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Peter Beattie, inspector; assistant-inspectors —
John M. Mackay, in-door inspector ; Robt. William-
son, John Boag, Charles Forsyth, John G. Muir, W.
G. Downie, out-door inspectors; David Service, chil-
dren's inspector ; George Motion, inspector of claims
from other parishes ; George MacCracken, inspector
of other parish cases ; John MAuslan and Donald
Smith, assistant in-door inspectors ; Geo. Donaldson,
cashier; David Pringle, assistant-cashier and pay
clerk; George C. Eaukine, inspector's clerk; John
Ferrier, roll clerk; Wm. Johnston, DugaldM'Gregor,
Duncan M'Dougall, James Munro, clerks; James
Cassels, removal officer; Thomas Prosser, porter;
William Hannah, doorkeeper.
Out-Door Department.- — James D. Kirkwood, in-
spector of poor; Robert M'Farlane, bookkeeper;
Henry Reid, Robert Brown, and Robert B. Connor,
assistant -inspectors; John George Campbell and
Henry M'Enery, clerks; David Dreghorn, 5 Dixon
Street, collector.
WorJchovse Department. — Governor, John M'Cul-
ioch ; governor's clerk, Wm. Nimmo ; matron, Bar-
bara Gillies ; chaplain, Rev. Ales. Laurie ; teacher,
Jane M'Kellar; surgeon, William A. Liddell; porter,
John Brodie.
Govan Poorhonse, 220 Eglinton Street.
Govan Reformatory Schools (Male and Female),
220 Eglinton Street.
Committee of Management. — Sir Andrew Orr,Wm.
Scott, Archibald Walker, John Bryce, Robert Mor-
rison, Andrew Livingstone, Thomas M'Gowan, John
Wilson, Robert Gow, jun., James Gilmour, Thomas
Smith, Daniel Munro, Andrew Anderson, James
Mullen, James Callender, Robert Binnie, Thomas
Middleron, Daniel Innes, John M'Lean,Wm. Gillies,
T. Smith, John Docherty; Wm. Scott, chairman;
James Young Hamilton, inspector; Neil Smith, as-
sistant-inspector; James Chalmers, M.D., 158 Main
Street, medical officer; Dr. Young, 114 South Wel-
lington Street, medical officer's substitute; John
MTntosh, 73 South Portland Street, collector of
Barony Parish Statute Labour Conversion
Assessment. Collector's Office, 108 West Regent
Street — Thomas Gordon, collector.
Barony Parish Parochial Board. Cham-
bers, 38 Cochran Street — Peter Beattie, inspector;
C. S. Meek, collector of poor rates.
Bill-of-Entry Office in the Custom-House,
94 Great Clyde Street.
British and Irish Magnetic Telegraph
Company (Limited), in exclusive connection with
the Submarine Telegraph Company, 22 and 24
Exchange Square, and South-Western Railway Sta-
tion, Bridge Street.
Chamberlain's Office, City Chambers. — Wm.
West Watson, city chamberlain ; James Nicol, ac-
City Poor Assessment Offices, 70 Bell Street.
— David Hall, collector.
City and Suburban Gas Company's Office,
69 St. George's Place. Works, Dalmarnock. Wil-
liam Thomson, secretary ; Hugh Bartholomew,
Clyde Police Office, 16 Robertson Street.
Clyde Trustees Chambers, 16 Robertson St.
Commissary Clerk's Office, 44 West Regent
Street. — T. Donald, clerk; C. D. Donald, clerk-dep.
Custom House, 94 Great Clyde Street. — John F.
Moore Hodder, collector; Allan Ross, chief clerk; T. J.
Graham, George Wigmore, James Kellar, Charles
Burridge, James Whyte, M. O'Halloran, F. A. Mac-
killop, Thomas Christie, Wm. Sharpe, H. Cuthbert-
son, J. Ross, F. G. Taylor, E. Russell, D. A. Cameron,
John Hutcheson, P. Atkinson, J. T. Reyburn, James
Anderson, W. D. Gillies, R. Marshall, D. Rutherford,
P. Musgrave, J. Macfarlane, and John Moir, clerks;
Paterson Bamber and Spelman J. Smith, surveyors;
J. W. Foubister, assistant-surveyor; H. G. Sellwood,
J. Hogan, W. J. Mathews, C. M. Spalding, T. Gor-
don, J. K. Bruce, Geo. Ord, A. G. Anderson, J. E.
Davey, A. Scott, M. Costelloe, J. Cook, G. Clayton,
J. Forsyth, J. Allan, E. True, J. Adamson, D. Fraser,
O. Wilson, R. Goodwin, W. H. Jones, D. Lennox,
W. Francis, and J. Thomson, examining officers ;
John Taggart, principal coast-officer at Bowling Bay;
D. Sinclair, messenger and housekeeper. Hours of
attendance for despatch of public business — Long
Room department, from 10 till 4 ; on Saturdays,
from 10 till 2.
Dean of Guild Court. — Town Clerks, asses-
sors ; John Carrick, superintendent of streets and
buildings; Court sits every second and fourth Thurs-
day at 11 o'clock. The Court is presided over by
Archibald Orr Ewing, Dean of Guild, and the
brethren in council consist of eight members ap-
pointed by the Merchants' House and the Trades'
House. Thomas Muir, officer.
Electric and International Telegraph
Company. Offices — Lobby of Royal Exchange, 76
St. Vincent Street, and at the Railway Stations.
Excise Office, 13 Queen Street.
Extractor's Office, City Chambers.
Faculty of Physicians and Surgeons' Li-
brary, 242 St. Vincent Street.
Faculty of Procurators' Sale Hall, St.
George's Place.
Faculty of Procurators' Library, St.
George's Place.
Glasgow Gas Light Company's Office, 42
Virginia Street; Temporarj' Office, 86 Wilson Street.
— James Ritchie, engineer; Alexander Ross, secre-
tary; Charles Liddell, surveyor; John Purves, cashier.
Glasgow WateB Commissioners' Offices, 23
Miller Street.
Govan Poors' Office, 224 Eglinton Street. —
James D. Kirkwood, inspector of poor.
Govan Parish Poor Ra'i^s and Statute
Labour Office, 5 Dixon Street. — David Dreghorn,
Government Emigration Office", Custom
House. — Emigration officer, Capt. J. F. C. Ri 'Kenzie,
R.N. ; assistant emigration officer, Neil Thon?so n 5
medical inspector of emigrants, Dr. M'Call Anderso 1 * 1 )
surveyors of emigrant ships, John Curie, Alexander
M'Kinlay, and James Grier; Chas. M'Donald, clerk.
Harbour Master's Office, 16 Robertson st.
Inland Revenue Office, 13 Queen Street. —
George M'Callum, collector of Inland Revenue and

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