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Objects — To combat and expose, by every legiti-
mate means, the pretensions and claims of the Pa-
pacy, as opposed to God's truth and the civil and
.religious liberty of mankind ; to disseminate a
knowledge of, and give directions to the all-import-
ant principles and interests involved in the Pro-
testant Reformation ; to expose and counteract the
insidious propagation of infidelity and other preva-
lent forms of unscriptural error ; to foster among the
members a vital Christianity, and to engage in any
work of Christian truth and usefulness that may fall
within the scope of the general principles and objects
of the association.
The Right Hon. Sir James Colquhoun, Bart, of
Luss, The Most Noble the Marquis of Westmeath,
patrons. G. H. Whalley, M.P., of Plasmadoc,
Rhuabon, J. C. Colquhoun, J.P., of Killermont,
Alex. Cunninghame, J.P., of Craig Ends, William
Kidston, J. P., Peter Steven, D. T. Doddrell,
Alex. A. Ferguson, Hugh Steven, Edward Harper of
London, Bailie Salmon, Councillor Neilson, John
M'Andrews, James Campbell, jun., "J.P., of Tilli-
chewan, William Johnstone, J. P., of Ballykilbeg, co.
Down ; William Colquhoun, J.P., of Rossdhu, Robert
Hunter, J. P., of Hunter, George M'Leod, Edward
Wingfield Verner, M.P., Commander Crichton, R.N.,
J.P., Michael Connal, J.P., John J. Muir, Andw.
Baird; Revs. Daniel R. Kilpatrick, Robert Howie,
M.A., David M'Taggart, D.D., George Philip, M.A-,
Andw. Clokie, John Roxburgh, D.D., John Robson,
D.D., Alexander Cumming, Donald M'Kinnon, John
Forbes, D.D., David Farquhar, Gilbert Johnston,
Henry Bachelor, A. B. Birkmyre, Neil Brodie of
Pollokshaws, J. G. Lorimer, D,D., Robert Wallaee,
Robert Elder of Rothesay, James Gibson, D.D.,
George Jeffrey, D.D., Robert T. Jeffrey, M.D., John
Isdale, Robert Gault, Jas. A. Wylie, LL.D., William
Trail, M. A., Andrew Leiper, William • Rossborough,
John Wilson, Ph.D., Alex. S. Paterson, D.D., Alex.
Hill, D.D., John M'Dermid, J. Thomson of Kilmar-
nock, A. B. Parker, D.D., James M'Naught, Robert
Williamson, M.A., of Ascog, Rothesay, Alexander
Oliver, B.A., Matt. Cochrane, M.A., Jas. Wells, M.A.,
May Burns, D.D., K. Thomson of Newcastle, A.
Urquhart, honorary presidents; Simon M'Lennan,
president; Professor Macklin, George Little, vice-
presidents; Peter Deans, 65 Dale Street, treasurer;
Hugh Macfarlane, 20 Oxford Street, secretary ;
John Mercer, 197 Upper Main Street, Gorbals,
assistant-secretary; James Salisbury, 4 Buchanan
Court, s.s., librarian; William Cunningham, John
Bethune, Thomas Fulton, John M'Ewan, Charles
M'Ewan, Arch. Buchanan, William M'Lay, M. J.
Mathews, D. M'Naughton, Duncan Wright, James
F. Sutherland, John M'Kinlay, general committee;
library rooms, 90 Norfolk Street, Laurieston.
Objects. — 1. The enlightenment of the community
generally in regard to the auti-christian character of
popery, its injurious influence upon individual mo-
rality, social well-being, and national prosperity ; and
its radical enmity against the pure word of God and
the civil and religious liberties of mankind.
2. The maintenance and defence of the positive
truths of revelation, as contained in the Scriptures
and summarised in the Westminster confession,
against Romanism, Infidelity, Unitarianism, and
other forms of anti-scriptural error.
3. The promotion of vital Christianity among the
members, and generally the aiding and co-operating
with all faithful Christians in every useful and pious
The Diocesan Association of Glasgow and Gallo-
way, consisting of theBishop, Instituted Clergy, and
Lay Delegates from the various congregations, meets
annual!}', after the Synod, in August, in St. Mary's
Church. The Society's objects are — 1. To provide
a fond for aged or infirm clergymen, and general aid
for congregations struggling with pecuniary difficul-
ties. 2. To assist candidates for the ministry. 3.
To provide schoolmasters, books, and tracts for the
poor. 4. To assist diocesau libraries. 5. To make
up all clerical stipends to £150 a year.
His Grace the Duke of Argyll, president ; the Earl
of Dalhousie, the Earl of Southesk, Lord Cowan, Sir
Andrew Agnew, Bart., Rev. ; Sir Henry Wellwood
Moncreiff, Bart., Sir Geo. Sinclair, Bart., Sir James
Campbell, Sir William Johnston, Principal Barclay,
Rev. John Cairns, D.D., Principal Candlish, Wm.
H. Crawfurd, James Cunningham, W. J. Duncan,
A. Murray Dunlop, M.P., Principal Fairbairn,
Robert Haldane, Andw. Jameson, Rev. Norman
Macleod, D.D., Robert Paul, vice-presidents.
General Board. — J. Henderson of Park, chairman.
W'estern Committee. — Rev. William Beckett, Jas.
A. Campbell, Rev. A. H. Charteiis, Wm. Crichton,
Henry Dunlop, Rev. Gustavus K. Flindt, Daniel
Forbes, Rev. James Henderson, D.D., John Hender-
son, William Kerr, Rev. John M'Dermid, Rev. D.
M'Taggart, D.D., Andrew MacEwan, Rev. Alex-
ander MacEwen, D.D., George Martin, James Mit-
chell, Rev. James Paterson, D.D., William P. Paton,
Rev. John Robson, D.D., Alexander Ronaldson, Rev.
David Russell, Rev. A. N. Somerville, Rev. William
Symington, G. L. Walker.
Eastern Committee.— Daniel Ainslie, Rev. Wm.
Anderson, Professor Balfour, George F. Barbour,
James Blackadder, John Boyd, Wm. Brown, Rev.
G. D. Cullen, Rev. J. Elder Cumming, James Dal-
mahov, P. Dalmahoy, Rev. D. T. K. Drummond,
Rev. W. H. Gray, James L. Hill, Rev. Thomas
Main, James Marshall, John Moir, M.D., James
Peddie, Hugh Rose, Alexander Stevenson, Rev.
Andrew Thomson, D.D., R. C. Williamson, John
Wright, Colonel Young.
Representative Directors. — Aberdeen, Neil Smith,
jun. ; Dumfries, Sheriff Trotter ; Dundee, Rev. James
Ewing; Greenock, Rev. J. J. Bonar; Helensburgh,
Thomas M'Micking ; Kelso, Rev. Henry Renton ;
Kilmarnock, Rev. John Symington ; Paisley, Rev.
William France ; Perth, Sheriff Barclay ; Stirling-
shire, John Harvey ; Stranraer, Rev. Robt. Hogarth.
Treasurers, Michael Honeyman, 65 West Regent
Street, Glasgow ; J. M. Bailie, C.A., 15 Northum-
berland Street, Edinburgh; auditor, David Scott,
C.A. ; secretaries, W. J. Slowan, 60 Virginia Street,
Glasgow ; Rev. Dr. Goold, 5 St. Andrew Square,
Edinburgh ; depositaries, James Kennedy, Glasgow ;
Thomas Dawson, Edinburgh. J

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