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63 John Street.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, patron ; James
Smith of Jordanhill, president; Professor Andrew
Buchanan, vice-president ; C. R. Dunlop of Clyde,
Walter Crum of The Rouken, J. Robertson Reid of
Gallowflat, Thomas Hill of Meirylee, Rev. Professor
Caird, Glasgow College, John M'Farlane, M.D.,
James M'Clelland, London, Andrew Anderson, MD.,
Rev. Dr. Henderson of Free St. Enoch's, J. G.
Hamilton, Hafton, Henry M'Call of Daldowie, Wm.
Euing, Adelaide Place, Wm. Jamieson, Park Circus,
extraordinary directors; John Kidston, Hugh Brown,
jun., John Pirrie, David Smith, and the physician,
secretary, and treasurer for the time being, acting
committee ; Dr. M'Call Anderson, 1 Woodside Cres-
cent, physician ; James Grahame, 57 St. George's
Place, hon. secretary; James M'Clelland, jun., 103
St. Vincent Street, treasurer.
Gratuitous advice, medicines, &c, to the poor
afflicted with skin diseases on Mondays and Fridays
at 2 o'clock p.m. A practical course for students
is held during the months of May, June, and July
each year. The Dispensary is entirely supported by
voluntary contributions. Since its foundation in
1861 upwards of 5000 patients have received
Athenreum Buildings, Ingram St. — Instituted 1861.
J. W. Jackson, 39 St. George's Road, president ;
Wm. Anderson, jun., 22 Duke Street, secretary;
Cyrus Gracie, 21 College Street, treasurer.
Members meet every Thursday evening from 8 till
10 o'clock, in the Athena?um Committee Rooms, for
the purpose of receiving and disposing of applications
for treatment, for reporting cases of alleviation and
cure, and for mutual encouragement and advice.
11 Mains Street.
Established 1853. Supported by voluntary con-
tributions for giving gratuitous advice and medicines
to the sick poor. Attendance daily at 2 o'clock
afternoon. Vaccination on Thursdays only.
Rev. R. S. Oldham, M.A, John B. Cowan, M.D.,
Wm. Houldsworth, William Couper, George Alston
of Craighead, and J. G. Smith of Lancefield, com-
mittee of management ; Charles Stirling, honorary
treasurer; John Matheson, jun., honorary secretary ;
George Aitken, M.D., J. Paton Watt, M.D., John
Barbour, M.D., medical officers ; George Buchanan,
surgeon -dentist; W. B. Hilliard, cupper; Mrs.
M'Corkle, matron.
Instituted 1843.
James H. Ferguson, president ; John Sloane, vice-
president ; Jas. Buchanan, librarian ; J. D. Veitch,
convener of ladies' committee; William G. Lindsay,
treasurer; Charles B. Aikman, secretary; James
H. Ferguson, James Buchanan, J. D. Veitch, Wm.
G. Lindsay, J. L. Aird, John Sloane, Charles B.
Aikman, John Dalrymple, Charles M'Killop, George
Stevenson, members of council.
Henry A. Lambeth, conductor; W. M. Foster,
leader of orchestra; George Jamieson, officer.
The Choral Union was formed in 1855 by the
amalgamation of the Glasgow Musical Association,
instituted in 1843, and the Glasgow Harmonic
Society, instituted in 1850. Including chorus and
orchestra, it numbers about 500 members. The
meetings are held in the Lesser City Hall, South
Albion Street, on the evenings of Monday, Wed-
nesday, and Thursday in each week during the
season. The part practisings of the chorus take
place on Mondays — soprano and alto, tenor and bass
alternately ; general rehearsals, chorus and orchestra
combined, on Wednesdays ; orchestra alone on
The object of the Union is the cultivation of a
taste for classical music, and for this purpose frequent
public performances are given, in addition to the
weekly meetings. The qualifications for membership
are a good voice and ear, or knowledge of an instru-
ment, combined with the ability to read music at
sight. A committee meets monthly to test applicants
for admission, who must previously make written
application to the secretary. Gentlemen pay an
annual subscription of 5s. Tickets in force for one
year from date of entry.
The Union receives subscriptions entitling to
tickets at four concerts during the season on the
terms stated in undernoted excerpt from rules : —
1. Ladies or gentlemen may subscribe to the con-
certs by an annual payment, which shall entitle each
subscriber to two reserved places at four concerts,
given by the Union during the currency of the sub-
2. The subscribers will be entitled to attend only
at the four principal concerts usually given by the
Union, as under : —
Two (morning and evening) on 1st January.
One in February, March, or April.
One in October or November.
3. Subscriptions will be received at two rates : at
£1 lis. 6d. for reserved places in principal part of
concert room, and at £1 Is. for second seats — in all
cases payable in advance.
4. Subscribers may enter at any time during the
year (except when lists are full, when they are admitted
as vacancies occur, and according to priority of appli-
5. The council may authorise subscribers to attend
or participate in the practisings of the Union ; but
such authority shall not be effectual beyond the
session in which it has been granted.
6. Should the Union at any time decide on con-
ducting or participating in a musical festival, the
admission of subscribers shall be suspended at any
time, and for such period as the council may deter-
mine; and the proportion of current subscriptions
then applicable to any of the four concerts to which
subscribers have the right of admission, shall be

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