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Norwich and London Accident and CHSualty, and
Plate Glass Insurance Co. ; Bell & Paterson, 22
Renfield street, agents.
Norwich and London Accident and Casualty, and
Plate Glass Insurance Association; Neil John-
stone, agent, 202 Hope street.
Norwich and London Accident and Casualtj' and
Plate Glass Insurance Co. ; Ralph Wardlaw,
agent, 44 St. Vincent place.
Norwich and London Accident and Cisualty, and
Plate Glass Insurance Association, 55 Renfield
street ; James M'Nab, agent.
Norwich Equitable Assurance Societ}-, 99 St. Vin-
centst. ; George M'Kinlay, agent. — SteAclv.inAp.
Norwich Union Fire and Lii'e Insurance Society.
Agents — Duncan Macmaster, 71 Queen street, and
Robert M'Cowan, 87 St. Vincent street.
NOTMAN, Thomas, shoemaker, 44 Russell st.,west.
Notman, Thomas, grain merchant, 34 Hill street,
Notman, Miss Jessie W., ladies' and children's out-
iitter, 4 Bothwell place, Great Western road.
Notman, AVilliarn, clerk, Edinburgh and Glasgow
Railway; house, 239 Sauchiehall street.
Nova Scotia Royal Mail Steam-Packet Office; G.
& J. Burns, 30 Jamaica street.
NOWEKY, William (at A. & J. Inglis'), house, 185
Upper Crown street.
Oakbank Cotton Spinning and Power-loom Weav-
ing works, 30G Garscube road; A. & A. Gal-
briiith ; office, 4 Botbwell street.
OATT, John, teacher, Gardiner's school, 13 Balmaniio
street ; house, 6 Chatham place.
Oalls, John, stationer, lithographer, and embosser,
61 North Hanover street; ho. 2 North Ure place.
Oban, Tobermory, Portree, Slornoway, Gairloch,
Lochinver,Ulliipool,and Lochmaddy Stoam-Packet
Office, J 19 Hope street.
O'BEIRNE, Tho3., teacher, 613 Gallowgate ; house,
Springboig, Shettlestone.
O'BRIEN, James, ej;?. fish, and butter merchant,
132 Main street, Gorbals ; house, 167 do.
O'Brien, John, commission agent, 78 Bridgegate ;
bouse, 25 East Clyde street.
O'CONNELL, Edward, inventor and patentee of
infants' feeding bottles, 77 John street, and Old
Bury, Lancashire.
O'DONNELL, Dominick, portioner and house fac-
tor, 3 Market street, city.
O'Donnell, James, pawnbroker, 4 Main St., Calton.
O'Dounell, John, fish merchant, 100 Stockwell st. ;
house, 7 Park place.
O'DONNOGHUE, G. H., architect, 202 Hope St.,
and 4 Furnival's Inn, London ; house, 4 Meadow-
bank, Partick.
O'HaLLOK AN, Michael, Custom-house; house, 2
Clydeview terrace.
O'lIARA, Anthony, tobacconist, 22 Adelphi street ;
house, 41 do.
O'Harra, John, City of Glasgow Oyster Rooms, 8
Saltmarket ; house, 27 St. Andrew street.
O'Harra, Patrick, portioner, 70 Brunswick street ;
house, 23 Monteith row.
O'LOGHLIN, Rev. B. J., professor of Greek and
Latin, 280 George street; hou.se, 1 Sauchiehall
street, Cleland testimonial.
O'MALLEY, John, provision mercht, 159 Bridgeg.
O'NEIL, Bernard, spirit merchant, 53 Bell street,
city ; house, 58 High street.
O'Neil, Daniel, fruit merchant, 25 Main St., Bridgeton;
house, Woodburn cottage, Cathcart.
O'Neil, Hugh, bath keeper and hair dresser, 15
Sauchiehall street ; house, 37 Russell street.
O'Neil, John, wine and spirit merchant, 126 Salt-
market ; house, 97 do.
O'Neil, John, spirit merchant, 64 and 66 Main st,
Gorbals ; house, 26 Rutherglen loan.
O'Neil, John, spirit dealer, 122 Broom. ; ho. 120 do.
O'Neil, John, clothier, 15 Main street, Anderston ;
house, 56 St. Vincent crescent.
O'REILLY, Chas., physician & surgeon, 102 High st.
O'ROURKI'], Felix, provision mercht., 24 Bridjj;egate.
O'Eourke, J., tailor and clothier, 24 and 58 Salt-
market; house, 97 do.
O'Rorke, Patrick, wine & spirit merchant, 53 Muir-
bead street; house, 47 do.
Office of Public Works, South Albion street.
OFFLEY & Cramp,vine growers, Lisbon and Oporto ;
Edmund Brace & Co., agents, 9 Exchange sq.
OGG, A. & W., bootmakers, 538 St. Vincent street ;
house, 473 do.
Ogg & Hodge, drapers, 40, 42 Main st., Anderston.
Ogij, Robert A. (of Ogg & Hodge), house, 20 Kel-
viiihaugh street.
OGILVIE, George (successor to H. & W. Wright),
family grocer and tea dealer, 108 and 110 George
street ; branch establisliment, 164 Castle street,
Townhead; house, 116 George street.
Ogiivie, James, tailor, 5 Wallace street.
Ogiivie, James, provision merchant, 128 Ganigadrd,
Ofiilvie, Thomas, furnishings, 58 Dale st., Bridgeton.
Ogiivie, Tliomas, commission merchant, and agent
for the European A.ssurance Society and Provincial
Insurance Company, 3 North court, Royal Ex-
change ; house, 6 Oakfield terrace. Hill head.
Ogiivie, William (of Arthur & Co.), resid. 3 Hamp-
ton Court terrace.
OGLE, Maurice, & Co., booksellers and stationers,
1 Royal Exchange square.
OKELL, Selkirk, & Co., merchants, 175 Trongate.
Okell, William (of Okell, Selkirk, & Co.), residence,
Langside house, Cathcart.
Old Drug Company, apothecaries and drysalters,
59 Trongate.
Old Exchange Loan Co., Robert Biggar, manager,
142 Trongate.
Old V. & B. Society, victuallers, bakers, drapers,
and spirit dealers, 98, 98|, 100, 102, 114 Main
street, Bridgeton.
Old Wynd School, 57 Old wynd.
OLDFIELD, Jubez, Bee Hive Weaving Factory,
377 Dalmarnock road ; house, 375 do.
OLDHAM, Rev. R. S., M.A., incumbent of St.
Mary's Episcopal Church, Renfield street ; hnuse,
194 Renfrew street.
OLIPHANT, Henry, writer and notary public, 112
West George street ; house, 10 Franklin terrace.
Oliphant, William, engraver, &c., 13 Exchange pi.;
house, 28 Cumberland place.
Oliphant, Mrs., ladies' nurse, 14 Richard street.
OLIVER, Alexander (of Oliver Brotliers), house, 16
Cumberland street, Laurieston.
Oliver, Andrew, washing, scouring, liot pressing,
and dyeing establishment, 73 St. George's road ;
house, 106 do.

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