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M'Lellan, Walter (of P. & W. M'Lellan), house,
Blairvaddick, by Helensburgh.
M'Lellan, Mrs., 125 Douglas street.
M'LENNAN, Blair, & Co., woollen and silk yarn,
gold thread and plate, &c, merchants, 123
Brunswick street.
M'Lennan, C. G., wholesale clock, bronze, and silver
plate warehouse, 30 West Howard street ; house,
Meadowbank, Partick.
M'Lennan, D., commission agent, 3 St. Enoch sq. ;
house, 6 Cecil place, Paisley road.
M'Lennan, Donald, tea dealer and grocer, 139 Bridge-
gate; house, 25 East Clyde street.
M'Lennan, James (at Alex. Bryce & Co.'s), house,
82 Houston street.
M'Lennan, Simon (of M'Lennan, Blair, & Co.), ho.
24 Garden place, Burnbank.
M'LEOD, Rev. Alexander, Baptist minister, 224
West Regent street.
M'Leod, Alex., delf and china merchant, 48 Main
street, Gorbals ; house, 10 Clyde terrace.
M'Leod, Alex., broker, 68 Main st., Gorbals ; house,
10 Clyde terrace.
M'Leod, Alex, (of Williamson & M'Leod), house, 60
Elmbank street.
M'Leod, Alex., juii., leather merchant, 141 Gallowg.
M'Leod, Alex., jun., leather merchant, 94, 96 King st.
M'Leod, Alex., jun., leather and boot top manufac-
turer and sponge merchant, 19, 21 North Albion
street; house, 224 West Regent street.
M'Leod, Archd., commission agent, 16 Bellgrove st.
M'Leod, Archibald, Baronial hall keeper, &c, 47 So.
Portland street ; house, 45 do.
M'Leod, Daniel, engineer (at W. M'Naught's, 26
Robertson street), house, 109 Dale street.
M'Leod, Donald, wine and spirit merchant, 147
Castle street ; house, 115 Springburn road.
M'Leod, Duncan, & Son, fish-hook makers, 46 Clyde
place, Tradeston.
M'Leod, D. (of Alex. M'Leod, jun.), house, 18 Flo-
rence place, Woodlands road.
M'Leod, D. Brodie (of M'Leod & Son), house, 11
West Princes street.
M'Leod, F. H., wool broker and commission agent,
30 Ann street; house, 28 Elmbank crescent.
M'Leod, George, & Co., wincey and tartan manufac-
turers, 69 Ingram street.
Macleod, George H. B., M.D., F.R.C.S.E., lecturer
on surgery, Anderson's University ; consulting
rooms, 134 West Nile st. (12 to 2 p.m.), house,
10 Woodside crescent.
M'Leod, Geo. (of G. M'Leod & Co.), ho. 30 Pollok st.
M'Leod, George, wine and spirit merchant, 171 Gal-
lowgate ; house, 173 do.
M'Leod, George, slater, 84 Canning street, Calton.
M'Leod, Geo. G., M. A., minister of Free Duke Street
Church, Mains street, Blythswood holm ; ho. 12
Elmgrove place, Jane street.
M'Leod, Hugh, Lieut, of Police, St. Rollox Police
Office ; house, 11 Hopetoun place.
M'Leod, John, licensed auctioneer, valuator, and
business agent, 63 Renfield street.
M'Leod, John, spirit dealer, 140 & 142 Saltmarket ;
house, 9 Guildry court.
M'Leod, John, architect, 4 Victoria buildings, West
Regent st. ; residence, Moss cottage, Dumbarton.
M'Leod, John (of Pinkerton & M'Leod), house, 44
Gloucester street.
M'Leod, John, painter, 184 Garscaberd. ; ho. 169 do.
MacLeod, Malcolm, vice-consul for New Granada,
62 Robertson street.
M'Leod, Malcolm, & Co., wool and commission
merchants, 62 Robertson street.
M'Leod, Matthew, sailmaker, 56 So. Kinuing place.
Macleod, Rev. Norman, D.D., minister of the Barony
parish ; house, 204 Adelaide place, Bath street.
Macleod, Rev. Norman, minister of St. Columba ;
house, 34 Elmbank crescent.
M'Leod, Peter (of M'Leod & Son, clothiers), house,
1 1 West Princes street.
M'Leod, Peter (of M'Leod & Ralston), house, 28
Lynedoch street.
M'Leod & Ralston, writers, 161 Hope street.
M'Leod, Richard (of A. M'Leod, jun.), house, 224
West Regent street.
M'Leod, Robert, tobacconist and stationer, 278
Eglinton street.
M'Leod, Robt, jeweller and hardware merchant, 162
Argyle street; house, 35 Robertson street.
M'Leod, Robert H., warehouseman (at Gray, Dunn,
& Co.'s), house, 45 Eglinton street.
M'Leod & Son, clothiers, 75 Buchanan street.
Macleod, Wm. (at John Hamilton's), 19 Gordon st.
M'Leod, Mrs., grocer, 477 St. Vincent street.
M'Leod, Mrs., lodgings, 17 Holmhead street.
M'Leod, Mrs., victualler, 143 Gallowgate ; house,
143 London street.
M'Leod, Mrs. A., victualler, 65 Carrick street.
M'Leod, Mrs. Mary, 124 North John street.
Macleod, Miss, 256 Bath street.
M'LEEIE, John, carriage proprietor, 225 Gt. Western
road; house, 343 North Woodside road.
M'Lerie, Mrs., glass, china, and stoneware merchant,
115 George street; house, 82 do.
M'LETCHIE, John, American produce commission
merchant, 19 Howard st. ; house, 2 Nithsdale pi.,
Paisley road.
M'LEVERTY, Patrick, broker, 47 Havannah ; ho.
47 New vennel.
M'LINTOCK, Adam, boot and shoe maker, 65
Eglinton street ; house, 57 South Portland street.
M'Lintock, Alex., metal refiner, 89 King street, and
26 Chalmers st., Calton; house, 401 Gallowgate.
M'Lintock & Jack, wrights, 7 Cook street; house,
4 Herbertson street.
M'Lintock, James (of G. & P. Gould & Co.), house,
127 North street.
M'Lintock, John, provision merchant, 153 Cowcad->
dens; house, 13 Grove street.
M'Lintock, John, china merchant, 234 Gallowgate;
house, 189 Hunter street.
M'Lintock, John (at James Black & Co.'s), 23 Ex-
change square ; house, 23 St. Vincent crescent.
M'Lintock, Robert, wine and spirit merchant, 67
Carrick street.
M'Lintock, Robert, Anderston Foundry Co., 10O
Cheapside st. ; house, Mr. Clark's, 13 Minerva st.
M'LOUGHLIN, Charles, agent for Daily Revieiv,
136 Buchanan street; house, 84 Abbotsford place.
M'LURE, Alex, (of Thorn & M'Lure), house, 22
Abbotsford place.
M'Lure, Edward, dyer, 102 P.-DundasrcL; ho. 96 do.
M'Lure, Farquhar, inspector of harbour police, 16
Robertson street; ho, 94 King street, Tradeston.
M'Lure, John, 17 Walmer crescent, Paisley road.
MACLURKIN, Thomas B., 59 St. Vincent street;
house, 6 Berkley terrace.
Maclurkin, Mrs. Thomas, 6 Berkley terrace.

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