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Johnston, Wm., tobacconist, 314 Argyle street.
Johnston, Wm., joiner, 9 and 15 S. St. Mungo St.;
house, 2 Kent street.
Johnston, William, secretary, Scottish Temperance
League, 108 Hope st. ; ho. 15 Rose st., Garnethill.
Johnston, William, civil engineer, G. & S. W. Rail.,
14 Bridge street ; house, 5 Woodside terrace.
Johnston, William, engineer (A. Chaplin & Co.), ho.
8 Finnieston street.
Johnson, William, steam packing manufacturer, 16
Nelson street, Tradeston.
Johnston, Wm., 6 Rutland place, Govan road.
Johnston, Mrs. Captain, 105 South Portland street.
Johnston, Mrs. David, 1 1 Montague place.
Johnston, Mrs. James, 13 Cumberland street, south.
Johnston, Mrs. Michael, 24 Rosebank terrace.
Johnston, Mrs., bread agent for Gray, Dunn, & Co.,
113 Paisley road; house, 119 do.
Johnston, Mrs., china merchant, 7 Findlay street.
Johnston, Mrs., green grocer, 64 Shamrock street.
Johnston, Mrs., Eglinton hotel, 10 Bridge street.
Johnston, Mrs., grocer and spirit dealer, 751 Gallow-
gate; house, 95 Whitevale street.
Johnston, Mrs., 4 Woodside terrace.
Johnston, Mrs. M., confectioner, 135 London street ;
house, 231 Main street, Bridgeton.
Johnston, Misses, 10 Binnie place, Monteith row.
Johnston, Margaret, milliner and hosier, 34 Main
street, Bridgeton ; house, 115 North Montrose st.
JOLLIE, Andrew, currier and leather merchant, 51
Great Hamilton street ; house, 50 do.
Jollie & Campbell, wrights, 80 Alma pi., Paisley rd.
Jollie, John (of Jollie & Campbell), 110 Crookston st.
JOLLIFFE, George, tailorand clothier, 4 St.Enochsq.
JONES, Alfred E. (late Hilliard & Co.), furbator
manufacturer, 28 St. Enoch wynd ; house, 89 Rose
street, Hutchesontown.
Jones, A. EdwiD, clerk, British Linen Co.'s Bank,
135 Canning street ; house, 40 St. George's road.
Jones, G. St. Clair, bandmaster, 19th L.R.V.,
teacher of music, 19th L.R.V. head-quarters,
Parliamentary road.
Jones, Robert (of Brown & Jones), ho. 45 Florence pi.
Jones, T., portioner and contractor, 10 St. Joseph
place, Abercromby street.
Jone3, Thomas, spirit dealer, 29 North Woodside
road ; house, 37 do.
Jones, Mrs. F., furrier, 45 Dundas street.
Jones, Mrs. Thomas, 34 Claremont street.
Jones, Mrs., 9 Mansfield place.
JOPSON, Daniel (of Jopson & Winstanley), house,
12 Trongate.
Jopson & Winstanley, clog makers, 12 and 26 Salt-
market, and 122 Cowcaddens.
JORDAN, James, plasterer, 175 West George lane ;
house, 157 Shamrock street.
JOSEZ, Francis, North British Imperial Hotel, 1
North Queen street, George square.
JOULE, John, & Sons, brewers, Stoke-on-Trent ;
agents, Alexander & M'Dougall, 152 St. Vincent st.
JUBB, William, rag merchant, 25 Laigh Kirk close ;
house, 246 Thistle street.
JUNOR, P. B., agent, Clydesdale Bank, 90 Trongate ;
house, 8 South Park terrace, Hillhead.
Jupon Emporium, crinoline warehouse, 53 St. Vin-
cent street.
JUSTICE, John T., shipping, forwarding, and gene-
ral commission agent, 54 St. Enoch square; house,
2 Avondale place.
Justice, Mrs., 2 Avondale place, Paisley road.
Justice of Peace Clerk's office for Lanarkshire, 111
Brunswick street; George Crauford, clerk.
Justices' Hall, County buildings, Wilson street.
Justiciary Court House, 1 East Clyde street ; Peter
Brown, keeper.
KAIN, John, slater and chimney cleaner, 130 Nelson
street, Tradeston.
Kames Gunpowder Co.; John Hunter, manager, 25
St. Enoch square.
Kamptulican Floor- Cloth Agency; Geo. II. Geddes,
192 West George street.
KANE, John, general wire worker and riddle manu-
facturer, 18 Millroad street, Calton.
KAY, Alexander, & Co., insurance brokers, Royal
Exchange buildings.
Kay, Alexander (of James Finlay & Co.), residence,
Dowanside, Dowanhill gardens.
Kay, Archibald, portioner, 136 Hospital street.
Kay, David, 15 Shaftesbury terrace.
Kay, James, wine and spirit merchant, 74 North st. ;
house, 3 Park buildings, Paisley road.
Kay, James, wine and spirit dealer, 82 Bridgegate ;
house, Edgefauld cottage, Springburn.
Kay, James, & Sons, general printers, 26 St. Enoch
wynd; house, 58 North Hanover street.
Kay, James C. (at James Ritchie's), 175 Hope st.
Kay, James F. (at James Thompson & Son's), ho.
39 Kelvinhaugh street.
Kay, J., jun., tea merchant & family grocer, 94
Kaye, Joseph (of Downie & M'Clure), house, 14
Walmer crescent, Paisley road.
Kay, L., confectioner, 85 Stirling's road.
Kay, Peter (at Richard Smith's), 114 West street;
house, 88 Abbotsford place.
Kay & Reid, carvers, gilders, and decorators, 50 and
84 Wellington street.
Kaye, Robert, Fountain bank, Partick hill. Letters
left at R. S. Muir & Co.'s, 46 Ingram street.
Kay, Thomas (of M'Craw & Kay), house, 3 Elgin
terrace, Dowanhill.
Kay, Wm., flesher, 176J Garscube road ; house, 46
Abercorn street.
Kay, Mrs. James, wine and spirit merchant, 81 King
street, Tradeston ; house, Renfrew.
Kay, Mrs., 40 South Apsley place.
Kay, Miss, lodgings, 99 Dundas street.
KAYSER, Miss, 1 Queen place, Great Western rd.
KEAN, James, wine and spirit merchant, 128 Main
street, Anderston, and 212, 214 Kelvinhaugh st. ;
house, C do.
Kean, P., & Co., manufacturers, 95 Hutcheson st. ;
works, 57 Montrose street.
Kean, Mrs., bookseller and stationer, 58 Stewart St.,
Cowcaddens; house, 50 Maitland street.
Kean, Mrs. D., tinsmith and gasfitter, 50 Maitland st.
KEAY, Thomas, agent, Clydesdale Bank, 134 West
George St.; ho. 7 Holland pi., St. Vincent street.
KEDDIE, William, lecturer on natural history, 5
India street.
Keddie, Miss, staymaker, 1 15 Rottenrow.
KEELING, John S., vignette engraver, 10 Jamaica st.
KEENAN, J., spirit dealer, 27 Clyde st., Anderston.
KEIGHTLY, James, clogmaker, 11 Main street,
Bridgeton ; house, 7 Main street, do.

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