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Muir, John, butcher, 447 Argyle st.; house, 445 do.
Mnir, John J., & Davie, manufacturers, fancy dress,
I South Hanover street.
Muir, John James (of J. J. Muir & Davie), house,
Finlaystone house.
Muir, John M'Culloch, iron, steel, and metal mer-
chant, and agent for the supply of materials, tools,
and furnishing for engineers, ship builders, and
other manufacturers, 14 Howard street ; house, 45
South Apsley place.
Muir, John, second-hand bookseller, 116 Ingram st. ;
house, Buckingham terrace.
Muir, John G., assistant inspector, 38 Cochran st. ;
house, 96 Thistle street, Garnethill.
Muir, John, spirit merchant, 140 Dumbarton road;
house, 62 Dover street.
Muir, John (of James Finlay & Co.), resid. Benvue,
Dowanhill gardens.
Muir, John (of Muir & Co.), house, 111 Douglas st.
Muir, John (of Lillie & Muir), ho. 9 Kelvingrove st.
Muir, Martin, builder, 29 Cathcart street, Gorbals.
Muir, Matthew A. (of Anderston Foundry Co.), ho.
20 Park terrace.
Muir, Matthew, & Sons, Tradeston Mills, 6 Com-
merce street; biscuit factory, 8 do. ; bonded and
free stores, 4, 10 do. ; flour and biscuit warehouse,
22 Clyde place.
Muir, M. (of Muir & Co., engineers), house, 48
Cranston street.
Muir & Monteith, auctioneers and valuators, 42
Gordon street.
Muir, Peter, jun., sewed muslin manufacturer, Ma-
deira court, Argvle street ; ho. 52 Cumberland st.
Muir, Richard (of J. & R. Muir), ho. 24 Taylor st.
Muir, Richard, & Co., clothiers and warehousemen,
12 Trongate; house, 19 Great Hamilton street.
Muir, Robert (of Bartholomew, Muir, & Co.), ho.
I I Carnarvon street.
Muir, R. S., & Co., wholesale clothiers and shirt
manufacturers and merchants, 42, 46 Ingram st.
and 19 Cochran street ; factory, Clarendon street,
Muir, Robert S. (of R. S. Muir & Co.), residence,
Glenmill house, Campsie.
Muir, Samuel, flesher, 12 Broad street, Mile-end.
Muir, Samuel, bootmaker, 30 Duke street.
Muir & Smith, provision merchants, 60 East Howard
street; house, 291 Eglinton street.
Muir & Son, importers of foreign fancy goods, 11
London street.
Muir, Thomas, provision merchant, 45 Kent street.
Muir, Thomas, bootmaker, 186 Dumbarton road ;
house, 184 do.
Muir, Thomas (of Matthew Muir & Sons), house,
Glorat, Milton of Campsie.
Muir, Thomas, spirit merchant, 57 Bridgegate; ho.
8 Guildry court.
Muir, Thos.*, slater, 18 Old vennel ; ho. 37 Shuttle st.
Muir & Thomson, mahogany and timber merchants,
75 North Wellington street and 110 Waterloo st.
Muir, Thomas, 243 Bath street.
Muir & Thomson, file manufacturers, 55 Dale street,
Muir, William, rouge manufacturer, 49 Surrey st.
Muir, William, 73 Buccleuch street.
Muir, Wm. (of Davidson & Muir), house, 73 Buc-
cleuch street.
Muir, Wm. (at Randolph Elder & Co.'s, 82 Dale
street), house, 10 Wellcrofc place. ,
Muir, Wm., merchant, 33 Bath street ; ho. 141 do.
Muir, Wm., flesher, 22 Bedford street ; house, 132
Portland street.
Muir, Wm. (of Muir & Monteith), ho. 4 Sardinia ter.
Muir, Wm., jun., flesher, 95 Hospital St.; ho. 93 do.
Muir, Wm., sewed muslin manufacturer, Madeira ct.,
Argyle street; house, 98 Gloucester street.
Muir, William (at G. & J. Bums'), 85 Clyde street,
Anderston; house, 100 Elderslie. street.
Muir, William, 22 Lynedoch street.
Muir, Mrs. G. M'A., 45 Apsley place, south.
Muir, Mrs. James, 8 Royal terrace.
Muir, Mrs., grocer, 121 Main street, Gorbals.
Muir, Mrs., green grocer, 13 Cathcart street, south.
Muir, Mrs., milliner, dressmaker, and ladies' outfitter,
181 St. Vincent street.
Muir, Mrs., dress and cloak maker, 70 S. Portland st.
Muir, Mis3, confectioner, 155 Main St., Gorbals; ho.
38 Camden street.
Muir, Miss, teacher of wax, paper, and leather
flowers, 29 Scotia street.
Muir, Miss, lodgings, Howard pi., 116 Waterloo st.
Muir, Janet, milliner, 8 Nelson street; house, 122
Rose street, south side.
MUIRHEAD, Alexander, accountant and property
and insurance agent, 53 West Regent street; ho.
86 Hill street, Garnethill.
Muirhead, Andrew, & Co., tanners, curriers, leather
merchants, machinery belt and hose pipe, and cop-
per rivet makers, 14 Brunswick lane, and Barnside
Tannery, Spoutmouth.
Muirhead, Andrew (of Andw. Muirhead & Co.), ho.
Muirhead, Archd., corn merchant, 39 Hope st. ; ho.
47 Oswald street.
Muirhead & Arthur, watchmakers, goldsmiths, silver-
smiths, and jewellers, 80 Argyle street.
Muirhead, Geo. R., commission merchant, 13 Dixon
street; house, 15 Apsle}' plr.ce.
Muirhead, George, dealer in horses; stables, 406 St
Vincent street; house, 30 Cleveland terraces'
Muirhead, James, & Son, watchmakers to the Queen,
goldsmiths, jewellers, and chronometer makers to
the Admiralty, 90 Buchanan street, and 19 Ex-
change place.
Muirhead, James, builder and mason, 29 Rottenrow.
Muirhead, James, tanner, currier, and leather mer-
chant, 23 Old wynd ; tanyard, 62 Spoutmouth ;
house, 12 Canning place, Stirling's road.
Muirhead, James, writer, and secretary of Local
Marine Board, and Commissioner for English
Affidavits, 42 West George street; house, 147 St.
George's road.
Muirhead, James (of James Muirhead & Son), resid.
Fairhill, Hamilton.
Muirhead, John James (of James Muirhead & Son,
90 Buchanan street).
Muirhead, John (at Thomas Chalmers & Co.'s), ho-.
5 Clydeview terrace.
Muirhead, John, hosier, 42 Candleriggs; house, 70
Robertson street.
Muirhead, P. & R., skinners, 134 Drygt.; ho. 138 do.
Muirhead, Robt., spirit mer., 5 Stirling st., Cowcad,
Muirhead, Robt., lithographic writer, 21 Argyle st.;
house, 23 Elderslie street.
Muirhead, Robert K. (at James Muirhead & Son's),
90 Buchanan st. ; house, Thornville, South Park
terrace, Hillhead.
Muirhead, Thos., & Co., warehousemen, 4 Argyle st.

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