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Leckie, John (of John Leckie & Co.), ho. 3 Niths-
dale place, Paisley road.
Leckie & Macgregor, dyers, 90 Queen street, and
Loanend, Paisley.
Leckie, Mrs. James, 289 Sauchiehall street.
LECLER, Mdlle. Eliz. (de Paris), teacher of French,
211 Sauchiehall street.
LECONFIELD, Lord, Hematite Iron Ore Mines,
Whitehaven; Granger Brothers, 146 Buchanan
street, agents.
LEDINGHAM, Geo. (at J. & W. Campbell & Co.'s),
house, Murrow's park, Govan.
Ledingham, George, commercial traveller (with Wm,
Weir Brothers & Co., wine merchs., Jackson st.)
LEE, Alexander, broker, 2? West street; house,
110 King street.
Lee, John (of Pullar & Lee), house, 62 George st.
Lee, Robert (at Liepmann, Lehmann, & Co.'s), ho.
3 Hamilton crescent, Partick.
LEECH, John, A.M., M.C., M.D., &c, deputy grand
master of Grand L.P.O.A. for Scotland, 44 South
Portland street.
Leech & Stewart, writers, 223 Hope street.
LEECHMAN, James, muslin warehouseman, 97
Union street.
LEES, David, agent for the Scottish W r aggon Co.
(Limited), 69 Gt. Clyde st.; ho. 19 Sauchiehall st.
Lees, Capt. Henry, 4 Berkley ter., and Western Club.
Lees, Wm., Gartsherrie office, 168 W r est George St.;
house, Gardenside cottage, Uddingstone.
Lees, Mrs., 90 South Portland street.
LEFFMANN, L., ship broker and commission agent,
97 Union street; house, 26 Sandyford place,
Sauchiehall street.
LEGGAT, Alexander, leather dresser, 137 Drygate.
Leggat, Andrew, hay dealer, 65 Bridge st. ; house,
10 North Coburg street.
Leggat, C, fruiterer, 144 Sauchiehall street.
Leggat, C, shirtmaker, hosier, and glover, 134 Tron-
gate; house, 60 College street.
Leggat, George, draper, 97 Candleriggs; house, West
Clyde street, Helensburgh.
Leggat & Hofmann, lithographers and engravers,
paper stainers and enamellers, 110 Buchanan st.
Legate, John, clerk, Bloomvale.
Leggat, J., provision merchant, 3 King street, city ;
house, 12 Monteith row.
Leggat, Mathew, grocer and provision merchant, 7
Morrison street; house, 6 do.
Leggat, Matthew, grocer, 36 Norfolk street.
Leggat, Robert, house factor and quarry agent, 94
Dumbarton road ; house, 15 Breadalbane street.
Leggat, Robert (of Leggat & Hofmann), house, 63
W r est Cumberland street.
Leggat, Thomas, Airdrie carrier, 164 Trongate.
Leggat, William, horse dealer, 49 Young street.
Leggatt, Rev. W., governor, Buchanan Institution,
47 Greenhead street; house, 71 do.
Legate, Mrs. C, portioner, 27 Montgomery street.
Leggat, Mrs. Robert (of Finlay & Leggat), house,
73 West Nile street.
Leghorn Steam Packet Office, 45 and 51 Union
street ; Handyside & Henderson, agents.
LEHMANN, Chas. (of Liepmann, Lehmann, & Co.),
house, 6 Dowanhill gardens.
LEICESTER, Henry, oil cloth manufacturer, 15
Princes square, 40 Buchanan street.
LEIPER, Rev. Andrew, Gorbals Parish Church,
Carlton place ; house, 5 Abbotsford place.
Leiper, Joseph, wine and spirit merchant, 83 Main
street, Gorbals, and 241 Thistle street.
Leiper, William, jun., architect, 124 St. Vincent St.;
house, 6 Annfield terrace, Partick.
Leiper, W., writing master and teacher of arithmetic,
187 George street; ho. 6 Annfield ter., Partick.
LEISHMANN, Andrew, flesher and ham-curer, 216
Gallowgate; house, 206 do.
Leishman, Ebenezer, wine and spirit merchant, 10
and 12 Clyde street, Anderston.
Leishman, Rev. Dr., Govan Manse.
Leishman, Wm., M.D., physician, 7 Blythswood sq.
LEISK, William, beadle, 229 Eglinton street.
LESLER, Bock, & Co., mers., 149 W. George st.
Lesler, Louis, 6 Hamilton drive.
LEITCH, Alex., tobacconist, 133 Trongate; house,
62 Brunswick street.
Leitch, A. W. (of Leitch & M'Culloch), house, 104
Peel terrace, Garnethill.
Leitch, A., wire-worker, safety-lamp maker, 30
East Clyde street.
Leitch, Archibald, lace manufacturer and shaft
bender, 32 Dunlop street; house, 26 do.
Leitcb, Charles, grain merchant, 51 Cadogan street;
house, 16 Douglas street.
Leitch, Charles, jun., 12 Elderslie street.
Leitch, Duncan, tailor and clothier, 310 Argyle st.
Leitch, James, lecturer on history, E.C. Normal
School; house, 19 Bloomfield place, Hillhead.
Leitcb, John, grocer, 272 Parliamentary road.
Leitch, John, spirit dealer, 91 Drygate; house, 43
Montrose street.
Leitch, John, surgeon, L.F.P.S., 205 Gallowgate;
house, 20 Monteith row.
Leitch, John, clerk, Shields Colliery Depot, St.
Rollox; house, 115 Springburn road.
Leitch & M'Culloch, manufacturers of fancy dresses
and ginghams, 85 Queen street, and 9 Royal Ex-
change square.
Leitch, Samuel, coach lace manufac, 26 Dunlop st.
Leitch, T., fruiterer, 51 Cumberland st. ; ho. 49 do.
Leitch, William (of Young, Law, & Co.), house, 247
Athole terrace, Bath street.
Leitch, William (with Hamilton & M'Culloch), ho.
247 Thistle street.
Leitch, William, coal merchant, 56 Howard street:
house, 2 Regent Park terrace.
Leitch, William, writer, 75 East Howard street.
Leitch, William M., stationer and letterpress printer,
80 London street. — See Advertisement in Appendix.
Leitch, Mrs., lodgings, 107 George street.
Leitch, Mrs. Joseph, plasterer, 134 Wellington lane;
house, 17 Minerva street.
Leitch, Mrs., boot and shoemaker, 27 King street;
Leitch, Mrs., refreshment rooms, 8 Abercromby st.
LEITH, James, muslin manufacturer and commis-
sion merchant, 69 Ingram st.; ho. 144 Crown st.
Leith, Hamburg, Stettin, and Hull Steam Packet
Co. ; Bankier, Leitke, & Co., 25 Gordon street.
LEMON, Alexander, ropemaker and flax dresser,
13 Millroad street; house, 27 Young street.
Lemon, Jas. Oswald, clerk, P.O. ; ho. 5 Weaver st.
Lemon, Isabella, milliner, 105 Canning street; ho.
27 Young street.
LENNIE, Jane, grocer, 32 Forth street; house, 39
North Woodside road.
LENNON, James, storekeeper, 20 Wellington st. ;
house, 21 do.

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