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Dick, Mrs. John, spirit dealer,
New Cathcart
Dryburgh, J. land-steward, Aikenh
Dryburgh, Geo. commission agent,
New Cathcart
Eilis, John, gardener, Broomvale,
Fife, John, tinsmith and gasfitter,
New Cathcart
Forbes, Mrs. Braehead villa
Ford, Wm. 9 Montgomery terrace,
Prospect hill
Fraser, John, scythe and hook-
stone and curling-stone maker,
New Cathcart
Fraser, Mrs. J. spirit dealer, New
Fulton, Jas. (of Fulton Brothers),
res. Lindsay house
Gait, Wm. grocer, New Cathcart
Gaunt, T. gamekeeper, Aikenhead
Geddes, John, Thornbank
Geddes, Wm. (of John Geddes &
Sons), resid. Holmhead house
Gemmell, Thomas, feuar, Park
cottage, New Cathcart
Gilchrist, Hugh, -woollen manufac-
turer, Old Cathcart
Gordon, John, of Aikenhead ; res.
Aikenhead house
Graham, Peter, gardener, Merrylee
Guthrie, Wm. clothier, 67 Union
st. ; resid. Roseknowe house
Guy, Alexander, Cherryha'
Hart, Mrs. J. grocer, N. Cathcart
Henderson, Thos. (uf Handyside &
Stevenson), res. Lynn house
Hill, Thos. registrar of sasines, &c.
for Renfrewshire and Regality
of Glasgow, &c. ; office, 25 Bath
st. Glasgow ; res. Merrylee ho
Hosie, Mary, female teacher, Parish
School ; resid. Braehead
Ingram, Jno. gardener, Aikenhead
Jackson, Jas. spirit deal. Clarkston
Jackson & Craig, corn merchants,
&c, Sheddens
Jackson, W. farmer, Carolside
Johnstone, T. R. mercht. 19 West
Nile st. ; res. Braehead house
Kerr, Wm. gardener, Bogton ho. ;
resid. New Cathcart
Lindsay, D. (of S. Lindsay & Sons),
resid. Lindsay house
Lindsay, S. & Sons, papermakers,
Cathcart Mill
M'Arthur, Arthur, New Cathcart
M'Bride, James, writer, 97 West
George st. ; resid. Cartbank
M'Callum, Peter (of P. M'Cal-
lum & Co.), res. Nether lee ho
M'Callum, P. & Co. turkey-red
dyers and printers, 4 Springfield
ct. 69 Queen st. ; -wrks. Netherl
M'Crae, Alex. sen. (of Alex.
M'Crae & Co.), resid. Cathcart
M'Donald, Alex, boot and shoe
maker, Braehead
M'Donald, John, gard. N. Cath
M'Gaw, John, provision merchant,
Old Cathcart
M'Indoe, R. contractor, Holmhead
M'Innes, William, bookkeeper, N.
M'Lennan, Simon, Prospect hill
M'Millan, D. forester, N. Cath
M'Millan, Wm. grocer, N. Cath
M'Rae, John, spir. mer. N. Cath
M'Neill, Mrs. D., furrier, glover,
and sporran maker, 169 Sauch.
st. ; resid. Holmhead cottage
Main, Robt. grocer. New Cathcart
Malcolm, R. calico printer, Sauchie
Mann, J. & R. farmers, Netherlee
Miller, John, spirit dealer and
flesher, Sheddens
Mitchell, S. & Son, Cathcart snuff
mill, Old Cathcart
Moir, James, feuar, N. Cathcart
Morton, John, carter, &c. Cherryha'
Murdoch, Jas. bottler, New Cath
Murdoch, John, P.O. New Cathc
Neill, Thomas, teacher, 16 Green-
side st. ; residence, Bellevne
Neilson, D. church-officer, 0. Cath
Neilson, William, spirit dealer, N.
Neilson, Wm. ploughman, Bogton
Okell, Wm. (of Okell, Selkirk, &
Co.), resid. Langside house
O'Neil, Daniel, mer. Woodburn cot
Peddie, James, farmer, Mains
Peddie, Robert, smith, Old Cathc
Percy, D. green grocer, New Cath
Pollock, Thomas, carter and cow-
feeder, Braehead
Porteous, John, gardener, 0. Cath
Rae, W. (of Rae & Walker, tea
merchants, 67 Hutcheson st.),
resid. Prospect hill
Reside, John, joiner, New Cathc
Robertson, James, Woodend, Cath-
cart ; Conservative Club, Lon-
don ; New Club, Edinburgh ;
and Western Club, Glasgow
Robertson, Mrs. spir. deal. O. Cath
Ross, Thos, Hangingshaw cottage
Ross, Mrs. Hangingshaw cottage
Scott, Alex. Lindsay house
Sinclair, P. machine painter, New
Sinclair, Wm. grocer, New Cathc
Slater, James, Old Cathcart
Slimmon, John, grocer, Braehead
Smith, James, D. D. minister,
Manse of Cathcart
Smith, Wm. (at T. Smith & Co.),
resid. 5 Montgomery terrace
Smith, Wm. 176 West Geo. st.
(Couper, M'Kenzie, & Innes),
residence, N. Cathcart
Steven, Allan, farmer, Clincart
Stevenson, Alex, shoem. N. Cathc
Stevenson, John, shoem. N. Cathc
Stevenson, John (at Stevenson,
Carlile & Co.'s), 23 W. Nile st.
residence, Prospect bank
Stewart, Captain, Williamwood ho
Strathern, William, calico printer,
Whitehill terrace
Swan, R. & Son, builders, Prosp. hill
Thomas, William, Sauchie
Thomson, Robert, farmer, Holm
Waddel, James (of M. Waddel &
Son), clothiers, 42 Canning st. ;
residence, 3 Montgomery terrace
Waddel, James, agent, Royal Bank
of Scotland; residence, 3 Mont-
gomery terrace
Walker, Alex, gardener, Merrylee
Wallace, Jas. Williamwood quarry;
residence, Sauchie
Webster, C. James (of Manuel &
Webster) ; resid. Cliff cottage
Weir, Adam, cow keeper, N. Cath
Weir, John, salesman, co-operative
store, New Cathcart
Weir, Wm. farmer, Muireud
White, John, butler, Aikenhead ho
White, Rev. Malcolm, A.M. min.
Carthcart Free Church ; resid.
Meikle Aikenhead
Young, Robt. farmer, Castlemains
Young, William, Lindsay house
Adam, Alex, teacher, Langside
Airlie, James, secretary, Glasgow
Abstainers Union, 18 Renfield
st. ho. Darnley ter. Shawlands
AiLken, David, collr. Clyde Navi-
gation ; ho. Lennybank, Shawl
Aitken, Matthew, Lugar cottage,
Alexander, John, clerk, 4 Darnl. ter
Algie, M. Wellpark pi
Algie, M. & Co. tea merchants, 71
Maxwell st. Glasgow; ho. Well-
park pi
Alye, W. Wellpark pi. Crossmyloof
Algie, Mrs. William, grocer, Well-
park pi. Crossmyloof
Allan, Alex, wine and spir. mer.; ho.
Laurel bank cottage, Shawlands
Allan, Mrs. Elizabeth, Laurelbank,
Anderson, David, Middlebk. Langs
Anderson, David, Polloc villa,Shaw
Anderson, David (of Jas. Ander-
son & Co. calenderers and pack-
ers), ho. Middlebank, Langside
Anderson, James, starch and gum
manufacturer, 36 Surrey st; ho.
Battlefield, Langside
Anderson, J. B. 4 Darnley ter.
Anderson, John, Victoria pi. Shaw
Armour, J. F. (of J. Donaldson &
Co.), house, Langside
Athya, John, house, Langside
Auld, Alexander, Darnley cottage,
Auld, Thos. carter and contractor
Ballantyne, James, Brierbank cot.

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