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His Royal Highness Francis-Albert-Augustus-Charles-Emanuel, Duke of Saxe; Prince of Coburg and
Gotha, who was born August 26, 1819, and died December 14, 1861; and has issue —
1. Victoria-Adelaide-Mae y-Louisa, Princess Royal, b. November 21, 1840, m. January 25, 1858»
Prince Frederick- William of Prussia.
2. Albert-Edward, Prince of Wales, b. November 9, 1841, m. March 10, 1863, Princess Alexandra-
Caroline-Maria-Charlotte-Louisa-Julia, b. Dec. 1, 1844, eldest daughter of Christian IX.,
King of Denmark, and has issue, Prince Albert- Victor-Christian-Edward, 6. Jan. 8, 1864 ;
Prince George-Frederick-Ernest- Albert, b. June 3, 1865.
3. Alice- Maud-Mary, b. April 25, 1843, m. July 1, 1862, Prince Frederick-William-Louis of Hesse.
4. Alfred-Eenest-Albebt, b. August 6, 1844.
5. Helena-Augusta-Victoria, b. May 25, 1846.
6. Louisa-Caroline-Alberta, b. March 18, 1848.
7. Arthur- William-Patrick-Albert, b. May 1, 1850.
8. Leopold-George-Duncan- Albert, 6. April 7. 1853.
9. Beatbice-Maky-Victoria-Feodore, b. April 14, 1857.
Cousins of the Queen. — George, Duke of Cumber-
land (King of Hanover), b. May 27, 1819. George-
William-Frederick-Charles, Duke of Cambridge, b.
March 26, 1819, sue. 1850; Augusta,^. July 19, 1822,
m. June 28, 1843, Frederick, Grand Duke of Mecklen-
burg-Strelitz, and has issue; Mary, b. November 27,
1833. Their father, Adolpbus-Frederick, who died,
July 8, 1850, was b. February 24, 1774; m. May 7,
1818, Augusta, daughter of Frederick, Landgrave of
Hesse-Cassel, 6. July 25, 1797.
Maternal Cousin of the Queen. — Leopold II.,
King of the Belgians.
Lord Chamberlain — Viscount Sydney.
Vice- Chamberlain — Viscount Castlerosse.
Keeper of Privy Purse — General Grey.
Master of the Horse — Marquis of AHo4>ury.
Master of Buck-hounds — Earl of Besbborough.
Hereditary Earl Marshal — Duke of Norfolk.
Deputy — Lord Edward G. F. Howard.
Hereditary Grand Falconer — Duke of St. Albans.
Lord High Almoner — Bishop of Oxford.
Hereditary Grand Almoner — Marquis of Exeter.
Lord Steward — Earl of St. Germans.
Treasurer — Viscount Bury.
Comptroller — Lord Proby.
Mistress of Robes — Duchess of Wellington.
Ladies of the Bedchamber — Countess of Gains-
borough, Viscountess Jocelyn, Marchioness of Ely,
Dowager Duchess of Athole, Lady Churchill,
Countess of Caledon, Dowager Lady Waterpark,
Duchess of Rosburghe.
Extra Ladies of Bedchamber — Dowager Duchess of
Norfolk, Dowager Countess of Mount-Edgecumbe.
Bedchamber Women — Lady C. Barrington, Lady C.
Copley, Viscountess Forbes, Hon. Mrs. Campbell,
Viscountess Chewton, Hon. Mrs. A. Gordon,
Lady Codrington, Lady Sarah Lindsay.
Extra Bedchamber Women — Mrs. Pratt, Hon. Mrs.
R. Bruce, Lady A. Stanley.
Maids of Honour — Hon. Lucy Maria Kerr, Hon. C.
Cavendish, Hon. Flora Macdonald, Hon. Emily
S. Cathcart, Hon. Horatia Charlotte Stopford,
Hon. Harriet Lepel Phipps, Hon. Florence C.
Seymour, Hon. Mary-Louisa Lascelles.
Extra Maid of Honour — Hon. Eleanor Stanley.
Lords in Waiting — Earl of Caithness, Viscount
Torrington, Lord Camoys, Lord Rivers, Lord de
Tabiey, Lord Cremorne, Lord Methuen, Lord
Talbot de Malahide.
Extra Lord in Waiting — Lord Byron.
Chief Equery and Clerk Marshall — Lord A. Paget.
Master of Ceremonies — Hon. Sir E. Cust.
Captain of the Band of Gentlemen-at-Arms — Lord
Captain of the Yeomen of the Guard — Earl of Ducie.
Clerk of the Closet — Bishop of Worcester.
Physicians in Ordinary — Sir James Clark, Bart.,
M.D., Sir Henry Holland, Bart., M.D., William
Jenner, M.D.
Sergeant-Surgeons in Ordinary — Wm. Lawrence,
Csesar Henry Hawkins.
First Physician Accoucher — Sir C. Locock, Bart.,M. D.
Surgeon Oculist in Ordinary — W. W. Cooper.
Surgeon Apothecary to the Person — C. Du Pasquier.
Poet Laureate — Alfred Tennyson.
Painter — Sir George Hayter.
Groom of the Stole — Earl Spencer.
Keeper of the Privy Seal — Herbert Wm. Fislier.
Keeper of the Great Seal in Scotland — Sir W. Dun-
bar, Bart.
Lords of the Bedchamber — Earl of Mount-Edge-
cumbe, Lord Alfred Hervey.
Comptroller and Treasurer — Lieut.-Gen. Knollys.
Grooms of the Bedchamber — Hon. R. H. Meade,
Charles L. Wood.
Equerries — Major Teesdale, Major G. H. Grey, Lieu-
tenant-Colonel Keppel.
Private Secretary — H. W. Fisher.
Attorney-General — Sir Wm. J. Alexander, Bart.
Hon. Chaplains — Dean of Westminster, Rev. Clias.
Kingsley, Rev. H. M. Birch, Rev. Chas. F. Tarver.
Physicians in Ordinary — Wm. Jenner, M.D., Edwd.
Sieveking, M.D.
Surgeons in Ordinary — J. Paget, G. Pollock.
Surgeon Extraordinary — John Minter, M.D.
Hon. Physicians — Thomas K. Chambers, M.D., H.
William Acland, M.D., Alex. Armstrong, M.D.
Surgeon Dentist — Edwin Saunders.
Surgeon Apothecary — Claudius F. Du Pasquier.

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