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and Australian Chartered Bank, Bank of Otago,
Bank of New Zealand, Bank of Australasia, London
and South African Bank and branches, Agra and
Masterman's Bank at Calcutta, Bombay, aud Madras,
and the Asiatic Banking Corporation at Bombay,
Colombo, Singapore, Calcutta, Hong Kong, and
Shanghai. Bills negotiated on all towns in Great
Britain and Ireland, and abroad, where there is a
bank. Circular letters of credit issued for the use
of travellers on the continent.
British Linen Company Bank, Laurieston. —
"Win. Neilson, agent.
British Linisn Company Bank, 135 Canning
Street. — John Buchanan, agent.
City of Glasgow Bank, 24 Virginia Street —
Alexander Stronach, manager; John Low, secretary;
George Roy, law secretary; John Turnbull, cashier;
K. S. Stronach, accountant; William Miller, super-
intendent of branches; Robert Graj', inspector;
William Sinclair, Wm. M'Aslan, John Morris, and
Charles G. Ross, tellers. Branch Offices in Glasgow
— Anderston, Charles Phillips, agent; Calton, Andw.
Reid aud W. S. Harvey, agents; Charing Cross,
Hugh Orr, agent; Cowcaddens, John Graham and
J. Tennent, agents; Gorbals, Thomas Smith, agent;
Laurieston, Win. Reid, agent ; St. Vincent Street,
James Dale, agent ; Trongate, William Robertson,
agent, and Robert Murdoch, assistant agent ; West
End (174 Argyle Street), W. R. Crombie, agent.
Draw on Bank of England ; London Joint Stock
Bank ; National Provincial Bank of England and
branches ; Manchester and Liverpool District Bank
and branches; Manchester and Salford Bank;
Beckett & Co., Leeds ; Leeds and County Bank and
branches ; Stourbridge and Kidderminster Bank and
branches ; York Union Bank and branches ; Carlisle
City and District Bank and branches ; Coventry
Union Bank ; Samuel Smith & Co., Derby ; Hud-
dersfield Banking Company and branches ; Samuel
Smith Brothers & Co., Hull ; Nottingham and Notts
Bank and branches ; Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank
and branches ; Sheffield Banking Company and
branches; Ulster Banking Company and branches;
Provincial Bank of Ireland and branches; Bank of
Ireland and branches ; North of Scotland Bank and
branches ; Central Bank and branches ; Bank of
Montreal and branches; Union Bank of Australia;
Bank of New Zealand and branches. Negotiates
bills generally on all places throughout the United
Clydesdale Bank, Miller Street. — George
Readman, manager ; William Brown, deputy-
manager; Alexander Mathers, secretary; Michael
Balmain, assistant manager ; William Tod, cashier ;
John Patersou, and Peter Clark, inspectors of
branches ; David Ferguson, accountant ; D. Mac-
millan, John Balgarnie, D. Nicol, W. H. Smith,
tellers. Branch Offices — -90 Trongate, P. B. Junor,
agent ; Moore Place Branch, Thomas Keay, agent ;
Hutchesontown Branch, Robert Campbell, agent;
Laurieston Branch, Duncan M'Laurin, agent;
Paisley Road Branch, Duncan M'Laurin, agent.
Draw on Barnetts, Hoares, & Co., London ; and
London and Westminster Bank, London ; Liverpool
Union Bank, Liverpool ; Manchester Union Bank ;
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank and branches;
W. W. Brown & Co , bankers, Leeds ; Birmingham
and Midland Bank ; Sheffield Banking Company ;
W. H. Lambton & Co., Newcastle, and branches;
Huddersfield Banking Company and branches; Hull
Banking Company and branches ; Halifax Joint
Stock Bank ; Carlisle City and District Bank and
branches ; West of England and South Wales Dis-
trict Bank, Bristol, and branches ; National Provin-
cial Bank of England and branches ; Moore &
RobinsoD, bankers, Nottingham ; Coventry Union
Bank ; Yorkshire Bank, Leeds, and branches ;
Lancaster Banking Company and branches ; Bank
of Whitehaven; Whitehaven Joint Stock Bank;
Barnsley Bank ; County of Gloucester Bank and
branches ; Derby and Derbyshire Bank and branches;
Messrs. Gurneys & Co., Norwich, and branches;
C. Harve}' & Son, bankers, Longton, Staffordshire;
Royal Bank of Ireland, Dublin; National Bank
and branches ; Ulster Bank and branches ; Belfast
Bank and branches ; Central Bank of Scotland,
Perth, and branches; North of Scotland Bank,
Aberdeen, and branches ; Caledonian Bank, Inver-
ness, and branches ; certain branches of the City of
Glasgow, National, Royal, and Union Banks ; Com-
mercial Bank of Canada and branches; Union Bank
of Halifax, Nova Scotia.
Commercial Bank of Scotland, 10 Gordon-
Street. — Agents, Stuart & Sloane; accountant,
Robert Mitchell. Sub-branch, 15 Trongate; John
Wyse, pro-agent. St. Enoch Square, Wm. M'K.
Cameron, pro-agent. Are agents for, or draw on,
the following establishments — viz., London and
Westminster Bank, London ; Coutts & Co., London ;
Beckett & Co., Leeds ; Birmingham Banking Com-
pany ; Birmingham Joint Stock Bank ; Boyle, Low,
Murray, & Co., Dublin; Bradford Banking Company ;
Bank of Whitehaven; Carlisle City and District
Bank and branches ; Central Bank of Scotland and
branches ; Cumberland Union Bank and branches ;
Hardcastle, Cross, & Co., Bolton ; Halifax Joint
Stock Banking Company ; Hibernian Bank ; Hull
Banking Company and branches ; Lambton & Co.,.
Newcastle; D. Latouche & Co., Dublin; Leicester-
shire Banking Company and branches ; Liverpool
Commercial Bank; Manchester and Salford Bank;
Manchester and Liverpool District Bank and
branches; National Provincial Bank of England and
branches ; National Bank (Ireland) and branches ;
branches of the Bank of Scotland ; North of Scotland
Banking Company and branches ; Northern Banking
Company, Belfast, and branches ; Paris Banking
Company, Warrington, and branches ; Preston Bank-
ing Company and branches ; Royal Bank of Ireland,
Dublin ; Sheffield Banking Company; Warwick and
Leamington Banking Company, Leamington ; West
Riding Union Banking Company, Huddersfield, and
branches ; Wolverhampton and Staffordshire Banking
Company, Wolverhampton ; J. & J. C. Wright &
Co., Nottingham ; York Union Bank and branches ;
Commercial Bank of Canada and branches ; Wake-
field and Barnsley Union Bank ; J. G. Kings Sons,
New York ; Commercial Banking Company, Sydney,
N.S.W. ; Union Bank of Australia and branches ;
De Rothschild Brothers, Paris ; Oriental Bank, India,
China, Australia, Ceylon, and the Mauritius ; Bank
of Natal, Africa ; Bank of New Zealand.
Glasgow Southern Savings Bank, 42 Nor-
folk Street. — Thomas Smith, agent ; City of Glasgow
Bank, Gorbals, treasurer. Open every Monday and
Wednesday evening from seven till nine o'clock, and
every Saturday evening from six till nine o'clock.
This Bank is under the general superintendence of a
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