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cancelled by -writing or impressing in ink the
name or initials, date, and particulars relating to
the insurance for which the stamp is adapted (23
and 24 Vict. c. Ill, § 9 ; 24 and 25 Vict. c.
91, § 33).]
2. FIRE.
Duty on each policy, or other instrument, and on
any note or memorandum given as a receipt for
money preparatory to such policy (28 Vict. c.
30). ------- Id.
The percentage duty on Fire Insurances repealed
from and after 25th June, 1869 (32 and 33 Vict.
c 14, § 12).
Insurances by Foreign companies of property in this
country liable to same duties as Insurances by com-
panies in this country, 19 Vict.c.22. Reassurances
chargeable with the policy stamp. — lb. § 6.
Exemptions. — Public hospitals; agricultural pro-
duce, farming stock, and implements of husbandry,
provided the insurance shall be effected by a sepa-
rate and distinct policy ; any workman's tools, for
the benefit of the workman, not exceeding £20, if
by a separate policy, or by a distinct sum being
insured on them (23 and 24 Vict. c. Ill, § 11).
3. SEA.
Iusurance made for a voyage, " and also for time,
or to extend or to cover any certain time beyond
twenty-four hours after the ship shall have arrived
at her destination and been there moored at anchor,"
chargeable with duty for a vovage and for time
(30 Vict. c. 23, § 11).
For every policy (after 31st May, 1867) of sea in-
surance for or upon any voyage —
In respect of every full sum of £100, and in
respect of any fractional part of £100 thereby
insured, ------ 3d.
For every policy of sea insurance for time —
In respect of every full sum of £100, and in
respect of any fractional part of £100 thereby
When the insurance shall be made for any time
not exceeding six months, - 3d.
When the insurance shall be made for any time
exceeding six months and not exceeding twelve
months, ------ 6d.
But if the separate and distinct interests of two or
more persons shall be insured by one policy for a
voyage or for time, then the duty of threepence,
or the duty of threepence or sixpence as the case
may require, shall be charged thereon in respect of
every full sum of £100, and every fractional part
of £100, thereby insured upon any separate or
distinct interest (30 Vict. c. 23, Schedule B).
"Sea insurance" means any instrument (including
re-insurance) upon any ship, or the machinery,
tackle, or furniture of any ship, or upon goods,
merchandise, or property on board of any ship, or
upon the freight or other interest which may be
lawfully insured in or relating to any ship.
" Policy " means any instrument whereby a con-
tract or agreement for sea insurance shall be made
(30 Vict. c. 23, § 4).
Commissioners of Inland Revenue to provide blank
policies printed (form Schedule E to Act), stamped.
These forms may be bought at price of duty.
Before delivering out, officer of Inland Revenue to
mark or write thereon day, month, and year of
delivery. Penalty for wilful neglect £100 (ib. § 5).
No contract or agreement for sea insurance (other
than such insurance as is referred to in 25 and 26
Vict. c. 63, § 55) shall be valid unless expressed
in a policy. Policy shall specify the particular
risk, names of underwriters, and sums insured.
If omitted, policy null and void (ib. § 7).
Policy for any time exceeding twelve months null
(tf.'§ 8).
Policy not good or available in law or equity unless
duly stamped, and cannot be stamped after it is
signed or underwritten by any person, except in
two cases, to wit: —
1. Policy of mutual insurance may be stamped
with additional duty, provided it shall not be un-
derwritten at the time to an amount exceeding the
sums the stamps already on it will warrant.
2. Policy made abroad may be stamped within the
time specified in the Act 28 and 29 Vict. c. 96,
§ 15, to wit, two months after being received in
the United Kingdom (ib. § 9).
Alterations on the terms and conditions of a policy
may be made after it is underwritten — if made
before notice of determination of risk originally
insured — and shall not prolong the period beyond
six months in the case of a policy for less than
six months, or beyond the period allowed by the
Act in the case of a policy made for more than
six months, and if the property of the articles
insured remains the same, and no additional or
further sums shall be insured.
Carrier by sea, or other person who, for money paid
as additional freight, or otherwise, takes the risk
of goods, etc., when on board ship, or engages to
indemnify the owner of such goods, &c, from loss,
such shall be deemed a contract for a sea insur-
Penalty of £100 is imposed on a person who shall
become an assurer upon a sea insurance, unless by
policy duly stamped (ib. § 13).
Penalty of £100 is imposed on a person who shall
procure a sea insurance unless there shall be a
policy duly stamped (ib. § 14).
Penalty of £100 is also imposed upon a broker,
agent, or other person negotiating a sea insurance
contrary to the Act, or writing an agreement for
a sea insurance not duly stamped (ib. § 14).
Penalty of £100 is imposed for issuing a document
purporting to be a copy of a policy if there shall
not be a duly stamped policy existing at the time
(ib. § 15).
Broker, agent, or other person negotiating a sea
insurance, shall not have right to charge for his
trouble, nor for the premium which he may have
paid, unless there shall be a duly stamped policy.
Money paid to such broker, &c, shall be held to
be paid without consideration, and shall remain
the property of the employer, his executors or
assigns (ib. g 16).
Policy of any lawful insurance, not Life Insurance,
Fire Insurance, or Sea Insurance, viz., Policy of
Insurance upon any property or interest whatever
from los9 or damage of any kind ; also, Policy of
Insurance, whereby any sum of money shall be
assured to be paid only upon the death of any
person from accident or violence, or otherwise than
from natural causes, or as compensation for a
personal injury. — Also,

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