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Head Office, 28 St. Vincent Place.
Instir. 1841. Incorporated by Royal Charter 1861.
His Royal Highness the Prince of Wales, patron ;
his Grace the Duke of Montrose, president ; his Grace
the Duke of Argyll, Right Hon. Lord Belhaven and
Stenton, Sir Archibald Islay Campbell of Succoth,
Bart., Sir James Campbell of Stracatb.ro, Sir Archd.
Alison, Bart., Sheriff of Lanarkshire, Sir William
Stirling-Maxwell, Bart, of Pollok, M.P., John Gordon
of Aitkenhead, Alex. Dennistoun of Golf hill, D. C.
R. C. Buchanan of Drumpellier, vice-presidents.
Committee of Management. — The Hon. John
Blackie, jun., Lord Provost of Glasgow, chairman ;
Dr. Frank Hay Thomson, vice-chairman; James
Campbell, jun., Wm. Church, jun., D. C. Bait, E.
D. James, A. Orr Ewing, D. S. Cargill, Robert
Walker, jun., Dr. Charles Blatherwick, Wm. James
Davidson, A. G. Macdonald, J. Wyllie Guild, George
Anderson, A. Harvey; A. Moore, C.A., acting sec.
The National Bank of Scotland, bankers.
The object of the Art-Union of Glasgow is to aid
in extending a knowledge of the fine arts, by distri-
buting among its members meritorious works of art.
A subscription of one guinea constitutes membership
for one year. The whole subscriptions, after deduct-
ing the necessary working expenses, are devoted to
the purchase of paintings, drawings, sculptures, en-
gravings, and other works of art.
CHOIR.— Instituted 1863.
William M. Miller, conductor.
Thomas Y. Wilson, president ; John Wise, vice-
president ; Andrew Scobbie, treasurer ; Thos. White,
Wm. Kerr, John H. Connell, Hugh Gait, and Robt.
Smillie, directors; Robert Montgomerie, 4 James
Street, Greenhead, secretary.
The object of the Choir is the study and practice,
with a view to public performance, of the higher class
of Choral music, published in the Tonic Sol-fa nota-
tion. The meetings are held in the City Hall Saloon,
Candleriggs Street, every Tuesday evening, from
8 till 10 o'clock.
The Choir, which at present numbers upwards of
200, admits new members who possess the Tonic
Sol-fa elementary certificate up till two months before
a concert, when the roll-book is closed for the time
being. Gentlemen's annual subscriptions, 5s., pay-
able half-yearly.
During the past session the Choir has performed
two complete oratorios at the Saturday evening
concerts given by the Abstainers' Union ; the first
of which was Haydn's " Creation," in October, 1865.
and the second, Handel's "Messiah," in April, 1866,
Handel's " Judas Maccabeus " will be the first subject
of study for next session.
Terms, 12s. 6d. Annual Subscription.
Curators— Dr. Thomas Watson, Alex. Murray,
George Watson. David Sandeman, James Burns, P.
S. Faill, Robert Goodwin, John Braidwood, Dugald
Bell ; George Hunter, secretary ; David Blackadder,
treasurer; E. W. Henry, librarian; Robert Knox,
acting librarian.
48 Miller Steeet.
Founded in 1791 by the late Walter Stirling,
merchant in Glasgow, and has since received many
very valuable additions from various donors. The
estimated number of volumes at present in the library
is about 30,000.
The library is open daily from 10 till 4, and from
7 till 9 in the evening, excepting Saturdays, when it
is closed at 12. It is the only free, library in Glas-
gow, and the public are supplied with ample facili-
ties for consulting the books in the library hall.
Life subscription to lending department, £5 5s. ;
annual. subscription, 15s. the first year, and 10s. 6d.
yearly afterwards.
Directors— From the Town Council, the Lord Pro-
vost, Bailie Murray, Walter M'Farhme,Wm. Wilson;
from Presbytery of Glasgow, Dr. Runciman, Dr.
Park of Cadder, Dr. Craik ; from Faculty of Fhysi-
ciansand Surgeons, Dr. Howatt, Dr. Geo. Buchanan,
Dr. Perry ; from Merchants' House, D. C. Rait, Jas.
Lumsden, James A. Campbell ; from Subscribers,W.
P. Allardyce, G. W. Clark, J. A. Begg, R. S. Cun-
liff, Rev. Dr. Jamieson, Michael Connal, William
Geo. Wilson Clark, hou. secretary; Wm. Euing,
extraordinary director; David Blair, librarian.
Queen Street,
Receives regularly all the London, English, Provin-
cial, Scotch, and Irish newspapers ; also, Commercial
Lists, French, German, Colonial, Canton, and Ameri-
can papers, with all the leading Reviews, Magazines,
&c. Open daily from 8 morning till 1 evening.
Strangers who are introduced by Subscribers, not
charged, unless they attend for more than four weeks.
Officers in garrison are permitted the free use of the
Chairman, John Henderson ; directors, L. Robert-
son, James M'Cleland, Archd. Smith, John Hender-
son, Robert Aitkcn, Robert Black, W. A. Anderson,
James White, Wm. Euing, Robt. Chrystal, Nathaniel
Stevenson, Robert Walker, Robt. M'Clure; secretary
and treasurer, Robert Stevenson.
Christian News, Saturday Morning, 142 Trong.
Evening Citizen, Daily, 34 St. Enoch Square.
Forsyth's Glasgow Advertising Sheet,
Fortnightly, on Saturday, at 50 St. Enoch Square.
Glasgow Citizen, Saturday, 34 St. Enoch Sq.
Glasgow Tijies, Wednesday, Ann Street.
Glasgow Herald, Daily ; office, 28 St. Yin-
cent Place.
Glasgoav Weekly Herald; office, 28 St.Yin-
cent Place.
Glasgow Weekly Mail, 102 to 114 Union St.
Glasgow Saturday Post and Paisley and
Renfrewshire Reformer, Saturday, 13 Turner's
Court, 87 Argyle Street.
Ladies' Own Journal, Saturday Morning, 10
Royal Exchange Square.
League Journal, Saturday, 108 Hope Street.

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