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Leishman, Rev. Matthew, D.D.,
minister of Govan ; ho. Goran
manse, Paisley rd
Lindsay, Mrs. John, Cessnock rd
Lochhead, John, Myrtle cottage,
Copeland rd
Lockerbie, David, & Sons, brick-
makers, builders, and contrac-
tors ; works, Drumoyne
London and Glasgow Engineering
and Iron Shipbuilding Co.
(Limited), Middleton ship yard ;
D. Kinghorn, manager
Lyle, Alex. & Co. provision stores,
1 Victoria pi. & 4 Greenhaugh pi
M'Call, Mrs. Ibroxhill, Paisley rd
M'Callum, Duncan, groc. G Hynd-
ford pi. ; ho. 7 do
M'Donald, R.& K. Hardgate farm ;
ho. Park house, Paisley rd
M'Donald, Miss, boarding and day
school, Middleton ter. Paisley rd
M'Farlane, John, family grocer &
wine mercht. 10 & 11 Victoria
pi. ; house, Greenfield pi
M'Gill, John, boot and shoemaker,
Middleton buildings
M'Gilvray, John (of Liddell &
M'Gilvray); ho. 1 Osborne pi
M'Intosh, A. & J. slaters, 3 Or-
chard pi
M'Intosh, John, Ibroxholm
M'Harg, E. Simpson (of John
M'Harg & Son), Carlton villa,
Ibrox park
M'Harg, John (of John M'Harg &
Son), Carlton villa, Ibrox park
M'Kean, James, grocer, wine and
spirit merchant, Main st
M'Kechnie, Daniel W. adjuster of
averages, 1 and 2 North gallery,
Ro. Ex. build. ; ho. Govandale
M'Kechnie, John, tobacconist, &c,
7 Warwick pi
M'Kenzie, Rev. C. A. F.C. manse
M'Kim, Jas. gro. and provis. ruer.
1 Alma pi. ; house, 2 do
M'Kim, Wm. teller, N. S. Savings
bank; ho. Cleland pi. Ibroxholm
Mackinlay, John (of J. & W.
Mackinlay), 14 Ibrox terrace,
Paisley rd
M'Kinlay, Robert, commiss. agent,
21 Ibrox terrace
Mackinlay, William (of J. & W.
Mackinlay), Two-mile villa,
Paisley rd
M'Laren, Jn. joiner & house factor,
Govan rd. ; ho. 6 Alma pi
M'Laren, John, 2 Osborne terrace,
Copeland rd
M'Laren, Peter, clothier, 10 Hynd-
ford pi. ; ho. 2 Victoria pi
M'Laren, Thos. teach. Free Church
school ; ho. 2 Arthur pi
M'Laren, Thos. commission agent ;
house, Newstead, Govan rd
M'Leod, Rev. Donald, F.C. minis-
ter, 2 Brighton ter. Copeland rd
M'Master, D. accountant, 3 Wood-
vale pi. Copeland rd
M'Millan, A. watchmaker, West
bank, Govan rd
M'Nab, John, Dumbreck priory,
Paisley rd
M'Naught, Wm. 44 and 46 East
Howard St. ; ho. 5 Woodvale
pi. Copeland rd
M'Naughton,Wm. (of M'Naughton
& Stevenson), 15 Ibrox ter
M'Phail, Coll, wine & spirit mer.
Dunmore pi. ; house, do
M'Pherson, Alex, wine and spirit
merchant, 5 and 6 Victoria pi
M'Pherson, Alex. com. traveller,
Victoria buildings
Manson, Mrs. George, milliner, 3
Marrow pi
Margey, H. Cleland pi. Ibroxholm
Martin, Jas.(of Clyde Navigation),
9 Brighton pi
Mason, John (of Mason & Eadie),
3 Ibrox ter
Mathieson, Mrs. Apsley villa,
Copeland rd
Merrow, Lewis T. Flora vale,
Merry, James, 16 Ibrox ter
Merryfiats Patent Brick Company;
works, Upper Merryfiats
Miller, Rich. D. Shieldhall cottage
Millar, Mrs. Helen, West-end
Millar, Mrs. grocer, 27 Albert st
Mitchell, John, merchant and ship-
owner, Moore park
Mitchell,Moncrieff, C.A. Shieldhall
Moore, William G. Madoc villa,
Morrison, J. house proprietor,
Brierland cottage
Muir, Hugh, wright, Halfway ho
Muir, Misses, millns. & dressmkrs.
3 Arthur p. ; ho. 6 Alma pi
Murdoch, John (of Thos. Bowman
& Co.), 8 Brighton pi
Mutch, John, deck (R. Napier &
Sons), 2 Greenhaugh st
Myles, John (of Myles & Hogg),
Carlin lodge, Ibroxholm
Napier, Robert, & Sons, iron ship-
builders, Main st
Nicol, John, confec. 4"Hyndfordpl
Niven, Hugh (at Randolph &
Elder's), Victoria cottage
Norris, Jas. file manufac. Govan
file works ; ho. Burnside cot
Paterson, Mrs. B. Lansdowne cot
Patrick, Wm. warehouseman, 18
Clyde ter. ; ho. 12 Ibrox ter
Pearce, Wm. naval architect and
iron shipbuilder, at R. Napier &
Sons; ho. Albertcot.Copelandrd
Pirie, Jas. spirit dealer, Govan rd
Police Chambers, Albert st
Pollock, Morris, & Son, silk throw-
sters, &c. Govan factory
Porteous, James (of J. Porteous &
Co.), West bank, Govan rd
Porter, Rev. Geo. minister, Bella-
houston church; ho. 6 Brigh. pi
Post Office, Middleton pi
Pritty, Francis, engraver, Peel cot
Quistorp, Heinrich, 18 Ibrox. ter.
Rae, M. & J. millinrs. & dressmkrs.
4 Alma pi. ; house, 2 do.
Randolph, Elder, & Co. engineers
and iron shipbuilders
Rankine,David, H.P. Rifle Brigade,
Moss cottage, Dumbreck rd
Rankine, W. J. Macquorn, LL.D.
civil engineer and professor of
civil engineering and mechanics,
59 St. Vincent st. and College ;
ho. Moss cottage, Dumbreck rd
Reid, Alex. & Son, Turkey red,
blue, and fancy dyers, Govan
Dye Works
Reid, Alex, dyer, Hillock house
Reid, John, contractor and coal
agent, Greenhaugh st. ; house,
Broomloan pi
Reid, John, jun. produce broker;
ho. Viewfield, Bellahouston
Reid, Peter, manager of Govan
Dye Works ; ho. Greenfield cot
Reid, Thomas, dyer, 49 Ingram
st. ; ho. Cessnock bank
Reid, Mrs. Wm. carter, Greenhaugh
Register Office for Births, &c, for
Govan District, Schoolhouse,
Govan; Wm. Fulton, A.M. reg.
Roberton, James P. 3 Bucking, sq
Robertson, Adam (of Robertson &
Baird), Gothic cottage
Robertson, Robert, Whitefield ho.
Robin, Robert, wine and spirit
merchant, Broomloan house
Robley, Harrington, of Tod &
Robley ; ho. Middleton ter
Rowan, Mrs. Holmfauldhead
Royal Fire and Life Insurance Co. ;
James Bowes, agent, Bank pi
Russell, James, architect, Three-
Mile ho
Rutherfurd, And. D. (of Rutherfurd
Brothers), 2 Middleton terrace,
Paisley rd
Scott, James, grocer, West-end
Shaw, James, Middleton house,
Paisley rd
Shaw, Jas. jun. Middleton house
Shaw, Mrs. 9 Osborne pi
Sillars, Capt. Peter (at P. Llen-
derson & Co.'s), Argyle cottage,
Copeland rd
Sim, Alex, head mast. St. Enoch's
Parish School, 9 Ibrox ter
Simpson, John, warehouseman,
Rosedale, Ibroxholm
Skinner, Wm. 78 Queen st. ; ho.
Sloan, John F. insurance agent;
ho. Woodland villa
Sloan, W. E. T. 6 Brighton ter
Small, C. J. Ibroxholm
Smith, A. M'Fie, M.D. Ibroxholm

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