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If decree be given against the defender in his ab-
sence, poinding and sale, or imprisonment, as above,
can only follow after a charge of ten days.
The defender, on showing cause, may be allowed
to pay the sums decerned for by instalments.
The decrees of the Sheriff and of the Justices may
be executed in any county, on the same being en-
dorsed by the clerk of such county.
Any arrestment used in cases before the Sheriff
must be used within sixty days after the warrant is
obtained, and renewed every three months ; and such
arrestments may be loosed, on offering sufficient
caution, or on showing evidence of absolvitor or pay-
ment, or on consigning the sums demanded, if be-
fore decree.
The above forms will apply to any action of forth-
coming whatever, before the Sheriff, for making
effectual arrestments ; but in such cases both the
defender and arrestee must be cited to appear in court
on the same day.
Decrees, pronounced in this summary form by the
Sheriff, will only be reviewable by the next Circuit
Court of Justiciary ; or if there be no Circuit Court,
by the High Court of Justiciary at Edinburgh, on
the ground of corruption, or malice, or oppression,
on the part of the judge.
Such decrees, when pronounced by the justices,
will only be reviewable by a reduction before the
Court of Session, on the ground of malice and oppres-
sion on the part of the justices, and such reduction
will only be competent for one year, and finding
caution for costs.
No person is exempt from the jurisdiction of jus-
tices or sheriffs in such cases, by reason of privilege
as a member of the College of Justice.
The Bailies, judges — The Town Clerks, legal assessors.
Held every lawful day, at 10 o'clock, in the Police
Office, South Albion Street, Glasgow; and in the
Police Offices of Gorbals, Anderston, Calton, and
Cowcaddens respectively.
Sits every second and fourth Thursday of the month,
at' 11 o'clock, in the Burgh Court Hall.
Archibald Orr Ewing, Dean of Guild.
John Roxburgh, Sub-Dean.
J. Roxburgh, Sub-Dean. I Robert MacNab.
Alexander Harvey. James Sharp.
William Shaw. I Robert Neilson.
Robert M'Cord. | John Maclntyre.
The Town Clerks, assessors.
James W. Anderson, Bailie of the River and Frith
of Clyde.
Alexander Osborne, depute do. do.
The Bailie of the River Clyde holds a court in the
Court Hal], Robertson Street, on Mondays, Wednes-
days, and Fridays, at 10 a.m.
Sits every day for criminal and summary business.
Ordinary Court, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday.
Appeal Court, Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday.
Small Debt Court, Mondays, Wednesdays, and
Sheriff Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., advocate.
Substitutes, H. G. Bell, A. Smith, A. Strathern, and
Alex. Erskine Murraj%
Sheriff-Clerk, J. Drysdale.
Depute-Clerks, John Sim, Alexander Pearson, Wm.
Drysdale, George Sellar, and John Boyle.
Joint-Procurators-Fiscal, W. Hart and John GemmeL
Auditor of Accounts, P. T. Young.
Translator and Interpreter, James Assolari.
Bar Officers, W. Wilson and P. M'Gregor.
Sheriff-Substitute for the Upper Ward, John Neil Dyee,
Depute-Clerk, William Bryan Allan.
Fiscal, Hugh Davidson.
Court held at Lanark, Tuesdays and Fridays.
Sheriff-Substitute for the Middle Ward, Hamilton,
James Veitch, advocate ; Depute-Clerk, Thomas
M. Shirley; Fiscals, Thos. and Jas. Alston Dykes.
Court held at Hamilton on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Sheriff-Substitute for the Airdrie District, William
Logie; Depute-Clerk, Thomas Clark, jun. ; Fis-
cal, John M'Donald.
Court held at Airdrie on Tuesdays and Fridays.
Commissary, Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., advocate.
Commissary-Deputes, H. G. Bell, A. Smith, Alex.
Strathern, James Veitch, John Neil Dyce, Wm.
Logie, and Alexander Erskine Murray.
Commissary-Clerk, Thos. Donald, 44 W. Regent St.
Depute-Clerk, C. D. Donald, jun., 44 W. Regent St.
Procurators-Fiscal, W. Hart and John Gemmel.
Offices, County Buildings, Wilson Street.
Court held at Glasgow on Tuesdays, Wednesdays.,
and Fridays.
Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., advocate, Judge-
Admiral ; H. G. Bell, A. Smith, A. Strathern, and
Alexander Erskine Murray, advocates-depute; clerk,
J. Drysdale; depute-clerks, John Sim, Alex. Pearson,
William Drysdale, George Sellar, and John Boyle ;
procurators-fiscal, W. Hart and J. Gemmel ; auditoi-
of accounts, P. T. Young ; translator and interpreter,
J. Assolari ; bar officers, W. Wilson and P. M'Gregor.
Sir Archibald Alison, Bart., Sheriff of the County,
ex officio.
Members chosen by the Commissioners of Supply. —
Thomas Rennie Scott of Castlemains ; James Veitch,
Sheriff-Substitute, Hamilton; Robert Giseme, Ha-
milton ; William Logie, Sheriff-Substitute, Airdrie ;
James Hozier of Newlands ; Mark Sprot of Garn-
kirk : John Graham of Craigallion ; John Findlay of
Easterhill ; John G. C. Hamilton of Dalziel; Wm.
G. Mitchell of Carwood.
Members chosen by the Magistrates and Council of
Glasgow. — John Blackie, jun., Lord Provost of Glas-
gow, James Raeburn, James Salmon, George Grant,
jun., William Rae Arthur, James Couper, James
Thomson, John Thomson, John Mitchell, David
Dreghorn, William Whyte, William Govan, jun.,
James Lumsden, Dr. Joshua Paterson.
Member chosen by the Magistrates and Council of
Lanark.— Alexander M. Adams, Provost of Lanark.

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