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Hamilton, Alexander, brick manufacturer, 75 Lily- i
bank road •, house, 73 do.
Hamilton, Alexander, cartwright and van builder,
100 Bothwell St.; house, 33 West Campbell St.
Hamilton, Alexander, surgeon, 148 Canning street ;
house, 113 King's Park place.
Hamilton, Alexander, baker, 46 Port-Dundas road ;
house, 48 do.
Hamilton, A., bootmaker, 173 Main street, Ander-
ston; house, CO William street, do.
Hamilton, Andrew, flesher, 129 Stobcross st.
Hamilton, Andrew (of Thos. Allan & Co.), 116 St.
Vincent street.
Hamilton, Archibald, ham curer and flesher, 164
Gallowgate ; house, 35 St. Andrew's street.
Hamilton, Archibald, & Son, grain and flour mer-
chants, 39 Robertson street ; ho. 4 Terrace st.
Hamilton, Archd., sen. (of Archd. Hamilton & Son),
house, 4 Terrace street.
Hamilton, Charles, wine merchant and agent for the
Scottish Union Insurance Co., 83 St. George's pi.
Hamilton, Claud, grocer, 66 Govan street; house, 40
Crown street.
Hamiltons & Co., merchants, 5 Victoria place, West
Regent street.
Hamilton & Co., dyewood liquor makers, Canal St.,
Hamilton, Daniel (of Hamilton & Winning), 147
West George street.
Hamilton, Daniel, wholesale tea merchant, 26 Glass-
ford street ; house, 49 Whitevale street.
Hamilton, David, & Co., merchts., 128 St. Vincent st.
Hamilton, David (of J. & D. Hamilton), ho. Firbank
cottage, Shawlauds.
Hamilton, Gavin, & Sons, cartwrights and smiths,
103 St. James' road.
Hamilton, Gavin, writer, 73 West Nile street ; house,
27 Granville street.
Hamilton, George (of P. & G. Hamilton), house, 5
Granby terrace, Hillhead.
Hamilton, George, general merchant, 39 King street,
Calton ; house, 48 do.
Hamilton, George (of J. Hamilton & Sons), house,
24 Saudyfoid place.
Hamilton, George, cabinetmaker and bedding manu-
facturer, 28 and 30 Great Clyde street and 13t}
East Howard street; house, 5 do.
Ilamilton, Graham, perfumer and hairdresser, 57
Cowcaddens ; house, 54 do.
Hamilton, Henry, confectioner, 460 Gallowgate.
ilamilton, Hugh, dairyman, 85 Green St., Calton.
Ilamilton, Hugh (of Stirling & Hamilton), 37 West
Nile street.
Hamilton, H., grocer and spirit dealer, 42 St. Ninian
street ; house, 44 do.
Hamilton, Jack, & Co., merchants, 128 St. Vin-
cent street.
Hamilton, James (of Christie & Hamilton), house,
4 Hamilton terrace.
Ilamilton, James (of John Hamilton & Sons), house,
27 South Apsley place.
Hamilton, James, architect, 111 West Regent st.;
house, 113 do.
Hamilton, James (of Barclay, Curie, & Co.), house,
15 Royal crescent.
Hamilton, James, dairyman, 66 and 248 Parliament-
ary road ; house, 244 do.
Ilamilton, James, wine and spirit merchant, 211
Eglinton street; house, 19 Milan St., Lilybauk rd.
Hamilton, James, auctioneer and valuator of herit-
able and movable property, 90 Argyle St.; house,
421 St. Vincent street.
Ilamilton, James, agent, 8 Ingram street; houee,
3 Hillhead place.
Hamilton, James, lithographer, engraver, and printer,
21 Argyle street; house, 137 Rose street, south.
Hamilton, James, cowfeeder, 51 M'Alpine street.
Hamilton, J., slater, 32 New street, Calton ; house,
115 Great Hamilton street.
Ilamilton, James, manufacturer, 46 Tobago street,
Calton; house, 1 Morris place, Monteith row.
Hamilton, James (of Hamilton & M'Culloch), ho.
11 Winton terrace, Victoria road.
Hamilton, James, pastry and confectionary, 172
Hamilton, James (at J. & J. White's), 149 Paisley rd.
Ilamilton, James, agent, Royal Bank of Scotland,
105 Eglinton street; house, 6 Argyle terrace.
Hamilton, James, agent for the Standard Life Assur-
ance Co., and for Liverpool, London, and Globe
Insurance Co., 105 Eglinton street; ho. 6 Argyle
terrace, Crosshill.
Hamilton, James Young, inspector of poor, treasurer,
&c, Gorbals parish, 13 Nicholson street ; residence,
Castlehill house, Renfrew.
Ilamilton, J. & G., contractors, Glasgow Iron Works ;
house, Hutton place, Sighthill.
Hamilton, James Dunlop, writer, 60 George square;
house, 6 South Hanover street.
Hamilton, James (of Robert Hamilton & Co.), ho.
2 Chatham p^ce.
Hamilton, James M'K., fancy-box and pat(ern-card
maker, 37 Glassford St.; ho. 199 Upper Crown st.
Hamilton, Jas. S., manager, Adelphi Cotton Works ;
house, 2 Queen Mary terrace, Crosshill.
Ilamilton, J. B., & Crawford, iron merchants, 135
Buchanan street.
Hamilton, John Andrew, writer and notary public,
60 George square; house, Mayfield, Helensburgh.
Hamilton, John, & Co., engineers, 45 Union street.
Hamilton, John (of J. & D. Hamilton), house, May-
field, Bothwell.
Hamilton, J. & J., writers, 60 George square.
Hamilton, John (of John Hamilton & Co.), residence,
23 Sardinia terrace.
Hamilton, John, wright, 106 Hunter street; house,
4 Well street, Calton.
Hamilton, John, baker, 413 Parliamentary road ;
house, 411 do.
Hamilton, John, dairyman, 16 Findlay street.
Hamilton, J. & J., boot and shoe makers, 127 Hos-
pital street.
Hamilton, John C, broker, 20 East Russell street.
Hamilton, John, dining-room keeper, 9 and 11
Stockwell street, and 51 Trongate.
Hamilton, John, hair-cutter and perfumer, 47 Een-
field street; house, 152 Duke street.
Hamilton, John (of A. & S. Henry & Co.), house,
1 North Park terrace, Hamilton drive.
Hamilton, John, & Sons, tobacco and snuff manu-
facturers, 6 and 10 New wynd, and 119 Trongate.
Hamilton, John, roman and portland cement maker,
220 Elliot street; house, 10 Minerva street.
Hamilton, John, draper, 265 George street.
Hamilton, J., stationer and news agent, 56 South
Wellington street.
Hamilton, John, flesher, 16 Cathedral street; house,
107 Dundas street.

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