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236 Robertson, Ch as. superintend.
Eastern Necropolis ; ho.
82 Dalmarnock st
Robertson, Jobn, boot and
shoemaker, 111 Gt. East.
rd ; ho. 4 Coalhill st
Rodger, Hugh, Crown point
Grinding works, Crownpt
Russell, A. saddler, Camlach
Shanks, W. grocer and spirit
dealer, 522 Duke st
Shannon, Wm. blacksmith,
229 Westmuir
Smith, David, Reddrie Bank
Smith, John, toll contractor,
2 Cumbernauld rd
99 Steel, Thos. vict. and grocer ;
ho. 3 Coalhill st. Camlachie
Steven, Wm. brickmaker and
builder; ho. 34 Kent st
Stevenson, A. C. 14Whitev.st
Stevenson, W. Newlands far
Stevenson & Little, glass bottle
manufs. Camlachie
Stewart, Alex. 37 East Hope
st. Camlachie
Stewart, James F. wadding
manufacturer, 447 Duke st;
house, 170 Hope st
Stout, Andw. spir. mer. 202
Gt. Eas. rd; ho. 281 do
Sutcliffe, John, keeper, Gun-
powder Magazine, Carn-
tyne, by east-end Duke st ;
house, Carntyne, Duke st
Taylor, Henry J. Springbank
Tennent, John, Netherfield,
Duke st
The Prioress Convent of the
Good Shepherd, Dalbeth
The Reformatory School,Dal-
beth, by Parkhead
Thomson, A. & Co. rope
manufs. 190 Gt. East, rd.;
ho. Longpark cottage, do
Todd, George, off Haghill
Troup, Charles, teacher, 346
Great Eastern rd
Ure, Wm. iron and malleable
cast-iron founder, Crown-
point st.; house, 20 White-
vale st
Waddell, John, wine and spir.
mer. 327 Gt. Eastern rd
Waddell, Thomas, road con-
tractor, Riddrie vale, Cum-
bernauld rd
222 Wagget, J. pawnbroker, Gt.
Eastern rd
221 Walker, Mrs. spirit dealer,
Springbank, London rd
Wallace, James (of William
Wallace & Son), Burnbank
Wallace, William, & Son,
bleachers and finishers,
Burnbank, east. Letters
and orders left at Mr.
Fisher's, 5 W. Nile st. Glas.
221 Watson, G. baker, Great
Eastern rd
11 Watson, R. groc. Westmuir;
house, 4 Gray's la
81 Wellwood, S. wine and spirit
dealer, Great Eastern rd. ;
house, 4 Broad st
Wilson, Chas. 296 Mauldslie
ter. London rd
155 Wilson, Wm. spirit merchant,
Westmuir st
143 Wilson, W.grocei-, Westmuir
Willox, Andw. wine & spirit
mer. 66, 68 Great Eastern
rd.; ho. 74 Whitevale st
50 Winning, Thos. grocer, Great
Eastern rd
Winning, Wm. mineral borer
and well sinker ; house, 1
Winning's pi. Westmuir
Wood, John, gardener, New
Bank gards.; ho. New Bank
127 Young, James, spirit dealer,
Great Eastern rd.; house, 3
East Union st
70 Young, T. surgeon and drug-
gist, Great Eastern rd
274 Young, W. surgeon, G.East.rd
Yuill, Thos. house factor, 119
Great Eastern rd
Allan, Arthur, sen. magistrate
John Morrison, jun.) junior
Thomas Wingate, ) magistrates
Robert Carrick, George Thomson,
Robert Robinson, Alexander C.
Shanks, John White, John
Wilkie, Peter M'Gaw, sen. John
Anderson, Andw. Hosie, burgh
Matthew Walker, burgh clerk
Gavin Paisley, treas. and collector
Jas. Paterson, M.D. medical officer
Andrew Edwards, superintendent
of police and fiscal
Addie, Peter (of Addie & Smith),
house, Turnerfield
Aikman, Thomson (of Thomson,
Aikman, & Co.) ho. Inchview
Alexander, William (of Wm. Alex-
ander & Son), Apsley house
Allan, John, Laurel bank
Allan, Wm. spirit merchant, Smith
st. Whiteinch
Allester, David (of Allester& Co.),
house, 23 Elgin ter
Anderson & Co. ironfounders, Par-
tick; house, Meadowvale
Anderson, Archd. plain and deco-
rative painter, 344 Hamilton pi;
house, Graham place
Anderson, Rev. Henry, Rosevale
Anderson, H. L. painter, Hillside ;
house, Partick hill
Anderson, John, grocer and wine
merchant, 298 Dumbarton rd;
house, Pekin cottage
Anderson, Robt. (of Wm. Ander-
son & Co.), ho. 7 Elgin ter
Anderson, Wm. (of Wm. Anderson
& Co.), ho. 7 Elgin ter
Arkley,Thos. agent, National Bank
of Scotand ; ho. 3 Maule ter
Arthur, Allan (of Henry Monteith
& Co.), ho. Laurelbank
Arthur, Wm. plain and decorative
painter, 2 Dowanhill st
Ashcroft, Hugh M. teacher, Par-
tick Academy; ho. 14 Lawr. pi
Austin, Wm. miller, Bishop Mills ;
ho. 10 Lawrence pi
Baird, Wm. Stewart, Villa pi
Barbour, Robert, plumber and gas-
fitter, 8 Peel st
Barbour, Thos. flesher, 300 Dum-
barton rd
Barclay, Curie, & Co. shipbuild-
ing yard, Whiteinch
Barker, John (of Barker & Rennie),
ho. Meadow crescent
Barrie, Henry, 34 Buchanan st;
ho. Meadowvale
Beattie, Wm. (of James Schofield
& Son), ho. Greenbank
Begg, Hugh, prov. mer. Crown pi
Bell, Jd. flesher, Overnewton ho
Binnie, Miss M. hardw. mer. and
post office, 326 Hamilton pi
Birrell, Dawson (of Chamberlain
& Birrell), ho. 2 Lawrence pi
Birrell,Walter (of Wingate & Bir-
rell), ho. 5 Hamilton crescent
Bisset, Wm. teacher, Eoseland pi
Black, Thos. slater and plasterer,
324 Hamilton pi
Boyd, Edmund, teacher, 3 Hamil-
ton street
Borthwick, John B. (of A. Borth-
wick & Son), ho. 10 Annfield ter
Brock, Jas. Eng. master, Partick
Academy ; ho. Inchbank
Brown, Jas. baker 339 Dumb, rd
Brunton, Andw. chemist and drug-
gist, 250 Dumbarton rd
Buchanan, George, surg.-dentist ;
house, Beeehwood
Burns, J. P. cigar importer; ho.
Graham cottage
Burt, Jas. spirit mer. 71 Dumb, rd
Cairns, John (of Cairns & Co.),
bo. Freeland bank
Calder, Rev. John, Partick Manse
Campbell, Alex, grocer and wine
merchant, 122 Dumbarton rd
Campbell, Duncan, grocer, wine,
and spirit mer. 364 Hayburn pi
Campbell, Rev. John M'Leod,
clergyman, Laurelbank
Campbell, Mrs. Duneaq, grocer
and spir. mer. 349 Dumb, rd
Campbell, Mrs. Wm. 2 Lawr. pi
Carmichael, Robert, joiner and
glazier, 12 Kelvin st ; house, 6
Stanley pi
Carrick, Robert, grocer, 1 Castle
Bank st

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