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Anderson, M. (of Morrison & An-
Anderson, T. A. 149 W. George st
Anderson, Thomas (of M'Grigor,
Stevenson, & Eleming)
Annan, Win. (of Knox & Annan),
29 St. Vincent st
Arnot, Thomas (of W. T. Ross &
Auld, Ross R. 116 St. Vincent st
Boird, C. R. Black, & Dill, 51 W.
Nile st
Balfour, David D. 108 W. Geo. st
Bannatyne, Andrew (of Banna-
tynes, Kirkwood, & M'Jannet)
Bannatynes, Kirkwood, & M'Jan-
net, 15 L West George st
Bannatyne, Mark (of Bannatynes,
Kirkwood, & M'Jannet)
Barclay, Tlios. 37 Bath st ; office,
59 Altnada st. Hamilton
Barr, David (of Moncrieff, Pater-
son, Forbes, & Barr)
Bell & Paterson, 22 Renfield st
Bell, Walter (of Bell & Paterson)
Bird, David, 6 Victoria pi. West
Regent st
Black, George (of Black & Honey-
Black & Honeyman, 46 West
George st
Black, Peter Y. (of C. R. Baird,
Black, & Dill), 54 West Nile st
Boyd, James (of J. & J. Boyd)
Boyd, John (of J. & J Boyd)
Boyd, J. & J. 154 St. Vincent st
Boyle, John, Sheriff Chambers ;
ho. 3 A thole ter. Queen's park
Brodie, Robert (of M'Clure, Nais-
mith, & Biodie)
Brown & Dunlop, 3 Victoria pi.
West Regent st
Brown, Win. L. 4 I W. George st
Brownlie, Archibald, 5 Dundasst
Bryce, J. S. 3 West Nile st
Buchan, W. R. 112 W. Regent st
Buchanan, John, 87 Union st
Burnet, Jas. B. 17 Gordon st
Burnet, John, 23 Miller st
Burns, M'Lean, & Alison, 50 W.
George st
Burns, Win. (of Burns, M'Lean,
& Alison), 60 West George st ;
ho. Belmont house, Dowanhill
Caldwell, James, 88 W. George st
Caldwell, William, 21 Rentield st
Carswell, Robert (of Walker &
Christie, Andrew, 62 George sq
Christie, G. Fyffe, 62 George sq
Christie, J. B.' 113 St. Vincent st
Clarke, John II. 6 Woodside pi
Clark, John, 22 Renfield st
Clark, Win. Towers- (of Towers-
Clark, Roberton, & Ross)
Colledge, Wm. 82 West Regent st
Colquhoun, Hugh, 22 Renfield st
Couper, Mackenzie, & Lines, 176
West George st
Couper, Wm. (of Couper, Macken-
zie, & Innes)
Cowan, Lachlan (of Wilkie &
Crawford, Geo. Ill Brunswick st
Davidson, Robert (of Hill, David-
son, Hill, & Clark)
Davidson, Thomas, 3 Victoria pi
Davidson, W. A. 97 W. George st
Dick, Alex, (of Dick & Stevenson),
180 West George st
Dick, A. jun. (of Dick & Stevenson)
Dick & Stevenson, 180 W. Geo. st
Dick, Quintin, & Robertson, 104
West Regent st
Dill, John B. (of C. R. Baird,
Black, & Dill), 54 West Nile st
Dixon, J. A. 156 West George st
Donald & Spence, 111 St. Vine, st
Donald, C. D. & Sons, 44 West
Regent st
Donald, C. D. (of C. D. Donald &
Sons), Commissary Clerk dep. of
Lanarkshire, 41 West Regent st
Donald, Th os. Commissary Clerk
depute of Lanarkshire, 44 West
Regent st
Dougall, Francis Gibb, 147 Can-
ning st. and 5 Orr st
Douglas, R. D. Ill Brunswick st
Douie, Robert, 11 South Fred, st
Dunbar, John, 82 West Nile st
Dunlop, Robt. (of Brown & Dun-
lop), 3 Virginia pi. Castlegreen,
Dunn, Hugh, 59 St. Vincent st
Easton, Wm. J. 81 St. George's pi
Faulds, W. B. 112 W. George st
Ferguson, Archd. 98 West Geo. st
Finlayson, Jas. 133 West Geo. st
Finlayson, John, 63 W. Cumber, st
Fisher, Donald, 194 West Geo. st
Fisher & Watt, 194 West Geo. st
Fleming, D. K. 62 Miller st
Fleming, John, 187 West Geo. st
Fleming, Wm. 141 West Geo. st
Fleming, Wm. 68 St. Vincent st
Forbes, Daniel (of Moncrieff, Pa-
terson, Forbes, & Barr)
Forbes, Dugald, 184 Buchanan st
Frame, Robert, Wilson st. Sheriff's
Fraser, John T. 45 Union st
Galbraith, Jas. (of Galbraith &
Maclay), 169 West George st
Galbraith&Maclay, 169 W. Geo. st
Galloway, H. H. (of Macgeorge,
Cowan, & Galloway)
Gemmell, Andw. 18 Renfield st
Geinmell, John, County buildings,
107 Brunswick st
Gordon, Thos. 108 W. Regent st
Graham, Adam, 187 West Geo. st
Graham, And. L. 187 West Geo. st
Graham, A. J. & A. 187 W. Geo. st
Graham, James, 187 West Geo. st
Gray, George, 111 Brunswick st
Gray, James, County buildings,
Wilson st
Green, J. City chambers, Wilson st
Guy, John, 82 West Regent st
Hall, W. D. and N.P. 125 Bu-
chanan street
Hally, George, 51 St. Vincent st
Hamilton, Gavin, 73 West Nile st
Hamilton, J. & J. 60 George sq
Hamilton, James D, 60 George sq
Hamilton, J. A. 00 George sq
Hamilton, Wm. M. 17 Woods, cres
Hannay, David (of Moody, M'Lure,
& Haunay)
Hart, Thos. 63 Renfield st
Henderson, Alex. P. bar of Ton-
tine Exchange room
Hill, Davidson, Hill, & Clark, 1
South Frederick st
Hill, R. & J. M. 41 West Geo. st
Hill, John M. (of R. & J. M. Hill)
Hill, R. (of R. & J. M. Hill)
Hodge & Stewart, 11G W.Regent st
Honeyman, P. S. (of Black &
Hood, George, 138 Hope st
Hossack, A. G. 65 Jamaica st
Hotson & Howie, 21 St. Vin. pi
Howie, James (of Howie & Low,
14 Miller st)
Howie & Low, 14 Miller st
Howie, Robt. (of Hotson & Howie)
21 St. Vincent pi
Hutcbeson, Geo. 68 St. Vincent st
Hutcheson, Jas. 83 W. Regent st
Inglis, James, 112 W. George st
Jameson, R. & Sou, 150 St. Vin-
cent street
Jamieson, Rob. 145 W. Geo. st
Jeffrey, John, 193 St. Vincent sh
Johnson, J. Henry, 166 Buch. st
Kennedy, David, 98 W. Nile st
Kerr, James, 16 Bridge st
Kerr, John, 23 Renfrew st
Kerr, John, 141 West George st
Keyden, Strang, & Keyden, 180
West George st
Kidston, W. J. B. & J. 50 West
Regent st
Kirkland, W. F. 141 Buchanan st
Knox & Annan, 29 St. Vincent pi
Knox, James W. 109 W. Geo. st
Kyd, John P. 49 W. George st
Lacy, Henry B. 54 St. Vincent st
Lamond, Henry R. 36 St. Vine. st.
and 64 West Regent st
Lang, J. L. & Mackay, 79 West
Regent st
Lawson, Wm. 77 Renfield st
Leech & Stewart, 223 Hope st
Leitch, William, 75 E. Howard st
Lennox, Dun. 217 Buchanan st
Lindsay, D. 18 Main st
Livingston, Archd. 18 Renfield st
Lockhart, David, 93 W. Regent st
Lockhart, James, 11 W. Nile st
M'Allister, A. 18 Renfield st
Macalester, Jas. 13 Virginia st
M'Bride, James, 97 W. George st
M'Clure, J. H. (of Moody, M'Clure,
& Hannay)

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