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Law, Wm., slater, 113 Stirling's road ; house, 22
Garscadden street.
Law, Wra., wright, Scotston Mill road, Partick.
Law, William, P.O., 30 Camden street.
LAWCOCK, James, & Co., flour, butter, and lard
merchants, and sack manufacturers, Wilson's ct.,
57 Argyle street.
Lawcock, Mrs. James, 9 Abbotsford place.
LAWLER & Macdonald, clothiers, 34 Queen street.
Lawler, Thomas (of Lawler & Macdonald), house, 5
Gairdner street, New City road.
LAWRENCE, James, wine and spirit merchant, 23
Orr street, Calton ; house, 36 Brook street.
Lawrence, John, rope spinner, 1 Henrietta street, Cal-
ton ; house, 41 Wesley an street.
Lawrence, John, spirit merchant, 87 Main street,
Anderston ; house, 8 Pembroke street.
Lawrence, John, house factor, 8 Crown street.
Lawrence, John, carver and gilder, 163 Renfield st.
Lawrence, T. S., wine and spirit merchant, 21 Ver-
mont street; house, 23 do.
Lawrence, Thomas, 104 North Hanover street.
Lawrence, William (of Hugh M'Cormick & Co.), ho.
29 Kent street.
Lawrence, M. & I., furriers and dressmakers, 126
Renfield street.
LAWSON, Ales., lithographer, engraver, and sta-
tioner, 22 Argyle street ; house, 175 Duke street.
Lawson, Ales., leather cutter, 63 Main st., Gorbals;
house, 9 New street, Calton.
Lawson, Archibald, local secretary, Scottish Fire
Insurance Co. (Limited), 123 St. Vincent street;
house, 27 Sandyford place.
Lawson, Charles (at Burns, M'Lean, & Alison's), ho.
448 Argyle street.
Lawson, Charles R. (of John Lawson, Son, & Co.),
house, 13 White vale.
Lawson, David (at Buchanan, Wilson, & Co.'s), ho.
201 Sauchiehall street.
Lawson, Henry, & Son, funeral undertakers, carriage
hirers, job and postmasters, bait and livery stable
keepers, 142 Queen street, 32 Eglinton street,
and Eagle Inn stables, Maxwell street ; house,
60 Bath crescent.
Lawson, Jacob, clothier, 144 Buchanan street ; ho.
Clydeview, Partick.
Lawson, John (of John Lawson, Son, & Co.), house,
Hawthornden cottage, Cumbernauld road.
Lawson, John, iron and commission merchant, 33
Renfield street ; house, 12 Burnbank gardens.
Lawson, John, mason and builder, 145 W.Graham st.
Lawson, John, Son, & Co., millwrights, ^engineers,
and ironfounders, Mountblue works, Camlachie.
Lawson, J. G., beadle, Barony Church; house, 3
Martyr street.
Lawson, John, jun., & Co., engineers and machine
makers, Barrowfield, London road.
Lawson, John (of John Lawson, jun., & Co.), house,
13 Monteith row.
Lawson, Peter (of Dron & Lawson), house, 492 St.
Vincent street.
Lawson, Robert (of R. Lawson & Co.), house, 4
Craignestock place.
Lawson, Robt., & Co., lithogs., stationers, engravers,
printers, and account book makers, 14 Queen st.
Lawson, William, writer, 77 Renfield street ; house,
10 Walworth terrace.
LEA, Rev. John, professor, St. Aloysius Cath. College,
40 North Woodside road.
LEADBETTER, Govan, & Co. ; quarry masters,
Huntershill quarry, Bishopbriggs ; office, 13
Gordon street.
Leadbetter, Jas. G. (of Thomas Leadbetter & Co.),
house, Hillside, Bothwell.
Leadbetter, John, & Co,, power loom linen manufacts.,
77 Queen street ; in Dundee, Leadbetter, M'Caul,
& Co.; in Belfast, Leadbetter, Calder, & Co.
Leadbetter, Robert H. (of John Leadbetter & Co.),
13 Lynedoch crescent.
Leadbetter, Robert, blacksmith, 79 Garscube road.
Leadbetter, Thomas, & Co., plumbers, lead mer-
chants, and brassfounders, 13 and 15 Gordon st.;
brass foundry, Garnkirk street.
Leadbetter, Thomas (of Thomas Leadbetter & Co.),
house, Alderbank, Bothwell.
League Journal Office, 108 Hope street.
LEAN, Charles C. (G. and S. W. Railway), house,
105 South Portland street.
Lean, Dan. (of Johu Lean & Sons), 9 Park quadrt.
Lean, Geo. (of John Lean & Sons), 4 Blythswood sq.
Lean, Johu, & Sons, power loom muslin manufacts.,
100 Queen st. and 163 Ingram st.; works, Reidst.
Lean, Wm., P.O.; house, 41 Rutherglen road.
LEARMONTH, Milree, & Co., manufacturers of
gasaliers and gasfittings (wholesale and export
only), 27 North st. and 126 Main st., Anderston.
LEARY, John, wholesale and retail cod liver oil
merchant and fishmonger, 181 Cowcaddens ; ho.
31 West Russell street.
LEASK, James, & Co., merchants, 5 Dixon street ;
oil mill and stores, Rockville, Port-Dundas.
Leask, John S. (of M'Ewan, Stevenson, & Leask),
house, 7 Radnor terrace.
LECK, Ales, (at John Orr Ewing & Co.'s), house,
66 White vale street.
Leek, Henry, chartered accountant, 24 Gordon st. ;
house, 280 St. Vincent street.
Leek, James, & Co., patent plate and gas singeing
work, 15, 17 Stirling street.
Leek, James, 10 Craignestock place.
Leek, John, photographer, 249 Argyle street ; house,
292 Windsor place, Partick.
Leek, John, 12 Ure place.
Leek, John, & Co., grocers, 78 Thistle st.;ho. 80 do.
Leek, John, & Co., bleachers, finishers, and packers,
agents for Dalmarnock Bleaching Co., 16, 18, 20,
30 Montrose street.
Leek, Kennedy (at Arundale & Co.'s), house, 80
Thistle street.
Leek, Mrs. Henry, 7 Cathedral street.
LECKIE, Alexander, 16 Adeiphi street.
Leckie, Alexander, mill manager, 50 Brook street,
Mile-end ; house, 48 do.
Leckie, Alexander, pawnbroker, 79 Bell street and 40
Leckie, Andrew, flesher, 281 Argyle street ; house,
5 Crawford place, Partick.
Leckie, C. R., & Co., cotton and woollen waste
deals, and mill furnishers, 71, 75 Clyde St., Calton.
Leckie, F. B., merchant, 51 Ingram street ; house, 10
South Park terrace, Hillhead.
Leckie, John, wholesale and retail grocer, 107 High
street ; house, 102 Blackfriars' street.
Leckie, John, & Co., wholesale saddlers and saddlers'
ironmongers, 60 Stockwell street.
Leckie, John, fancy paper box manufacturer, pattern
book and card maker, and importer of fancy sta-
tionery, 52 Virginia street ; house, 32 Grafton sq.

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