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Sir Michael Shaw Stewart, Bart., Sir Robert
Milliken Napier, Bart., Sir Archibald Islay Camp-
bell, Bart., the Hon. George F. Boyle, Robert
Dalglish, M.P., William Graham, M.P., W. S.
Stirling Crawford, the Messrs. Houldsworth, patrons;
Colonel D. C. R. Carrick Buchanan, Drumpellier,
president ; W. C. Paterson, Ashville, Partick, vice-
List of Matches. — April 18, at Partick,
W. S. C. C , v. Officers of 21st Regt.— Opening match
and promenade. Mav 18, 19, at Partick, v. Grange.
May 24, 25, 26, at Partick, v. All England Eleven.
June 2, at Perth, v. Perthshire. June 6, 7, at
Partick, v. North of Ireland. June 9, at Partick,
v. Dalkeith. June 16, at Partick, v. Officers of 21st
Regiment — return match. June 23, at Stirling,
v. Stirlingshire. June 30, at Partick, v. Drumpellier.
July 6, 7, at Edinburgh, v. Grange — return match.
July 13, 14, at Belfast, v. North of Ireland — return
match. July 14, at Partick, v. Merchiston Castle,
with professional. July 21, at Partick, v. Stirling-
shire — return match. July 28, at Partick, v.
Perthshire. August 4, at Drumpellier, v. Drum-
pellier. August 8, 9, at Partick, v. Free Forresters.
August 25, at Dalkeith, v. Dalkeith — return match.
Sept. 22, at Partick, v. ClosingMatch and Promenade.
Matches are also in course of arrangement with
the gentlemen of Ireland, borough of Tynemouth,
Northumberland, Kelso, and various other clubs.
John M'Neill, James Liiburn, William Scott
Paterson, John Binning, Daniel Duff, A. Hope
Fattison, directors; John Gilfillan, Clyde View,
Partick, hon. secretary ; John M'Neill, G. E. Mac-
vicar, John Gilfillan, joint-treasurers ; William L.
Baird, 55 'Moray Place, Glasgow, match committee
and Partick club secretary.
Subscriptions payable to John M'Neill, 20 Hope
Street, Glasgow, or to any of the joint-treasurers on
the ground only.
Instituted 1852.
H. E. C. Ewing, jun., president ; James Watson,
jun., 3 Windsor Terrace, secretary; G. H. Hntton,
treasurer; John Campbell, John Gardner, Neale
Thomson, Robert Hutchison, Thomas Orr, council;
John Gardner, Robert Patterson, Robert Hutchison,
match committee. Members, eighty. Annual sub-
scription for ordinary members, £1 lis. 6d.; honorary
members, £1. The monthly meetings of the club
take place on the first Tuesday of each month in the
clubhouse, Holyrood Park.
Robert Dalglish, M.P., commodore; the Hon. the
Lord Provost, Robert Dalglish, M.P., William
Graham, M.P., Archibald Orr Ewing, Lord Dean of
Guild, James Graham, deacon convener, trustees ;
William West Watson, city chamberlain, treasurer;
Archibald Murray, 16 St. Enoch Square, secretary.
The regattas takes place at Glasgow annually during
the fair week.
Objects. — -Facilities to working men for social
intercourse, mutual improvement, instruction, and
rational recreation. The Club is open every lawful
day from 9 a.m. till 10 p.m. Annual subscription,
5s.; quarterly, Is. Cd ; Monthly, 6d. ; Visitors, Id.
each. Trustees, William Holms, David Laidlaw,
James Clachan ; president, Charles Wright ; vice-
president, John Anderson; treasurer, James Bryan;
secretary, William Macgregor. Directors, Alexander
Campbell, John Lang, David Young, Laurence Max-
ton, James Mann, James Lochhead, William Gray,
William Arrol, Adam Mills, Bruce Blackwood, James
Young. Superintendent, Hugh Borland; keeper of
billiard and bagatelle tables, Robert Drummond.
Bank of Scotland, 66 Ingram Street. — Andw.
Neilson, manager ; George W. Hill, sub-manager.
Draw on Coutts & Co., and Smith, Payne, & Co.,
London ; on the Bank of England and branches ; on
the Manchester and Liverpool District Bank and
branches ; Carlisle City and District Bank ; Provin-
cial Bank of Ireland and branches ; Bank of Ireland
and branches ; Samuel Smith & Co., Nottingham ;
Old Bank, Bradford ; Preston Banking Company,
Preston and Lancaster ; Huddersfield Banking Com-
pany, Huddersfiekl ; National Provincial Bank of
England ; London and County Bank ; Bank of
Australasia; Chartered Mercantile Bank of India,
London, and China ; Bank of Bengal ; Bank of
British North America ; Bank of Otago, New Zea-
land ; Bank of New Zealand, Woods & Co., New-
castle and branches ; Burton, Uttoxeter, and Ash-
bourn Union Bank. Also, on the branches of the
Commercial Bank of Scotland ; British Linen Com-
pany; and Union Bank of Scotland; in towns
where they have no branches of their own. Bills
negotiated on all towns in Great Britain and Ireland,
where there is the branch of a bank, and in foreign
Bank of Scotland, Laurieston. — Jas. Gourlay,
Bank of Scotland, Sauchiehall Street. — A.
M'Lean, agent.
Bank of Scotland, Crown Street, Hutcheson-
town.- — J. Keith Sim, agent. Draw and negotiate
as above.
British Linen Company Bank, Queen Street.
— Andrew L. Fowler and John Gunn, agents; John
Bannerman and James Kirkwood, accountants; Geo.
Hunter, D. C. Nicol, John Hunter, and T. S. J.
Johnstone, tellers. Draw and issue letters of credit
on Smith, Pa3'ne, and Smiths, London; Bank of
England and branches ; S. Smith & Co., Notting-
ham ; Carlisle and Cumberland Bank; Sheffield and
Rotherham Bank, Sheffield ; J. Backhouse & Co.,
Darlington, Durham, Sunderland, and Hartlepool ;
Bank of Whitehaven, Whitehaven, and the Halifax
Joint Stock Bank, Halifax ; Bank of Ireland and
branches ; Messrs. James G. King Sons, New York ;
Bank of Montreal and agencies ; Bank of British
Columbia, New Westminster, British Columbia, and
Victoria, Vancouver's Island ; Bank of Upper
Canada, Toronto, and agencies ; English, Scottish,

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