle st. 1.
Balmanno Street, from George st. to Rottenrow. 1.
Balmoral Place, Caledonia road. 10.
Balmoral Place, St. George's road. 6.
Balmore Street, f. Saracen st. to Helensburgh raily.
Baltic Street, off Oswald street, Bridgeton.
Baltic Street, Parkhead. 3.
Bank Place, Govan.
Bank Street, Hillhead, from Great Western to
Saughfield road.
Bank Street, Port-Dundas. 1.
Barber's Close, 97 Saltmarket. 4.
Barclay's Court, 14 Main Street, Calton. 4.
Bardowie Street, from Carbeth st. to Ashfield st.
Barony Glebe, Townhead. 1.
Barony Street and Place, east end of Stirling rd. 1.
Barrack Street, from Gallowgate to Duke street. 2.
Barracks, Infantry, Gallowgate. 2.
Bartholomew Street, off Dalmarnock road. 3.
Bath Crescent, west end of Bath street. 6.
Bath Lane (East), Bath street to Cathedral st. 6.
Bath Street, from Buchanan street to North st. 6.
Bath Street Lane, fr. W.Nile St. to Blythswood sq. G.
Bazaar, 72 Candleriggs. 1.
Beaver Court, 45 King street, Tradeston. 9.
Bedford Lane, from Main street to Surrey st. 10.
Bedford Street, from Surrey street to Egliuton st.
Do. f. west side of Warwick st. to Eglinton st. 9.
Do. f. east side of Warwick st. to Portugal st. 10.
Bedford Place, Renfrew street, Garnethill. 6.
Belch Place, corner of Elderslie street. 8.
Belgrave Place, top of Finnieston street. 8.
Belhaven Place, from Scotia Place to Newton st. C.
Belgrave Street, from St. Vincent st. to Kent road.
Belhaven Terrace, Great Western road, Hillhead.
Bell Street, from Candleriggs to High Street. 1.
Bell Street, Bridgeton, off Anne street. 3.
Bell Street, Calton, fr. Stevenson st. to Blillroad st. 4.
Bellfield Street, off Gallowgate. 2.
Bellfield Terrace, Duke street.
Bellgrave Place, Wilson street, Hillhead.
Bellgrave Terrace, Great Western road, Hillhead.
Bellgrove Place, Bellgrove street.
Bellgrove Street, fr. Gallowgate to Duke street. 2.
Belmont Terrace, Great Western road.
Belvedere, London road. 3.
Bellevue Place, 202 Garngad hill. 2.
Bengal Street, Pollokshaws.
Bennie's Court, 285 Argyle street. 5.
Berkley Street, off North street. 8.
Berkley Terrace, Berkley street, off North st.
Bernard Street, off Queen Mary Street, Bridgeton.
Bilsland Open, 56 Kirk street, Calton. 4.
Binnie Place, Monteith Row, east end. 4.
Bishop Street, Main St., Anderston, to Greenhill st. 8.
Bishop St. P.-Dundas, fr. Milton st. to Dobbie's lo. 1.
Bishop Place, north end of Bishop st. 8.
Black Boy Close, 35 Gallowgate. 2.
Black Street, off Parliamentary road.
Blackfauld's Place, off Canning St., Calton.
Blackfriars' Street, High street, east side. 2.
Blair's Court, 23 Jamaica street. 5.
Blair St., f. Tobago st. to Cumberland st., Calton.
Blenheim Place, Campbell street, west. (i.
Bloomfield Place, Hillhead.
Bloomfield Place, Govan.
Bluevale, from Whitevale to Drygate toll. 2.
Blyth's Court, 17 Virginia, street. 1.
Blythswood Holm, f. Wellington st. to Anderston
Blythswood Place, St. Vincent street. 6.
Blythswood Square, west end of West George st. 6.
Blythswood Terrace, from Main street to Douglas
street in Bothwell street. 6.
Boarhead Close, 66 High street. 2.
Boden Street, off London road.
Bolton Street, Kinning park. 9.
Botanic Gardens, north side of Great Western road,
Bothwell Circus, west end of Bothwell street. 8.
Bothwell Place, Hillhead, from Great Western road
to Otago street.
Bothwell Place, 93 Pitt street. 8.
Bothwell Street, from Hope street to Terrace st. 6.
Bothwell Lane, f. West Campbell st. to Mains st. 6.
Bothwell St., Anderson, f. Greenhill to North st. 8.
Bothwell Terrace, Bank street, Hillhead.
Bowling Green Terrace, Walkinshaw street.
Braco St., from Raglan st. to St. George's road. 7.

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