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1. Aberdeen Town and County Bank,
2. Bank op Scotland,
3. British Linen Co., ...
4. Caledonian Banking Co., ...
5. Central Bank of Scotland,
G. City op Glasgow Bank,
7. Clydesdale Banking Co , ...
8. Commercial Bank of Scotland, ...
9. National Bank of Scotland,
10. North of Scotland Banking Co.,...
11. Royal Bank of Scotland, ...
12. Union Bank of Scotland, ...
Abekchirder, No. of Scot., J. Alexander, jun.
Aberdeen, Bank of Scotland, J. A. Sinclair
" British Linen Co., J. Manson
" City of Glasgow, Cruickshanks
[& Morrison
" Commercial, G. Milne
" National Bank, A. Chivas
" Royal Bank, Smith & Cochran
" Union Bank, D. Wyllie
Abelfeld y, Central, R. Peter & J. Paterson
" Union Bank, G. Rankin
Aberlour, Union Bank, W.Stuart
Abington, Com mercial Bk. , A.W. Paterson
Aboyne, North of Scotland. J. Ogg
Airdrie, Bank of Scotland, G. Thomson
City of Glasgow, D. Mitchell
" Clydesdale Bank, J. Watson
" National Bank, J. Kidd
Alexandria, Clydesdale Bank, L.Guthrie
Alford, Aberdeen & County, W. Garden
" North of Scotland, F. Stephen
Alloa, Clydesdale, J. Fotheringham
" Commercial Bank, J. Moir
" National Bank, D. M'Watt
" Union Bank of Scot., T. Brydie
Alva, Union Bank of Scot., W.Cowan
Alyth, Bank of Scot., D. H. Halkett
" Royal Bank, W. Yeaman
" do. Airlie Street, W. Jaap
Annan, Bk. of Scot., J. Moffat, sen . & j un .
" British Linen Co., R. Irving
" Commercial, Simpson & Skelton
Anstrtjther, Clydesdale Bank, J. Smith
" - Commercial Bank, P. Oliphant
" National Bank, H. B. M'Intosh
Arbroath, Bank of Scotland, J. Muir
" British Linen, J. A. Dickson
" Clydesdale, Chapel & In verwick
" Commercial, M'Donald &, Rollo
" Royal Bank, Binny & Hutton
Ardrossan, Bank of Scotland, D. I. Mack
" City of Glasgow, J. Emslie
" Royal Bank, J. L. Bailey
Auchin blae, City of Glasgow, J. Farquharson
" North of Scot. Bank, R. Crabb
Auciiterarder, Central Bank, J. Smitton
" Union Bank, W.&W. L. Young
Auciitermuciity, ...Union Bank, R. Playfair
" Bank of Scot., H. W. Walker
Ayr, Bank of Scot, J.& J. M'Mutrie
" City of Glasgow, W. Pollock
" Clydesdale Bank, R. M. Kay
" Commercial Bank, H. C. Gray
" National B.tnk, G. Gemmell
W. Littlejohn, 93 Union Street, Aberdeen
D. Davidson, Bank Street, Edinburgh
P. Brodie, 38 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh
C. Waterston, High Street, Inverness
Arch. Burns, St. John Street, Perth
Alex. Stronach, 24 Virginia Street, Glasgoio
Geo. Readman, 10 Miller Street, Glasgoio
A. K. Mackenzie, George Street, Edinburgh
W. J. Duncan, 42 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh
R. Lumsden, 1 King Street, Aberdeen
L. Robertson, 36 St. Andrew Square, Edinburgh
C. Gairdner, 97 Ingram Street, Glasgow
Ayr, Royal Bank, D. Campbell
" Union Bank, Hunters & Co.
Ayton, Commercial Bank, J. Bowhill
" Royal Bank of Scot., W.Carter
Balfron, British Linen, M. Robertson
BALLACHULisn,......Bank of Scot., A. Pitcairn
Ballater Union Bank, G. Haynes
Banff, Aberdeen & County, W. Coutts
" City of Glasg., Crosbie & Forbes
" Commercial Bank, A. M'Ewen
" National Bank, T. Adam
" North of Scot., R. Morrison
" Union Bank, J. Rust
Balmacara,, Commercial Bank, J.Finlayson
Banchory Aberdeen & County, J. Anderson
" North of Scotland, W. Sim
" Union Bank, J. Malcolm
Barrhead, Bank of Scotland, A. Brownlie
" City of Glasgow, P. M'Lean
" Union Bank, M. Anderson
Bathgate, Clydesdale Bank, R. Brock
" National Bank, J. Johnston
" Royal Bank, A. & D. Simpson
" Union Bank, M. K. Buyers
Beauly', Bank of Scotland, J. Sinclair
" Commercial Bank, A. Fraser
Beitii Clydesdale Bank, W. Ramsay
" Commercial Bank, J. Faulds
" Union Bank, W. & W. F. Lov&
Bervie, Aberdeen & County, R. Glegg
" No. of Scot., A. W. Henderson
BERWiCK-on-Tweed, National, S. Sanderson
Biggar, Commercial Bk., T. Paul, jun.
" National Bank, A. Pairman
" Royal Bank, D. Thomson
Blackford, Central Bank, D. Lawson
Blair-Athol, Union Bank, A.Stewart
Blairgowrie, Bk. of Scot., A. & R.Robertson
" Commercial Bank, J. Anderson
" Union Bank, W. S. Soutar
Bonar Bridge, Caledonian Bank, A. S. Black
Bonhill, Commercial Bank, P. Moir
Bo'ness, Clydesdale Bank, P. L. Forgan
" Royal Bank, J.Anderson
Brechin, British Linen Co., D. D. Black
" City of Glasgow Bank, J. Don
" Clydesdale Bank, Geo. Scott
" Royal Bank, D. Guthrie & Sons
" Union Bank, Gordon & Lamb
Bridge of Allan, ..Union Bank, W. Baird
BROUGHTY-FERKY,..Bank of Soot., J. C. Lindsay
" City of Glasgow, J. E. Methven
Broxburn, Union Bank, M. K. Buyer9
Buckiiayen, Royal Bank, D. Wilkie

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