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M'Clure, John (of M'Cluro, Nais-
mith, & Brodie)
M'Clure, Naismiih, & Brodie, 87
St. Vincent sfc
M'Culloch, Richard, 113 St. Vin.st
Macdonald, John, & Sons, 79 W.
Regent sfc
Macdonald, John (of J. Macdonald
& Sons)
M'Donald, J. Smith, 161 Hope st
M'Donald & Johnston, 97 Union st
M'Donald, R. R. 97 Union st
M'Ewan, Thomas, 7 Ibrox ter
Macfarlane, Robert T. (of Paul &
Macfarlane), G S. Hanover st
Macgeorge, Cowan, &Galloway, 91
West Regent st
Macgeorgo, Andrew(of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Galloway)
M'Grigor, Stevenson, & Fleming,
13G St. Vincent st
M Mantiet, Wm. (of Bannatynes,
Kirkwood, & MMannet)
M'Kay, Martin (of J. L. Lang &
M. M'Kay)
Mackinlay, B. G. 67 W. Nilo st
M'Laclilan, William, 29 Bath st
M'Laren, John Fisher, 67W.Nile st
M'Lean, Neil (at J. Ritchie's), 175
Hope st
M'Lean, Wm. (of Burns, M'Lean,
& Alison) 50 West George st
M'Leod & Ralston, 161 Hope st
M'Nab, John, 33 Buchanan st
Marshall, John, jun. 168 St. Vin-
cent street
Mathison,Wm. 38 West George st
Maxton, John, 106 West George st
Miller, James, 83 West Regent st
Mitchell, Allardicc, & Mitchell,
160 West George st
Mitchell, Andrew (of Mitchell, Al-
lardice, & Mitchell) 160 Geo. st
Mitchell, James (of Mitchell, Al-
lardice, & Mitchell)
Mitchell, Roht. A. 7 Killermont st
Moncrieff, Hope William (at Mon-
crieff, Paterson, Forbes, &
Barr's), 45 W. George st
Moncrieff, Hugh (of Moncrieff,
Paterson, Forbes, & Barr)
Moncrieff, Paterson, Forbes, &
Barr, 45 West George st
Monteith, A. & Earston, 69 St.
Vincent st
Montgomery & Fleming, 62 Mil. st
Moody, M'Clure, & Hannay, 180
West George st
Moody, Robt. (of Moody, M'Clure,
& Hannay)
Morrison, Adam (of Morrisons &
Anderson, 40 St. Vincent st)
Morrisons & Anderson, 40 St. Vin-
cent pi
Morrison, A. M. 77 Renfield st
Morrison, Wm. 47 Sauchiehall st
Muirhead, James, 42 W. George st
Murdoch, J. & Rodger, 48 West
Nile st
Murdoch, Wm. 33 Renfield st
Murray, David, 150 St. Vincent st
Muter, Thomas, 184 Buchanan st
Naismith, John (of M'Clure, Nais-
inith, & Brodie)
Nicolson & Stiven, 141 Buchan. st
Oliphant, Henry, 112 W. Geo. st
Orr, Andrew, 186 W". George st
Paterson, Charles Orr (of Bell &
Paterson, Francis, 47 Buccleuch st
Paterson, Geo. 124 St. Vincent st
Paterson & Robertson, 98 West
Nile street
Paterson, Wm. B. 204 W. Geo. st
Paterson, Wm. 129 St. Vincent st
Pattiaon, Alex. 40 St. Vincent st
Paul, John (of Paul & Macfarlane)
Paul & Macfarlane, 6 So. Han. st
Penn, Alex. J. 49 W. Regent st
Petrie, Colledge, & Guy, 82 West
Regent st
Petrie, John, 82 W. Regent st
Pollock, Walter W. 13 John st
Porter, James, 35 Hutcheson st
Pyle, John, 69 St. Vincent st
Railton, Hugh, 68 W. Regent st
Ralston, Gavin, 161 Hope st
Reddie, Chas. 51 St. Vincent st
Renison, William, & Son, 20 Bu-
chanan street
Renton, Robert, 73 W". Nile st
Ritchie, James, 175 Hope at
Roberton, Jus. (of Towers- Clark,
Roberton & Ross)
Robertson, H. J. 57 St. George's pi
Robertson, Jas. (of Paterson and
Robertson, J. M. 57 St. Geo.'s pi
Robertson, John (of Quintin Dick
and Robertson)
Ross, Alex. 160 Rose st. Hutches
Ross, J. W. 109 W. George st
Ross, W. T. (of W. T. Ross& Arnot)
Ross, W. T. & Arnot, 53 West
Regent st
Rutherford, Jas. 82 West Nile st
Russell, Wm. 4 Grosvenor terrace.
Place of call, 20 Buchanan st
Scott & Stevenson, 138 Hope st
Service, James, 35 Bath st
Sinclair, Robert, 14 Miller st
Sinclair, Thos. 14 Miller st. (at
M'Grigor, Stevenson & Fleming's)
Smillie, Thomas Johnson
Smith, Gordon, & Lucas, 133 W.
George st
Smith, Gordon, 133 W. George st
Smith, James, 21 Bath st
Smith, James, 17 Gordon st
Smith, John, 44 West Regent at
Smith, Wright, & Johnston, 150
St. Vincent st
Snodgrass, Wm. Ill St. Vin. st
Spence, David G. 146 Bueh. st
Stevenson, J. M. P. (of Dick &
Stevenson, James (of M'Grigor,
Stevenson, & Fleming)
Stewart, Alexander W. 68 St.
Vincent st
Stewart, J. 77 Buchanan st
Stewart & Miller, 99 St. Vin. st
Stobo, Robt. jun. 176 W. Geo. st
Stout, Thomas, 42 W. George st
Strang, Keyden, & Sons, 83 St.
Geoge's pi
Tainsh & Hutcheson, 83 West
Regent st
Taylor, J. D. (of Alexander &
Taylor, J. M. 130 Hope st
Taylor & Kirkland, 141 Buch. st
Thomson, Robt. 145 W. Geo. st
Towers-Clark. Roberton, & Ross,
176 St. Vincent st
Turnbull, John (at W. J. B. & J.
Kidston's) 50 W. Regent st
Turner, A. toion-clcrk, City Cham-
bers, Wilson st
Walker, Matthew (of Walker &
Cars well), 156 W. George st
Walker, Robt. 108 W. George st
Walker & Carswell, 156 W. Geo.st
Wallace, John M. 68 St. Vine, st
AVatkins, James Hutton, 168 St.
Vincent st
Watson, Thomas (of W. J. B. &
J. Kidston)
Watt, Alex. 194 W. George st
Wilkie & Cowan, 58 George sq
W'ilkie, John (of Wilkie & Cowan)
Wilson, Wm. M. 116 St. Vine, st
Wright, Hugh, 161 Hope st
Wright, T. G. (of Smith, Wright,
& Johnson)
Wright & M'Donald, 161 Hope st
York, Wm. jun. 156 W. George st
Young, G. & A. 138 Hopest
Young, P. T. County buildings,
Wilson st
Young, T. C. 13 John st
Bentzen, F. & Co. 12 Montrose st
Blantyre Yarn Warehouse, 11
George sq
Boyd, Robert, & Co. 70 George
sq. and 273 George st
Caddell, W. E. 57 Miller st
Campbell, W. M. & Co. 65 Bell st
Crawford, Cree, & Co. 12 Prince's
sq. Buchanan st
Connolly, George, 23 Wilson st
Couper, James, 15 Smith's court,
63 Candleriggs
Couper, John, 52 Wilson st
Douglas, C. A. 15 Cochran st
Drummond, Jas. & Co. 67 Geo. sq
Downie, Jas. agent, 91 Hutch, st
Eaglesham Cotton Yarn Ware-
house, 39 John st
Falconer, W. & A. 5 High sfc
Ferguson, Dav. & Co. 15 Hutch, tt

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