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Patrick, Mrs. Hugh, eating-house keeper, 12 Muslin
street, Bridgeton.
Patrick, Miss Jane, teacher, St. John's Female
School, 13 Young street.
Patrick, Miss, teacher of drawing, Glasgow School
of Art; house, 317 Sauchiehall street.
PATTENHAUSEN, H. (at J. M'Call & Co.'s, 4
E-othwell street), house, Brocklees cottage, Thorn-
PATTINSON, H. L., & Co., Felling Chemical Works,
Newcastle-on-Tyne ; Arthur & Hinshaw, 68 St.
Vincent street, agents.
PATTISON, A. M., 12 Woodlands terrace.
Pattison, Alex., writer, 40 St. Vincent place ; house,
38 Hill street.
Pattison, Godfrey, 18 Brandon pi., West George st.
Pattison, James, drysalter, 24 Sardinia terrace.
Pattison, James (of J. Pattison & Co.), house, 24
Sardinia terrace.
Pattison, James, agent for Liverpool, London, and
Globe Insurance Co., 137 West George st.
Pattison, J., & Co., commission merchants and dry-
salters, and sole agents for the Patent Lactarine,
137 West George street.
Pattison, John, remnant dealer, 43, 45 Stirling sq.
Pattison, Thomas, commission agent, 103 Cumber-
land street, south.
Pattison, Walter, remnant merchant, 47 South Albion
street ; house, 23 Stevenson street, Calton.
Pattison, Mis., milliner, 61 South Portland street;
house, 3 Apsley place.
Pattison, Mrs. M., wine and spirit merchant, 101
Gallowgate ; house, 156 do.
PAUL, Alex., & Co., manufacturers, 14 George
square; weaving factories, Crown point, Cam-
laehie, and 26 W. Bothwell st. ; goods entrance,
144 Queen street.
Paul, Alexander (of A. Paul & Co.), ho. 14 Gros-
venor terrace, Great Western road.
Paul, Alex. G., agent, 28 East John street.
Paul, Daniel, stock and share broker, also law
accountant, and commissioner (as master in chan-
cery) for Scotland, to administer affidavits, declara-
tions, &c, in the courts of chancery, bankruptcy,
and probate in England, 20 Buchanan street.
Paul, Daniel, house factor, &c, 64 Eglinton street.
Paul, D. & J., shoemakers, kit and furnishing shop,
47 Kirk street, Calton.
Paul, H., fruiterer, 77 Jamaica street.
Paul, James, merchant, 162 St. Vincent street ; ho.
6 Park quadrant.
Paul, James (of the City of Glasgow Flax Spinning
Co., Limited), house, Stobhill, Bishopbriggs.
Paul, Jas., painter and paint manufacturer, General
Terminus Harbour Railway; ho. 61 Houston st.
Paul, James, jun., cashier (at Win. Gilmour & Co.'s),
house, Morton cottage, Parkhead.
Paul, James, plumber, 249 Duke street.
Paul, James B., draughtsman. 20 Buchanan street ;
ho. 79 North st. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Paul, James H., merchant, 75 St. Vincent street ;
house, 306 Sauchiehall street.
Paul, John (of Paul & Macfarlaue), ho. 19 Canning pi.
Paul, John, commission merchant, 94 Miller street ;
house, 16 St. George's road, Falkland place.
Paul, John, spirit merchant, 90 Govan street ; house,
45 Hospital street.
Paul, John, spirit merchant, 1 Grseme street ; house,
45 Hospital street.
Paul & Macfarlane, writers, agents for GuardiaD,
Liverpool and London Fire and Life Insurance
Co.'s, 6 South Hanover street.
Paul & Murray, painters and paint manufacturers, 52
Paterson street, and 33 St. James' St., Kingston ;
house, 90 West street.
Paul, Robert, fruit and vegetable merchant, 191,
193 New City road.
Paul, Robert, upholsterer (at Wylie & Lochhead's),
55 Renfrew street.
Paul, Rev. Rupert, 48 Shamrock street.
Paul, T. A. (of Mills, Paul, & Co.), house, 46 Ren-
field street.
Paul, Thos., goldsmith and watchmaker, 69a Sauchie-
hall street ; house, 141 Kent road.
Paul, Mrs. William, 16 Arlington street.
Paul, Mrs. William, spirit dealer, 251 Duke street ;
house, 249 do.
PAXTON, George M., 91 Eglinton street.
Paxton, Matthew, manager for Rutherford & Co., 9=
Jamaica street, house, 11 do.
Paxton, Samuel (at Walker, Birrel, & Co.'s), house,
Victoria place, Shawlands.
PAYNE, G. W., commission agent, 47 Grove st.
Payne, Win., wine and spirit merchant, 14 Steven-
sou street, Calton.
Payne, Mrs. William, 34 Abbotsford place.
PEACE, Albert Lister, organist of Trinity Congre-
gational Church ; house, 17 West Princes street.
PEACOCK, Alexander, plumber, 34 Great Western
road; house, 217 St. George's road.
Peacock, James, hosier and glover, 46 Candleriggs ;
house, 134 George street.
Peacock, John, baker, 97 Paisley road ; house, 95 do.
Peacock, Thomas, carver and gilder, Windsor place,
95 Sauchiehall street.
Peacock, Thomas, rag merchant, 68 Broomielaw j
house, 24 York street.
Peacock, William, accountant, Union Bank of Scot-
land, Washington street ; ho. 30 Paterson st, s.s.
PEARCE, R. F., Barrow Haematite Steel Co.
(Limited), 75 St. Vincent street; house, 12
Fitzroy place.
PEARSON, Adam, merchant, 152 West George st.;
house, 208 St. Vincent street.
Pearson, A. S., commission agent, 38 Queen street ;
house, 255 Sauchiehall street.
Pearson, Alexander, sheriff-clerk depute, County
buildings, Wilson street.
Pearson, Benjamin, collector, 249 Argyle street ; ho,
10 South Shamrock street.
Pearson, George (of Buchanan, Marquis, & Co.), hoi
71 Parson street.
Pearson, James (at James Watson & Smith's), ho.
3 Apsley place.
Pearson, James, map mounter, 96 St. James' roacL
Pearson, James, grocer, 15 Garden street.
Pearson, John, Eastern Cooking Depot, 316 Gallow.
Pearson, Peter, 161 Shamrock street.
Pearson, Robert H., commercial traveller, 184 Hos-
pital street.
Pearson, Thomas, & Co., iron fence, hurdle, gate,
and wire manufacturers, 71 Queen street.
Pearson, William Messenger & Co., wholesale small-
ware and general warehousemen, 38 Queen street;
house, 255 Belhaven place, Sauchiehall street.
Pearson, Mrs. John, 17 Holmhead street.
PE ARSTON, James, oil merchant and broker, 87
Union street.
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