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Morton, Matthew, Carline cottage,
Moacrip, Mrs. Darnley ter. Shawld
Moscrip, G. E. (of M'Kittrick &
Moscrip,) 3 Darnley ter
Muirhead, Andrew, Sliawlands
Muirhead, J. forger, Cart forge
Munro, Hugh, grocer & spir. deal
Murdoch, Alex. 172 Trongate ; ho.
Langside, Crossmyloof
Murdoch, Jas. valuator and com-
mission agent ; ho. Langside
Murphy, H. Springhill cottage
Murray, Jas. commission merch.
62 Jamaica st ; ho. Bellevue
Eastwood park
Napier, Alex, draper, 23 Low-
Green st ; ho. Albert cot. Shawl
Okell, W. (of Thos. Chalmers &
Co.), Langside house
Paton, W. gardener, Langside
Paxton, S. Victoria pi. Sliawlands
Perman, F. G. corn merch. & mil-
ler, Caledonian mills, P.-Dund
Petland, David, music seller (at
Paterson, Sons, & Co.'s) : house
Alma pi. Sliawlands
Pilling, Thomas; ho. Langside
Porter, Robert, watch maker and
jeweller; ho. Alma pi. Shawld
Proudfoot, Hugh, Moss-side cottage
Ramsay, Nath. Woodvale, Shawld
Reddoch, Allan, Laurelbank, Shaw
Reid, Robert, (of Reid & Thomson,
wine merchant) ; ho. 2 Cary pi.
Rhind, Mrs., draper & post office,
Rodgers, Henry D. Professor of
Natural History, 5 Elgin villas,
Ross, Allan, Oakbank, Shawlanrls
Russell, G. ho. Fowlerfield, Shawld
Rutherford, Jas. writer and insur-
ance agent, 82 West Nile st. ;
Greenliill cottage, Sliawlands
Seaton, John, Ardgowan Cottage,
Shields, J. H., H.M. Customs,
Wellpark place
Sim, John, sheriff-clerk depute,
County buildings, Wilson tt. ;
house, Langside road.
Skirving, Alex. Chestnut cottage,
Langside rd.
Smelhe, James, Langside valley
Smith, Alexander (of T. Smith &
Co.), Crofthead cot. Langside
Smith, C. R. (of Smith &. Hunter),
ho. Pollok road, Shawlands
Smith, John S. 1 Darnley terrace,
Smith, Robert, 29 Ingram st.; ho.
Woodend Cottage, Langside
Smith, Mrs., milliner, 26 Argyle
Arcade ; ho. Shawlands.
Somerville, Win. ; ho. Langside
Stewart, Andrew, Moss-side
Stewart, Jas. So. Overdale, Langs
Stewart, Wm., Stanley villa,
Stirling, Allan, hoot & shoe maker
Stirling, R. G., measurer, 33 Hope
st. ; ho. Sweethope, Shawlands
Taylor, Alex, (of James Taylor &
Son), ho. Shawlands
Taylor, W. G. ; ho. Battlefield,
Templeton, John, spirit merchant,
Thomas, Moses, 3 Foyle house,
Thomson, Alex. Darnley ter.
Thomson, Mrs. Neil, Camphill,
Tosh, Robert (at John Wight's,
150 Hope st.), ho. Wellpark pi.
Turnbull, Rev. Geo. Langside
Walker, Mark, florist & fruiterer,
161 Buchanan st. ; ho. Ivy cot.
Watson, Alex, sewed muslin manu-
facturers,! 7 South Frederick St.;
ho. Fife place, Shawlands
Watson, H. (of Lockharts & Wat-
son), house, Langside
Watson, Mrs. A. ho. Fife place,
Watt, J. & R. Fowlerfield, Shawld
Webster, William, Albert cottage,
Langside rd
Wemyss, Robert, Bennochy lodge,
Wright, Ronald, commission mer-
chant ; ho. Darnley ter
Younger, John, agent, Belfast and
Newry Steam Packet Co. 130
Eglinton st ; ho. Newton place,
Morris Pollock, Provost ; William
Ciuiksliank & Alex. Thompson,
magistrates ; Thos. Reid, John
Henshilwood, John Morrison,
Jas. Wilson, Jas. Prichard, Jas.
M'Kean, Jas. ftp Kim, George
Wishart, and Peter Hutchison,
commissioners; Robt. Carswell,
clerk ; Jas. Bowes, treasurer and
collector ; David Young, super-
intendar.t of police and fiscal
Abercromby, Jas. coach proprietor,
1 1 Osborne pi
Adam, Joseph, flesher, 8 Victora
pi.; ho. 12 do
Adam, Robert, smith. West-end
Aikenhead, Thos. 4 Biigliton ter
Aitken, John, surgeon, 6 Arthur
pi.; ho. 7 Buckingham square
Alexander James, plumber & gas-
fiiter, S Alma pi. ; ho 1 Alma st
Allan, Wm. spiiit mer. Halfway
house, Paisley rd
Allan, Mrs. draper, 1 Greenli. st
Anderson, Jas. W. (at D. Saude-
man's), Woodland villa
Anderson, Wm. school, 12 Carlton
pi. ; ho. Cessnock rd
Arthur, Robt. engraver on wood ;
Harmony row
Auld, Henry, muslin manufacturer
Lilyvale cot. Copeland rd
Austin, Wm. Fire and Life Insur-
ance agent, 24 St. Vincent pi. ;
ho. Middleton pi
Bain, William, boot and shoemaker,
3 Broomloan pi
Baird, Robt. grocer, wine and spirit
merch., Bank buildings ; house
1 Bank pi.
Baird, Thos. factor and agent for
the Union Bank of Scotland; at
Mr. Duncan's, 94 Buchanan st.
on Wednesdays at 1 o'clock ; ho.
South Croft
Barr, John, victualler, Main St.;
ho. Barr's land
Barr, William, draper & clothier,
Murrow Park ; ho. 1 Napier st
Barras, Jas. M.D. 5 Wyndford pi;
ho. Broomloan cot
Bell, David, 8 Arthur pi
Bennie, Thos. N. 1 Woodvale pi
Binnie, John, builder, Ibroxholm
Bird, David, writer, Ashton villa,
Copeland rd
Bisset, George, wright, Threemile
house, Paisley rd.
Black, James, 8 Brighton ter.
Blair, Andrew, bookseller and sta-
tioner, 2 Bank pi ; bo. 5 do
Bogue, R. A. Beeclihill, Paisley rd
Bowes, Jas. agent, City of Glasgow
Bank; agent for the Royal In-
surance Co., burgh treasurer and
collector, and house factor; ho,
2 Brighton pi
Boyd, George, 7 Osborne pi.
Brown, George, spirit merch., 3, 4
Victoria pi. ; ho. 2 do.
Brown, J. merchant, 21 St. Enoch
sq. ; ho. Govan park
Brown, Robert, accountant, Union
Bank of Scotland ; house, Ash-
grove, Ibroxholm
Brown, Thomas, Middleton ter.
Paisley rd
Bryce, Colin, farmer, Greenfield
Bryce, J. S. writer, 3 West Nile
st ; ho. Crossbank cot
Bryce, Wm. baker, Lansdowne pi
Buchanan, David, head master,
Collegiate Institution, 4 Brigh-
ton place
Buchanan, John (of Pasley, Jar-
dine, & Co.), Ibioxholm
Buchanan, Mrs. Waverley tavern,
Water row
Buckie, W. F. 1 1 Hyndford pi
Buntin, Win. wine and spirit mer.
12 Hyndford pi.; ho. 11 do
Burnet, & Hay, coal merch. Govan
rd. ; 2 Maxwell st. Govan
Campbell, Alex, grocer and flesher,
Murrow pi

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